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The Failure of Access : Rethinking Open Education

Ishan Abeywardena, Juan Pablo Alperin, Christina Hendricks, Jenna Omassi, Tara Robertson & Brady Yano
The use of open re-use licenses and Internet technologies have long promised to reduce barriers to education by making it more distributed, equitable, and open. Indeed, the promise of open education can trace its roots to the the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations 1948, which states “everyone has a right to education.” However, there is little formal evidence that open education has an impact on increasing access to learning or...

Encountering Life in Sound : Affect, Vibration, and the Architecture of Sound (Davala Concert)

Julia Úlehla
Concert by the experimental folk band Dálava, given as part of a workshop entitled "Encountering Life in Song: Affect, Vibration, and the Architecture of Sound" by Julia Úlehla. In the workshop recording, Úlehla answers questions from the audience and discusses her music in relation to her family history and cultural heritage.

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