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Can I borrow a microbiome? : Life-saving poop and the ethics of microbiome therapies

Jennifer Gardy, Amee Manges & Kieran C. O’Doherty
What if we could transplant healthy bacteria into patients to fight diseases without using antibiotics? What might some of the implications be for society if we did this on a broad scale? This talk featured School of Population and Public Health Associate Professor Amee Manges, who speaks about fecal microbiota transplants (FMTs) and how this therapy can save lives, as well as University of Guelph Associate Professor Kieran O’Doherty who discussed the ethics of introducing...

Case Study : Indigenous Communities and Higher Education

Evan Adams & International Conference On Health Promoting Universities & Colleges (7th : 2015 : Kelowna, (B.C.))

Autism Gets Personal : Emerging Therapies From the Interface of Genes and Environment

Suzanne Lewis, Shernaz Bamji, Derrick MacFabe, Sergio Cocchia & Jane Roskams
Learn about a University of British Columbia Life Sciences Institute (LSI) initiative that brings together research on genes, behaviour, brain function and gut microbes, with the aim of providing early diagnosis and individualized treatments for children with Autism. The Life Sciences Institute hosts the LSI Public Talks, a series of informal talks and networking that aim to help the public understand how our research has an impact on their lives. The 2014-2015 series focuses on...

National School Library Day : The Place and Space for Canadian Children's Literature in Our Lives and Libraries

Maggie DeVries, Hare, Jan, 1965-, Judith Saltman & Yukiko Tosa
Why should we care about Canadian Children’s literature in our lives and libraries? Is Canadian identity critical in a digital, global, pop culture world? Do parents, teachers, teacher-librarians, librarians and young people really care whether they read Canadian or not? Join with our panel presenters as they discuss these questions and more. Maggie DeVries will offer her perspective as a writer for children who has situated both her fiction and non-fiction in BC. Jan Hare...

The Shadow World : Inside the Global Arms Trade

Andrew Feinstein
Mr. Feinstein is Founding Director of Corruption Watch, an international NGO that tracks and monitors major bribery and corruption cases. The organization also assists prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, journalists, activists and legislators in their efforts to fight corruption. He is a former African National Congress (ANC) Member of Parliament in South Africa before resigning in protest at the ANC's refusal to allow an inquiry into a multi-million dollar arms deal. His first book After the...

Citizen Science : Information, Technology and People

Jennifer Preece
Citizens have been informally contributing to science for hundreds of years. One of the best known modern examples is of sightings by bird watchers. The Christmas Bird Count, an annual national count in the USA, is one hundred years old and birdwatching activities date back to even earlier times in the UK and parts of Europe. This data informs scientific studies of bird migration and behavior, which in turn provide evidence of habitat loss, and...

Being a man today

Belliveau, George, 1968-
What does it mean to be a man? Wall Scholar George Belliveau considers the question as he dicusses using theatre to help Canadian combat veterans heal from trauma related psychological injuries. Belliveau is a Professor in Theatre Education at the University of British Columbia where he integrates theatre as a form of research and artistic expression.

alumni UBC100 What’s Next? : William Shatner : The Curious Life

William Shatner & Fiona Forbes
Great things happen when our brightest minds have the freedom to explore. When we pursue our unique interests, the resulting collective capacity for innovation is limitless. The issues of the future will require these creative solutions as the need to build connections between people, nations and disciplines has never been greater. On May 28th, UBC closed out the Centennial year with some great minds providing perspectives on topics of the future. Curiosity propels both research...

Personalized Medicine : Your Life, Your Genes, Your Health and Happiness

Martin Dawes, Pieter Cullis, Bruce M. McManus, Ida Goodreau, Teresa Liu-Ambrose & Larry D. Lynd
This talk is an informal and open forum that aims to bring the latest and greatest ideas in the area of the Life Sciences to the public. This series focuses on Personalized Medicine and how the Life Sciences Institute faculty, staff and students are working to change clinical practice, improve health outcomes, and reduce health costs. In partnership with the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre’s Health Information Series, an ongoing public lecture series that take...

Can we raise children in Vancouver?

Lynell Anderson, Chantelle Krish, Mary Clare Zak, Martin Guhn & Stephen Quinn
Vancouver has developed a reputation as a difficult place to raise kids. The high cost of childcare – for those who can find a spot – and the difficulty finding suitable housing have led many prospective parents to delay starting a family or explore alternatives, such as life in the suburbs. Those who choose to have kids in Vancouver often end up making sacrifices in their careers, lifestyles, or financial situations to make it work....

Nepal's Prolonged Transition : End in Sight?

