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fmaussion/salem: v0.3.4

Fabien Maussion, , Johannes Landmann, Matthias Dusch, Ray Bell &
A minor release of the salem package to fix for updates in xarray.

ckay314/ANTEATR: v3.0 ANTEATR-PARADE w/Thermal

Incorporates thermal pressure gradients

seaborn: statistical data visualization

Michael Waskom
Seaborn is a library for making statistical graphics in Python. It provides a high-level interface to matplotlib and integrates closely with pandas data structures. Functions in the seaborn library expose a declarative, dataset-oriented API that makes it easy to translate questions about data into graphics that can answer them. When given a dataset and a specification of the plot to make, seaborn automatically maps the data values to visual attributes such as color, size, or...

jingminxia/ferronematics-numerics: Latest version

No description provided.


Dominique Orban
A limited-memory LDL factorization - port of LLDL to Julia


This folder contains the source code to reproduce and update tool to predict Bond Dissociation Energy (BDE) without Graph Neural Networks

digitallinguistics/toolbox2json: v2.0.0

Daniel W. Hieber
This is a major release which makes significant changes to the behavior of the library when run as a module, and the available options. VERSION: 2.0.0 CHANGE: remove mappings option CHANGE: remove postprocessor option CHANGE: remove transforms option CHANGE: the library now returns a Promise that resolves to an Array of entries rather than a Stream (#34) NEW: option: pretty (outputs pretty JSON) (#24) FIX: test for parseError option does not have any expectations (#19)...





Mineral composition modeling of natural surface water

Sergey V. Silkin, Eugen E. Kulikov, Igon A. Popov & Stanislav I. Pekov
The Water_Analysis_v2_2 software is design to modeling the mineral composition of natural surface waters. The principles of its operation were described in the article Mineral composition modeling of natural surface water, Silkin S.V., Kulikov E.E., Popov I.A., Pekov S.I.

CosmoScout VR 1.4.0

Simon Schneegans, Markus Flatken & Andreas Gerndt
This release features a new plugin for overlaying time-dependent WMS data and several fixes for the HDR-mode.

oil_palm_global v1.0

The repository contains the Google Earth Engine (GEE) code for the generation of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 composites. The composites contain three bands: VV band and VH band from Sentinel-1 and band 4 from Sentinel-2. These composites were used as input data in the classification of oil palm plantations at the global scale (https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4473715). The code is included in the file ‘create_S1_and_S2_composites.js’ but can be accessed directly in GEE through the following link: https://code.earthengine.google.com/2e59a630f13906de5f3d0eb696b07ee4

LightForm-group/matflow-damask: v0.1.16

Adam Plowman & Michael Atkinson
[0.1.16] - 2021.04.10 Added Add implementation of task generate_microstructure_seeds with method random_NEW to use DAMASK library functions instead of command line script which has been removed in DAMASK v3a2.

dastcvi/StratoCore: Version 2.0

Alex St. Clair
This version incorporates lessons learned from the 2019 Stratéole 2 Engineering Campaign

dranov/cosplit-artefact: Beta release

George Pîrlea & Ilya Sergey
The archive produced by GitHub does not include the recursively added submodules. Please download cosplit-artefact-archive.zip instead.

Software code

Pierre Gouttebroze & Martine Chane-Yook

CEmimix ADO file

Baptiste Leurent & Suzie Cro
Stata program (ado-file) to implement reference-based multiple imputation of cost-effectiveness data. See accompanying reference (Leurent et al. 2019) for further details.This file differ from the previoulsy published "do-file" as it is now a "command" which can be run directly in Stata.
To use this command, copy this ado file in your working directory, and type for example "cemimix, effectv(e1 e2 e3) costv(c1 c2 c3) treatv(arm) idv(id) emethod(MAR) cmethod(MAR) add(30)".
A more formal command and help file...

Supplemental information for: \"Modeling short-term energetic costs of sonar disturbance to cetaceans using high resolution foraging data\"

Max F Czapanskiy, Matthew S. Savoca, William T. Gough, Paolo S. Segre, Danuta M. Wisniewska, David E. Cade & Jeremy A. Goldbogen
All computational details for running the analysis and producing the figures and tables for "Modeling short-term energetic costs of sonar disturbance to cetaceans using high resolution foraging data". The necessary data are available on Dryad (see Data Availability Statement in main text).

SODALITE-EU/semantic-reasoner: File names to be saved through PDS

Zoe Vasileiou, , Dragan Radolović, , Mihael Trajbarič, , , Elisabetta Di Nitto & Giovanni Quattrocchi
No description provided.

AlexRogalskiy/weather-time: GitHub weather time

Generate styled SVG weather images upon request

AlexRogalskiy/weather-time: GitHub weather time

Generate styled SVG weather images upon request

garrett-m-smith/mparse_intro: Submitted version

Garrett Smith
Mparse model for the initial submission of the first mparse paper.

Mr-TalhaIlyas/Convolutional-Neural-Network-from-scrtach-on-CIFAR-10-Dataset: Version 1.0.0 of CNN-RGB from scratch

This release is the CNN made only using numpy, fully functional forward and back propagation. Takes input of any size with 3 channels. Trained and tested on CIFAR-10 dataset

Mr-TalhaIlyas/Neural-Network-from-Scratch-using-Numpy: Version 1.0.0 of NN from scratch

This is the first release of NN built completely from scratch using only numpy. It takes any input of size 28x28. Trained and tested on MNIST dataset.

negatoscope/fMRI_analysis: Alpha test

Luis Eudave
First test in Zenodo - Includes preproc_data

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