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Economics Background Reading

Hallqvist Albertson
Top 100 books on economics.

Cultural Anthropology Background Reading

Hallqvist Albertson
Top 100 books on cultural anthropology.

Comparative Religion Background Reading

Hallqvist Albertson
Top 100 books on comparative religion.

Nelson, the Caribbean, and Visions of the British Atlantic Empire

Christer Petley
A twenty minute paper presented to the conference 'The Royal Navy and the Atlantic World Conference' organised by the University of Southampton and the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth, on 19 June 2014.

Towards a Historical Materialist Critique of Ethnicity: Armenianness between the Caucasus and Medieval New Rome

Nicholas S.M. Matheou
In this paper I outline a historical materialist framework for the transhistorical critique of ethnicity, providing a case study in the shaape of Armenian settlements in medieval New Rome. This is necessary since constructivism – the dominant theoretical tradition of the last forty years or so – has failed to dethrone common sense, methodologically nationalist assumptions over the ‘formation’ and ‘survival’ of apparently ‘constructed’ ethnic groups. The purpose is not to reject non-Marxist social theory,...

The Reception of Ibn Sina and Avicennian Philosophy in Christian-Arabic Literature

Gregor M. Schwarb
Audio & slides of a paper given at the Colloquium on Avicenna and Avicennisms held at SOAS, University of London, 6–7 June 2014. http://meti.maxwellinstitute.byu.edu/home/meti-info/2014-avicenna/ © Gregor Schwarb, 7 June 2014

The State of Russia

Sean Guillory & Masha Lipman
Guest: Masha Lipman is a frequent commentator on contemporary Russian affairs. She is currently the head editor of the journal Kontrapunkt, a contributor to the New Yorker, and co-editor with Nikolai Petrov of The State of Russia: What Comes Next? published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Reforging Roma into New Soviet Gypsies

Sean Guillory & Brigid O'Keeffe
Guest: Brigid O’Keeffe is an Associate Professor of History at Brooklyn College where she specializes in late imperial Russian and Soviet history. Her research interests include internationalism, Esperanto, selfhood, ethnicity, citizenship and everyday Soviet life. She’s the author of New Soviet Gypsies: Nationality, Performance, and Selfhood in the Early Soviet Union published by University of Toronto Press.

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