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Erma McLurkin Interview

Erma McLurkin & Giles Wright
Interview in which Ms. McClurkin describes moving to Newark from North Carolina, among other topics. Date of the move is not known.

Šḥimo Recitation, Sunday, 9th Hour

Ma'arrat Saydnaya Seminary
This audio recording provides the recitation of the Sunday 9th hour of the Daily Offices according to the traditions of the Syriac Orthodox Church according to the tradition of Ma’arrat Saydnaya, Syria.

NC350: WBGO Oral Histories

No Name Supplied
A compilation of audio clips from WBGO oral history segments on various figures and organizations in Newark during the commemoration of Newark’s rich 350-year history.

Test for audio clips

Deepa Kumar, Fakrhi Haghani, Golbarg Bashi & Talek Kahloaoui
The panelists field questions from the audience ranging from the U.S. occupation of Iraq, the Palestinian/Israeli situation, U.S. intervention in Libya and lack of intervention in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the role of Al-Jazeera in the Middle East, and the overall track record of the U.S. in the Middle East.

NC350: Radio Interviews

Junius Williams, Jackie Harris, Isaiah Little, Greg Guderia, Leon Denmark, Emma Wilcox, Jerry Gant, Angela Johnson, Marcy De Pina, Jae Shin, Darryl Scipio, Augusto Amador, Yolanda Stokes, Trisha Bloom, Gloria Hopkins-Buck, Peter Winstead, Sharonda Wheeler, Carrie Puglisi, Anthony Smith, Jacqueline Quiles, Tobias Fox, Jose Moreira, Ryan Haygood, Catharine Longendyck, Miguel Rodriguez … & Sheila Paschall
This is a collection of audio recordings from the WBGO radio segments featuring NC350 Committee Chairman, Junius Williams. Williams, along with other NC350 staff members, interview various organizers and festival promoters about events and programs that were featured throughout Newark's 350th Anniversary celebration.

Vivian Berry Interview

Vivian Berry & Glen Marie Brickus
Interview in which Ms. Berry describes moving to Newark from Montclair, New Jersey in 1954, among other topics.

Alvin Conyers Interview

Alvin Conyers & Glen Marie Brickus
Interview in which Mr. Conyers describes his migration to Newark from Georgia in 1946, among other topics.

Carolyn Wallace Interview

Carolyn Wallace & Glen Marie Brickus
Interview in which Ms. Wallace describes moving to Newark from Jersey City in 1940 among other topics.

Robert Moevs 80th Birthday Concert at Goucher College: CT-59

Robert Moevs, Peter Jarvis, Randal Woodfield, Clinton Adams, Lisa Weiss, Renee Jolles & Cheryl Seltzer

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