Deepak Thapa
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the UBC Himalaya Program Nepal has been undergoing a political transition since the end of the Maoist conflict in 2006. Over 10 years later, a new constitution has been implemented and one of the three mandated elections to various levels of government has been complete. Dissension on the contours of federalization is on the wane, and the country appears to be moving ahead....

Riding the TIDE to Improve Outcomes for Children With Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Clara Van Karnebeek
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by Burnaby Public Library's Bob Prittie Metrotown Library as part of the UBC Library's Health Information Series. Intellectual disabilities are no longer necessarily an unchangeable fate. Today, new tools allow us to diagnose and treat specific genetic conditions that cause developmental delay and intellectual disability, previously thought to be permanent. Individuals with intellectual disabilities often develop epilepsy and autism—much of which can now be...

Building Research Data Management Services and Infrastructure in Canada and at UBC

Chuck Humphrey & Dugan O’Neil
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Dugan O'Neil, Compute Canada Chief Science Officer, and Chuck Humphrey, Director of Portage, will talk about collaborative initiatives for research data management and what they mean to various stakeholder communities, including, researchers, funding agencies, libraries, research service offices, ethics boards, IT units, and others. This is an opportunity to learn about developments in research data management services and infrastructure across Canada and to discuss current work,...

Battle of Hong Kong during WWII

Cameron Cathcart
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the UBC Library's Rare Books and Special Collections. Mr. Cathcart served as a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery before choosing a broadcasting career. He worked with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for 30 years, much of the time as a Parliamentary reporter in Ottawa and foreign correspondent in Washington, D.C. In the Second World War, Canadian soldiers first engaged in battle while defending...

Digital Preservation Management Roundtable : Best Practices vs. Reality

Alexandra Weiland, Richard Dancy, Glenn Dingwall, Sarah Romkey, Cindy McLellan, Lisa Glanett & Lois Evens
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC). This program is a conversation and discuss how they are working towards implementing what they learned to manage the digital records in their archives. The roundtable as a follow-up to the 3-day workshop on Digital Preservation Management. They will share strategies and tools from the workshop and discuss the steps required to develop an effective digital...

Health History Lecture : Capturing the History of Public Health Nursing and its Transformation from Nurses’ Work Experiences

Ranjit Kaur Dhari
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. In a study of influences affecting public health nurses’ capacity to engage in health promotion work, public health nurses expressed a strong interest in preservation of their professional history. An oral history project was initiated in collaboration with the UBC Library and Archives to retain the history of public health nursing in BC Lower Mainland. Using a team approach, we conducted a series of oral history...

“Food In Transit” : Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Menu Exhibition talk by Robert Sung

Robert Sung
This is a talk in which foodies will take delight. As part of the current exhibition in the Chung Collection room, highlighting historical food menus from the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), Sung’s talk highlights the historical period of the menus in Canadian history. The menus feature mountains, lakes, forests, Mounties and even some CPR advertising for travel packages to destinations in Canada and around the world.

Water : The life of a community

Madjid Mohseni
Nearly 1,800 small and rural communities in Canada do not have clean drinking water. This is particularly a problem for First Nations communities where boil water advisories are a way of life. Professor Madjid Mohseni of the University of British Columbia’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering describes how he uses an innovative community circle approach to help communities solve their drinking water problems.

10 Post-It Notes : My Career in TV with Andrew Wreggitt

Wreggitt, Andrew, 1955-
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and organized by UBC Creative Writing. Andrew Wreggit (UBC MFA, 1982) is an award-winning film and television writer. Among his sixteen movies or mini-series are Corner Gas: The Movie; The Phantoms for CBC television, which won an International Emmy Award and the Writers Guild of Canada Award; Borealias, a multiple Canadian Screen Awards winner including Best Movie and Best Writing; The Jack Layton Story; Wrath of...

“The Participedia Project : Using an Open Source Platform to Mobilize Knowledge about Democratic Innovations”

Mark Warren
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. The Participedia Project responds to a transformation of democratic governance, one possibly as revolutionary as the development of representative, party-based democracy that evolved out of the universal franchise. The transformation involves hundreds of thousands of new channels of citizen involvement in government, often outside of the more visible politics of electoral representation, and occurring in most countries in the world. Given this rapid and extensive development,...

"Toopeeliyankwi, kati myaamiaataweeyankwi : We Succeed At Speaking The Myaamia Language"

Daryl Baldwin
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. The Myaamia language was labeled an extinct language by the mid 20th century. After 25 years of reconstruction and revitalization, the Myaamia language is spoken once again among a younger generation of tribal youth who are using language learning opportunities to reconnect to each other and their Indigenous knowledge system. It is through the creation of a holistic well-designed educational effort that cultural knowledge and language...

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