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simulation code for mutation accumulation in selfing populations

C++ code for simulation of mutation accumulation in selfing populations. The related paper is: Xu, Kuangyi. Mutation accumulation in inbreeding populations under evolution of the selfing rate. Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

ColmTalbot/psd-covariance-matrices: v0.1.0

Colm Talbot
Initial release with publication


Federico Canepa
Downburst-like experimental measurements of two vertical-axis impinging jets at the WindEEE Dome.MATLAB scripts:
1_alignSignals - Aligns experimental repetitions based on spectral analysis of the signals2_saveData - Saves data from 1_alignSignals in sorted matrices3_datasetWriting - Orders data from 2_saveData and write the database published at PANGAEA (https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.931205)

MatterMiners/cobald: v0.12.3

Max Fischer, Eileen Kuehn, Manuel Giffels, Matthias Schnepf, Stefan Kroboth, M. Thorsten & Oliver Freyermuth
This release allows setting the evaluation strategy of YAML tags as lazy/eager. See the cobald changelog for all changes.

gparadis/wbi_ria_yield: v0.0.1

Gregory Paradis
Initial release, so we can generate a Zenodo DOI.

MassDynamics/lfq_processing: 0.0.40

Joseph Bloom & Giuseppe Infusini
Post-processing of MaxQuant Label Free Quantification results.

animaltraits/animaltraits.github.io: Updated database name

Jim McLean
Name changed from animal traits database to AnimalTraits

cosmo-epfl/chemiscope: v0.3.2

Guillaume Fraux, Rose K. Cersonsky, Michele Ceriotti, Jakub Lála, , , , Daniel S. Katz, Kristen Thyng, Nataliya Lopanitsyna &
An interactive structure/property explorer for materials and molecules

Source code for PDF conversion of introductory essays in the National Edition of Aldo Moro's works

Sebastian Barzaghi
A Python script used to convert introductions and historical-critical notes, prepared by researchers and curators, into PDF files. The `stylesheet.css` file is used to define the style of the PDF output. You will either need a `config.json` file containing some variables in order to make it work (such as your local path and the name of the directory containing the HTML essays), or write them directly into the code as variables.


Balazs Sagi
Az iFL azon állapota média (képek, stb) nélkül, amelyben benne vannak a változtatásaim.

Artifact for \"Fast Incremental PEG Parsing\"

Zachary Yedidia & Stephen Chong
This is the artifact for "Fast Incremental PEG Parsing" presented at SLE 2021. In addition, please see our GitHub repositories at https://github.com/zyedidia/gpeg and https://github.com/zyedidia/flare.

ssrg-vt/Xar-Trek: v1.0.0

Sang-Hoon Kim, , , , , , , , , Carlos Bilbao & Rob Lyerly
Initial distribution.

ASPLOS22 Artifact - AStitch Machine Learning Optimizing Compiler

Zhen Zheng
This is the artifact of AStitch paper accepted by ASPLOS 2022. We provide a docker image to ease the environment setup. You just need to pull the docker image and launch a container: docker pull jamesthez/astitch:astitch_asplos_ae docker run --gpus all --net=host --pid=host -it --name <your-container-name> \ jamesthez/astitch:astitch_asplos_ae bash Alternatively, you can download the attached tar.gz file, unzip it into tar file, and import the tar file as a docker image: gzip -d astitch_asplos_ae.tar.gz...

Doblalex/Turbocharging-Heuristics-for-Weak-Coloring-Numbers: v2

This repository contains the implementation for the master theis Turbocharging Heuristics for Weak Coloring Numbers by Dobler Alexander

mauricio110785/Humidity_malaria: Humidity_malaria_paper

This is the code of Santos-etal Nat com paper

mikekatz04/BBHx: Second release

Michael Katz
After a larger bug fix in GPU main likelihood code.

1D-Hyperelastic-Haemodynamics: Version2

Alberto Coccarelli, Jason M Carson, Ankush Aggarwal & Sanjay Pant
The first release contains the code to simulate 1D haemodynamics on a carotid artery using a hyperelastic constitutive law

understandingemissionprofiles: 1.0

Michael Lindner & Antonia Schuster
Companion repository for the paper: Whose house is on fire? Identifying socio-demographic and housing characteristics driving differences in the UK household CO2 emissions Antonia Schuster, Michael Lindner, Ilona M. Otto

Functional biogeography of Neotropical moist forests: trait-climate relationships and assembly patterns of tree communities

Bruno Pinho, Marcelo Tabarelli, Cajo ter Braak, S. J. Wright, Victor Arroyo-Rodriguez, Maíra Benchimol, Bettina Engelbrecht, Simon Pierce, Peter Hietz, Bráulio Santos, Carlos Peres, Sandra Müller, Ian Wright, Frans Bongers, Madelon Lohbeck, Ülo Niinemets, Martijn Slot, Steven Jansen, Davi Jamelli, Renato Augusto Ferreira de Lima, Nathan Swenson, Richard Condit, Jos Barlow, Ferry Slik, Manuel Hernández-Ruedas … & Felipe Melo
Aim: Here we examine the functional profile of regional tree species pools across the latitudinal distribution of Neotropical moist forests, and test trait-climate relationships among local communities. We expected opportunistic strategies (acquisitive traits, small seeds) to be overrepresented in species pools further from the equator due to long-term instability, but also in terms of abundance in local communities in currently wetter, warmer and more seasonal climates. Location: Neotropics. Time period: Recent. Major taxa studied: Trees....


Julian Bogdani
Dependency updates, graph updates, Added QIGIS data directory.

KratosMultiphysics/Kratos: Kratos Multiphysics 9.0

Vicente Mataix Ferrándiz, Philipp Bucher, Rubén Zorrilla, Riccardo Rossi, , Josep Maria, Miguel Angel Celigueta, , Alejandro Cornejo Velázquez, Carlos Roig, Guillermo Casas, , , Marc Núñez, Pooyan Dadvand, Salva Latorre, Ignasi De Pouplana, Joaquín Irazábal González, Ferran Arrufat, , Aditya Ghantasala, Peter Wilson, , , … &
Release 9.0 Draft Please notice this is a draft. For the moment only Kratos for Python38 linux is provided. Features Kratos is now distributed and installed through python packages. Please refer to the wiki for more info. Kratos now supports being installed with popular python modules (numpy, scipy etc...)

cansik/mesh-sequence-player: Release 1.9.0

Florian Bruggisser
This release adds support for optional mesh-processing and very fast multi-threaded safe loading. To install it is recommended to use pip: pip install git+https://github.com/cansik/mesh-sequence-player.git@1.9.0


Magali Frauendorf
This repository contains all data and R-code to reproduce the results shown in the paper "Love thy neighbour? – Spatial variation in density dependence of nest survival in relation to predator community" by Frauendorf et al. (2021) in 'Diversity and Distributions'.

TriPed-Robot/trip_kinematics: Triped Model

Jan Baumgärtner & Torben Miller
fixed mapping arguments of triped model made triped joint names case compliant

arthuroldeman/pliomip2-enso: v1.0

Arthur Oldeman
Jupyter Notebook codes (python) for data analysis and figure production for Oldeman et al (2021): https://doi.org/10.5194/cp-2021-58

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