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zisest/where-do-i-sit: 1st release

Nikita Antonov
Проект для IoT академии Samsung

ternaus/midv-500-models v0.0.2

Vladimir Iglovikov
Model for document segmentation trained on the midv-500-models dataset.


Michael Schlottke-Lakemper, Gregor J. Gassner, Hendrik Ranocha & Andrew R. Winters
A tree-based numerical simulation framework for hyperbolic PDEs written in Julia

Wine Reviews Analysis for Wine Enthusiasts

Deborah Aina
This project identifies trends and patterns in wine reviews scraped from winemag.com. Original data is sourced from kaggle.com by Zack Thoutt. The analysis compares wine prices by wine grade, wine prices by year produced, wine prices by country of origin and number of wineries by country. You can find the entire analysis and visualization on https://deborahaina.github.io/DATS6103_Wine/

parsac: parallel sensitivity analysis and calibration

Jorn Bruggeman & Karsten Bolding
This release fixes an issue with --quiet and sensitivity analysis. It will also print the last few lines of output for failed model runs to aid diagnosis.

bonej-org/BoneJ2: styloid-r9

Michael Doube, , Curtis Rueden, Alessandro Felder, Mark Hiner & Jan Eglinger
Bug-fix release. Fixes #276 by allowing the full int range to be used during multithreaded particle labelling.

Replication package for Makar

Replication Package for the tool "Makar: A Framework for Multi-source Studies based on Unstructured Data" # RP-Makar-tool Replication Package for the tool "Makar: A Framework for Multi-source Studies based on Unstructured Data" ## Structure ``` Makar_tool/ Data/ stackoverfow_questions_with_answers_by_tags.csv stackoverfow_tags_metrics.csv apache_mailing_list.csv mailing_lists_ASF_@dev_@users_1.csv mailing_lists_ASF_@dev_@users_2.csv quora.csv sample_stackoverfow_questions_with_answers_by_tags.csv Schemas/ apache_mailing_lists.json quora.json stackoverfow_questions_answers_by_tag.json stackoverfow_tag_count.json stackoverfow_tag_metrics.json LDA-analysis LDA_input/ stackoverfow_raw_dataset.csv LDA_output/ Mallet/ output_csv/ docs-in-topics.csv topic-words.csv topics-in-docs.csv topics-metadata.csv output_html/ all_topics.html Docs/ Topics/ ``` ## Contents of the Replication Package Contains the data...

david-dd-amar/cGAUGE: cGAUGE v1.0

Causal Graphical Analysis Using GEnetics

vib-singlecell-nf/vsn-pipelines: v0.22.0

Maxime De Waegeneer, Chris Campbell Flerin, Kris Davie & Gert Hulselmans
Summary of changes: Main 839735e a463b8a Pre-filtering/pre-annotating (FILTER_AND_ANNOTATE_AND_CLEAN) is now performed outside of QC_FILTER c32cfce Add sanity check - Check if column containing sample ID exists in metadata file 47e611e *scrublet workflows - Publish data with doublets removed 822fc95 Support to tag final output files (loom, h5ad) with the batch variabe for the harmony pipelines Merge pull request #256 - Reformat popscle inputs Closes #255 22d587c8 Bug fix - Pipeline should output scopeloom instead of...

connorcoley/ASKCOS: ASKCOS v0.3.1 Public Release

Connor Coley, Mike Fortunato, Pieter Plehiers, Max Liu, , , Thomas Struble, , & Stephen Malina
This is the second public release of ASKCOS, and includes all of the changes and new features from v0.3.1. Release Highlights New web API for programmatic access to ASKCOS features (with Jupyter notebook demonstrating usage) New interactive path planning module for manual tree building New server status page for viewing celery worker availability Tree builder jobs from web interface can run asynchronously and results are saved to view later New deploy script to facilitate service...

vanheeringen-lab/scepia: Version 0.5.0

Simon Van Heeringen
Changes: New references (mouse H3K27ac, human hematopoietic H3K27ac from BLUEPRINT, human and mouse based on tissue/organ scATAC-seq ). Methods to create custom reference sets, or add additional experiments to an existing data set. Fix errors with saving AnnData objects with SCEPIA information.

toros-astro/astroalign: Version 2.3.1

Martin Beroiz, Juan BC & Bruno Sánchez
In this release Added support to work with color images. Check the details in the documentation. (Note: 2.3.1 fixes an PyPI upload issue for 2.3)

samharrison7/json2netcdf: Initial release

Sam Harrison
Convert JSON files to NetCDF files.

