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An Inconvenient Mind : The Climate Challenge Within, and What To Do About It

Andrew Revkin

How Jesus Celebrated Passover : The Renaissance Discovery of the Jewish Roots of Christianity

Anthony Grafton

Do We Really Live in a Secular Age?

Edward Slingerland

The Puzzling Disappearance of Sea Lions in Alaska : Is the North Pacific Ecosystem on the Verge of Collapse?

Andrew Trites

Democracy and Freedom : Strange Bedfellows

Andrew Coyne

Luxury Living in Late Roman Sicily : The Villa Near Piazza Armerina and its Context

Roger Wilson

America’s Shadow War

Mark Mazzetti

The Evolution and Loss of Biological Diversity

Otto, Sarah P., 1967-

Digital Dumping Ground : The Global Trade in Electronic Waste

Peter Klein

The Human-Animal Bond : Our History With Dogs

Stanley Coren

Morality and the Brain

Patricia Smith Churchland

Harper's Team : Behind the Scenes in the Conservative Rise to Power

Flanagan, Thomas, 1944-

French Kiss : The Quebec Factor in Federal Politics

Chantal Hébert

Being at Home With Elvis : Canadian Theatre and American Power

Wasserman, Jerry, 1945-

Practical Wisdom : The Right Way To Do the Right Thing

Kenneth Sharpe

Lecture and performance

Borealis String Quartet

Odyssey to the Sacred Headwaters

Wade Davis
In a rugged knot of mountains in northern British Columbia lies a spectacular valley known to the First Nations as the Sacred Headwaters. There, three of Canada's most important salmon rivers—the Stikine, the Skeena, and the Nass—are born in close proximity. Now, against the wishes of First Nations, the British Columbia government has opened the Sacred Headwaters to industrial development. Imperial Metals is building an open-pit copper and gold mine called the Red Chris mine....

Tackling the wicked problem of managing records in the digital environment

McLeod, Julie, 1957-
Drawing on her research on electronic records management, in particular the AC+erm (Accelerating positive change in electronic records management https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/acerm) project, Dr. Julie McLeod will argue that ERM is a ‘wicked problem.’ She will discuss how the Cynefin framework, a framework that helps decision makers to make sense of a range of business problems and situations in dynamic contexts, can be used to take appropriate action and choose appropriate solutions. She will refer to different...

An Open Book : The Redemption of Story-Kit Pearson

Pearson, Kit, 1947-
Kit Pearson is the author of over thirteen books for children, including middle grade novels in all genres, short stories, picture books, and non-fiction. Her books have been published in Canada in English and French, in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, France, China, and Korea. Her books have been awarded such honours as the Canadian Governor General’s Literary Award for Children’s Literature. She has received seventeen awards for her...

Nurses' Roles in Health Information Technology : A Canadian Perspective

Robyn M. Tamblyn
The Canadian landscape of health information technology is at an all-time high with various types of smart devices, electronic health records, and decision support systems available to both the health community and patients. Such technologies help to improve the productivity of clinicians and the safety of the patients by increasing the efficiency of certain tasks and reducing the risk of error. With nurses representing the largest workforce within the health care delivery system, there are...

Constructing Child Health

Gleason, Mona Lee, 1964-
This presentation explores how health professionals contributed to conceptions of “the healthy child” in early twentieth century Canada. Based on her recently published book entitled Small Matters: Canadian Children in Sickness and Health, 1900 to 1940 (McGill- Queens, 2013), Mona Gleason will focus on how and why increasing attention to the health of children on the part of doctors, nurses and educators in schools changed the culture of childhood and the culture of nursing in...

Sexual Violence in Asian Communities in Canada

Leonora C. Angeles, JP Catungal, K. Ho & Carolyn Joyce Rowe
Join Dr. Nora Angeles, Dr. JP Catungal, and K.Ho as they discuss sexual violence in Asian communities in Canada. The audience will engage in a facilitated dialogue with the panelists as we explore how sexual violence impacts Asian communities in Canada through the context of colonization and racism. How might certain cultural codes inform sexual violence against women and LGBTQ people in Asian communities in Canada? What can these communities do to address sexual violence,...

Strenghtening Leadership in Community Health Nursing and Collaborative Partnerships

Etowa, Josephine B., 1965-
In today's complex dialogues of an ever changing health care system, nursing leaders are being required to think and work across boundaries; both to build collaborative visions and to accomplish those visions together through joint goal setting and active pursuit of those goals. Having stakeholders share commonalities of purpose have been associated with productive environment and positive health outcomes, which rightly serve the common good of Canadians. And there are reasons to believe that collaborative...

Personal Health Data Sharing for Personalized Medicine : Facts, Opportunities, Security and Ethics

Elodie Portales-Casamar, Nancy Meagher, Larry Lynd, Zsuzsanna Hollander, Paul Terry & Alice Virani
Leaders come together for conversations about types of personal health data, opportunities that arise from integrating these data for health and economic benefits, and issues in secure and ethical storage and sharing of these data. Moderated by Dr. Jehannine Austin – Associate Professor, UBC Psychiatry/Medical Genetics

iSchool Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Bruce R. Kingma
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies (SLAIS). What do iSchool programs in entrepreneurship and innovation look like? From 2007-2012, there was a transformative shift in education at Syracuse University and in the iSchool at SU. Entrepreneurship and innovation became a signature of the campus and the iSchool. During this period 165 programs in entrepreneurship and innovation were developed including new curriculum,...

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