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Louise Conley, oral history audio, 10/5/2018

HC User
October 5, 2018 Location: Alumni House, Cortland, NY Length: 1 audio file, 1:07:20 The Interviewee. Louise Conley is the granddaughter of Francis J. Cheney, principal of the Cortland Normal School from 1891 to 1912. Although Louise Conley did not meet her grandfather, she provided a large amount of information and history involving his life. She grew up in Madison, New Jersey, but now resides in Princeton, New Jersey. Louise Conley shares her family history, memories,...

David Hollenback, oral history audio, 10/10/2018

Evan Faulkenbury
Interviewee: Dr. David Hollenback Interviewer: Mike Marsich Interview Date: October 10, 2018 Location: SUNY Cortland, Cortland, New York Length: 47:57 The Interviewee: Dr. David Hollenback is one of the longest current serving communications studies professors at SUNY Cortland. He earned his BA, MA, and his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. He then began his career at the University of Michigan, which lead to him next getting a job at Syracuse University before finally accepting...

James M. Clark, oral history audio, 10/10/2018

Evan Faulkenbury
Dr. James Clark was born on April 11, 1930 in Wayne, Michigan. He moved around Michigan with his family during his early childhood, experiencing first-hand the effects of the Great Depression. His father worked at the Ford Motor Company and was later a farmer. Later in life Dr. Clark attended the University of Michigan and majored in social studies. Additionally, he has a master’s degree from the University of the Philippines and a Ph.D. from...

Nancy Schemerhorn, oral history audio, 10/17/2018

Evan Faulkenbury
Interviewee: Nancy Schemerhorn Interviewers: Marleny Abreu & William McNeill Date: October 17, 2018 Location: The Bistro, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY Length: 37:42 The Interviewee: Nancy Schemerhorn, a well-known cashier at The Bistro dining hall, has been a member of SUNY Cortland’s staff for 17 years. Nancy has always lived in neighboring towns around Cortland, and she has raised her daughter here. She gives personal, insightful details on how both the town and campus has evolved...

Donald Ferris, oral history audio, 10/6/2017

Evan Faulkenbury
Interviewee: Donald Ferris Interviewers: Chris Dutcher, Jeremy Dzigas, and Zach Frechette Length: 1:09:28 Donald Ferris was born on February 7, 1945, in Cortland, New York. He lived all but two years of his life in Cortland and Homer. He had a good relationship with his family, especially with his grandfather who immigrated to the United States from Lebanon and worked in the Wickwire factory. As a child, Donald became interested in newspapers and delivered the...

Sue Buggs Guido, oral history audio, 10/10/2017

Evan Faulkenbury
Interviewee: Sue Buggs Guido
 Interviewers Andrew Devlin, Tori Duger, Jake Daly Date: October 10, 2017
 Location: 24 Owego Street, Cortland, NY
Length: 39:36 Sue Buggs Guido has been living in Cortland her whole life. She attended Owego Elementary School and eventually graduated from Cortland High School in June of 1960. She has many experiences, stories and first-hand accounts of the history of the Wickwire factory that employed the brunt of the labor force of Cortland for...

ANIKA WALKE: Pioneers and Partisans - An Oral History of Nazi Genocide in Belorussia

Anika Walke
How did Soviet Jews respond to the Holocaust and the devastating transformations that accompanied persecution? How was the Holocaust experienced, survived, and remembered by Jewish youth living in Soviet territory? Anika Walke, Assistant Professor of History at Washington University in St. Louis, examines these important questions in Pioneers and Partisans: An Oral History of Nazi Genocide in Belorussia (Oxford University Press, 2015). Walke’s research is based largely on post-war oral histories and memoirs, and her...


Richard Elliott
An audio taster of my book The Sound of Nonsense. The taster includes samples of recordings of the work of some of the novelists, poets, musicians and performers who are used as case studies in the book. The taster is designed to both provide an overview of the subject matter of the book and to model one of the types of sonic nonsense discussed in the book, namely the sometimes incomprehensible babble produced by the...

Memory and Violence - An Interview with Jay Winter

Anika Walke & Jay Winter
How should we remember historical moments of violence and loss? What are the links between terrible events like the Holocaust, the mass casualties of World War I, the Armenian Genocide, and crises around the world today? What challenges do historians face as they examine and interpret death and war? Anika Walke and Jay Winter both face such questions and issues in their research. Here, the two historians candidly discuss the process of seeking meaning in...

The Empty Chair: Anna Ella Carroll and the Hidden Business of Persuasive Writing

David Healey
Anna Ella Carroll was one of the more remarkable, if relatively unknown, business and political writers during the Civil War era. She wrote government pamphlets that explained complex legal issues, lobbied for the railroad industry by writing business articles, and campaigned on behalf of governors and presidents. This paper explores Carroll’s iconoclastic role as a political and business writer during the Civil War era.

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