architecture-building-systems/CityEnergyAnalyst: CityEnergyAnalyst v3.15.0

Daren Thomas, , , Reynold Mok, Martín Mosteiro-Romero, Gabriel Happle, Lennart Rogenhofer, , , , Emanuel Riegelbauer, Bo Lie Ong, , Thanh H, , Matthias Sulzer, Amr Elesawy, , , , Anastasiya Bosova, &
This is the result of the M3.15 sprint. We added an option for user-supplied PV tilt angle and maximum roof coverage and fixed some bugs. To install it on windows, download and run the attached Setup_CityEnergyAnalyst_3.15.0.exe. See the installation guide for more options. From the CHANGELOG: 2020-12-01 - 3.14.0 - #2873 2852 After merging docker image, change the url used to track master 2020-11-19 - 3.14.0 - #2853 Add option for user-supplied PV tilt angle...

nipype/pydra: 0.12

Dorota Jarecka, Mathias Goncalves, Christopher J. Markiewicz, Oscar Esteban, Nicol Lo, Jakub Kaczmarzyk, Peer Herholz, Dylan M. Nielson, Jeff Mentch, Bas Nijholt & Satrajit Ghosh
removing checksum from submitter and workers to avoid hash calculation before running the tasks (using uid instead) saving the hash values for files to avoid content hash recalculation (the content is recalculated only if the time of the last modification has changed) adding MultiInputFile and MultiOutputFile to the pydra special types fixing environment variable for GithubAction CI fixing input_spec for ShellCommandTask with the container_info, spec bases has to be changed DockerSpec or SingularitySpec in order...

tsnow03/MODIS_SST: MODIS SST scripts

Waleed Abdalati
Includes the MODIS sea surface temperature extraction, sea ice mask, and data analysis Python 2 code for: Snow, T., Straneo, F., Holte, J., Grigsby, S., Abdalati, W., & Scambos, T.(accepted). More than skin deep: sea surface temperature as a means of inferring Atlantic Water variability on the southeast Greenland continental shelf near Helheim Glacier. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans. doi: https://www.essoar.org/doi/abs/10.1002/essoar.10503490.1

smarie/python-pytest-cases: 2.7.1 - `@pytest.mark.usefixtures` can be used on case functions

Sylvain Marié, Ryan Addessi, Sagi Shadur, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek, , Oliver Bestwalter & Jakub Smadiš
@pytest.mark.usefixtures can be now be used on case functions. Fixes #152. See documentation page for details.

Hoohm/dropSeqPipe: v0.4

Patrick Roelli, , & Kyle Duyck
rerelease for DOI

passaH2O/dorado: v2.2.0

, Kyle Wright, Katy Barnhart & Paola Passalacqua
Improves performance by pre-computing routing weights, reduces runtime by 3-5 times for typical particle injection

PencilFFTs.jl: FFTs of MPI-distributed Julia arrays

Juan Ignacio Polanco
PencilFFTs v0.11.0 Diff since v0.10.1 Merged pull requests: Move to Github actions for CI (#28) (@jipolanco) Allow constructing plans from existent PencilArrays (#29) (@jipolanco)

labcif/YPA: Release 1.1

Luís Miguel Andrade, João Victor Reis Da Silva, Patrício Rodrigues & Miguel Frade
This release includes the addition of bring2lite and WAL-Crawler, while updating to the most recent Your Phone and Autopsy changes.

geospace-code/h5fortran: add HDF5 softlink creation

Michael Hirsch &
also, make H5pubconf.h detection and action more robust--if we can't detect the HDF5 configuration, it's better to build our own rather than emit huge amount of link-time errors.

aymara/lima: 20201123113639-2ca4ebba

Gaël De Chalendar, Victor Bocharov, , Romaric Besançon, , Benjamin Labbe, Simon Marchal, , , Quentin Pradet, & Clemance

OpenPoroBEM: a boundary element code for multiphase porous media subject to transient and dynamic loadings

Maghoul Pooneh &
OpenPoroBEM is a Boundary Element Method (BEM) code for multiphase porous media subject to transient and dynamic loadings. The code can be used for dynamic (seismic site effects) and quasi-static analyses of bounded, unbounded, and half-space media.

ShuGao7/PyVF: PyVF

Shu Gao
No description provided.

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