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Khmu flood story

Michel Ferlus
(TR 7-8 : legend/story of the flood, 8th version) ʔom pɛk ʔom ŋɛɛn ‘the flood’, Ma’ Mouan

Khmu story 37

Michel Ferlus & Khammeung Manokoune
lɨaŋ kʰattanaam ‘xx’, Ta' Seu

The Rat, the Hawk and the Octopus

Alexandre François
This tale is a long, pleasant narration of Mr Rat's misadventures with his fellow creatures: first, with animals of the air and especially the Hawk (Circus approximans); and then animals of the sea, above all the Octopus. This story consists of several parts: [1] the Rat is paddling in his canoe, but several birds harass him, wanting to embark with him (this gives the tale its song); the boat nearly sinks. [2] while on the...

Tày Poọng vocabulary, part 4 of 4

Michel Ferlus & Trần Trí Dõi
Tày Poọng vocabulary, part 4 of 4; from word item 2229 to word item 2888, EFEO-CNRS-SOAS lexicon [from n° 379.1 to 467 following Ferlus's numbering]

Vocabulary elicitation for the Mảng dialect of Mường Lay, using the EFEO-SOAS-CNRS word list supplemented by Michel Ferlus. Part 2 of 2

Michel Ferlus
Vocabulary elicitation for the Mảng dialect of Mường Lay, using the EFEO-SOAS-CNRS word list supplemented by Michel Ferlus. Part 2 of 2

Aerodynamic record of a Burmese speaker Thae Thinzar Oo (04)

Katia Chirkova, Angélique Amelot & Patricia Basset
Equipment: Workstation EVA2 , notebook computer

Ersu song about parents

Katia Chirkova

Vocabulary list for Quang Binh dialect of the Nguồn language as spoken in the village of Tem [Tan Hoa commune], part 1 of 3

Michel Ferlus
Mường vocabulary, from word item 1 to word item 1277, EFEO-CNRS-SOAS lexicon [from n° 1 to 212.3 following Ferlus's numbering]

Massacre à la grotte Anaulu

Claire Moyse-Faurie
Récits historico-mythiques de combats entre les deux royaumes de Futuna ou entre des villages rivaux. Récit d’un conflit entre les gens de Kolia et ceux d’Ono : d’abord vainqueurs, les gens d’Ono sont ensuite massacrés à la grotte Anaulu par deux hommes payés par le chef de Kolia.

A short joke 3

Alexis Michaud & 米可
This version is the original. The version edited according to the speaker's wish (removing some disfluencies) is labelled JOKE3_EDITED.

Bande originale T24: Face A

Jean-Claude Rivierre
1) Jèék et Nini. 2) Chien et lézard. 3) Chien et lézard (deuxième version). 4) Rat et poule sultane. 5) Bèpwééne.

Church hymns – Anglican Youths, Lalhap

Alexandre François
16/ God yu tekem laef blong mi,17/ We give you,18/ We liftemap to the lord et prière,19/ Holy,holy; 20/ Lord mo sun,21/ Amen,22/ Our father (credo), 23/ There is one bread…; 24/ You take away the sin of the world; 25/ Bae mi luk ol ples long wol; 26/ For God in Heaven; 27/ Yumi sing blong presem Jisas; 28/ Imam God; 29/ Olgeta sakrifaes; 30/ Jisas laef blong yu i bigwan; 31/ Father, give...

DIALOGUES 1: Read dialogues designed for phonetic research into the influence of speaker attitude on the realization of two sentence-final particles in Hanoi Vietnamese. This file is one of 3 original files: it contains the audio for speaker M4 (see description).

Thị Lan Nguyễn, Alexis Michaud, Đỗ Đạt Trần & Đăng Khoa Mạc
Information on FORM: This file (audio signal for speaker M4) is one of the three channels that constitute the entire resource. The present audio file is the audio signal collected for speaker M4. In addition to this file, there exist two other data files: EGG signal for speaker M4; and audio signal for speaker M5. Finally, a fourth file was created for ease of consultation by mixing the two audio channels into a (single-channel) WAV...

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