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kridsadakorn/kris: 1.1.7

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Saad Ezzini, Sallam Abualhaija, &
MAANA is a tool, associated with the ICSE technical paper -- titled "Using Domain-specific Corpora for Improved Handling of Ambiguity in Requirements", for performing domain-specific handling of ambiguity in requirements. The focus of MAANA is on coordination ambiguity (CA) and prepositional-phrase attachment ambiguity (PAA).

samhatfield/nn_tl_ad: Publication

Sam Hatfield & Matthew Chantry
The paper using this repository is ready for publication. This release is so that a DOI can be assigned to this repository.

Application of a Partial Convolutional Neural Network for Estimating Geostationary Aerosol Optical Depth Data (Training Code)

Yannic Lops, Arman Pouyaei, , Jia Jung, Ahmed Khan Salman &
We implemented a partial convolutional neural network for the imputation of missing remote sensing data. Below is the used for training the partial convolutional neural network (based on modified code from Mathias Gruber: https://github.com/MathiasGruber/PConv-Keras): YL_pconv_layer.py - code for the partial convolutional layer. YL_pconv_model.py - code for the partial convolution model. YL_Partial_Convolution_Training.py - code for training the partial convolutional model.

cicirello/Chips-n-Salsa: Chips-n-Salsa, v2.7.0

Vincent A. Cicirello
[2.7.0] - 2021-2-24 Added Added HybridConstructiveHeuristic, which provides the ability to use multiple heuristics with a stochastic sampling search, where a heuristic is chosen from a set of constructive heuristics at the start of each iteration of the stochastic sampler and used for all decisions made during that iteration. The class supports the following strategies for selecting the next heuristic: Heuristic uniformly at random from among the available heuristics. Heuristic chosen using a round robin...

SODALITE-EU/verification: M24Release of IaC Verification

, Giovanni Quattrocchi & Elisabetta Di Nitto
In this release, several bugs were fixed, and PetriNet library was changed

SODALITE-EU/refactoring-option-discoverer: M24Release of Refactoring Option Discoverer

, Elisabetta Di Nitto & Giovanni Quattrocchi
This is a M24Release of Refactoring Option Discoverer.

JuliaGNI/RungeKutta.jl: v0.3.1

Michael Kraus
RungeKutta v0.3.1 Diff since v0.3.0

JIC-CSB/Boleracea-AssociativeTranscriptomics: Brassica oleracea Associative Transcriptomics

Shannon Woodhouse
This is the first release.

jstrube/LCIO.jl: v1.9.1

Jan Strube, , Elliot Saba & Julia TagBot
LCIO v1.9.1 Diff since v1.9.0

Kumparan NLP Library

Zavli Juwantara, Frandy Eddy, Dhanang Hadhi Sasmita, Tyas Nuur Khoolish & Bayu Aldiyansyah
Kumparan's NLP Services

High Precision, Low-Cost Dendrometer for Evaluating Water Stress Using Magnetic Sensing of Diurnal Stem Fluctuations of Grapevines

Cameron Clonch, Mark Huynh, Bryson Goto, Alexander Levin, John Selker & Chet Udell
The dendrometer created at the OPEnS Lab - tailored for grapevines - alleviates key failure points in other designs by using zero-thermal expansion carbon fiber, spring tension, and a linear magnetic encoder.

fracridge: fractional ridge regression

Kendrick Kay & Ariel Rokem
Ridge regression is a key regularization technique that penalizes the L2-norm of the coefficient values in linear regression. One of the challenges of using ridge regression is the need to set a hyperparameter alpha that controls the amount of regularization. Cross-validation is typically used to select the best alpha from a set of candidate values. However, efficient and appropriate selection of alpha can be challenging, particularly in data-driven research where large amounts of data are...

agrawalmanindra/SUTRA: SUTRA v1.0

Version one. Template.zip

SODALITE-EU/iac-blueprint-builder: AADM outputs support

, , Alexander Maslennikov, Giovanni Quattrocchi, Matej Pevec, Kamil Tokmakov, Dragan Radolović, Mihael Trajbarič &
Changes AADM outputs support @alexmaslenn (#34)

JuliaGNI/RungeKutta.jl: v0.3.2

Michael Kraus
RungeKutta v0.3.2 Diff since v0.3.1

jonkomperda/DropPlotAreaMaker: Software V0.1 - Initial pre-release

This is the initial release of the software

JacquesCarette/Drasil: Release to get DOI

Dan Szymczak, , Jacques Carette, , Sam Crawford, Daniel Scime, , , Spencer Smith, , , , , Devi Prasad Reddy Guttapati, Nathaniel Hu, , , Joseph Seger, Aida , Naveen Ganesh Muralidharan, , Daniel Genkin & Rohan Jain
First release of prototype software, mostly to get a stable snapshot.

SODALITE-EU/refactoring-ml: M24Release of Rule-based and ML-based Refactoring

, Giovanni Quattrocchi & Elisabetta Di Nitto
This is the M24Release of Rule-based and ML-based Refactoring. This includes ML modeling, forecasting, and event-driven policy based adaptation.

manoeladeorte/Lizard_CISME_public_respository: Public release of LIRS CISME dataset

Manoela Romanó de Orte
Public data and code repository for Lizard Island CISME metabolism project


Louis Ngai Yuen Wong & Xin Cui
This data set includes three components: a) source codes of DDFS3D, b) a user manual and c) validation examples for the triangular element.


Louis Ngai Yuen Wong & Xin Cui
This data set includes three components: a) source codes of DDFS3D, b) a user manual and c) validation examples for the triangular element.

Ambit-HNMR: an open source tool for prediction of 1H-NMR chemical shifts

Nikolay Kochev, Slava Tsoneva, Maria Frenkeva & Nina Jeliazkova
We present a new software tool, Ambit-HNMR, for automatic calculation of 1H-NMR chemical shifts of organic compounds. Ambit-HNMR is an open-source software, written in Java, part of the chemoinformatics platform Ambit. Ambit-HNMR software uses a CDK based molecule presentation as connection table where H atoms are treated implicitly. The chemical shifts for each H atom are calculated by means of so called H-atom environments which describe different types of resonance protons. Each H-atom environment consists...

kelgalla/tnbctils: Publication

Kelly E. Craven
Release for publication

ronikobrosly/causal-curve: Fixed plot in TMLE documentation

Roni Kobrosly
A python package with tools to perform causal inference using observational data when the treatment of interest is continuous.

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