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Parcours dans la mer de ciel. A parcours through the ocean of heaven. Or: the Levitite

Marie-Luise Goerke & Matthias Pusch
This five-part intervention created by the duo Serotonin, is a fictional expeditionary tale, narrated by Bernhard Schütz: The year is 1884. The recently established German nation is struggling to gain recognition and a prominent place on a map of the world. The setting is the Tiergarten park in Berlin, where the crown prince grants a highly unofficial audience, and a cave in the future colony of Deutsch-Südwestafrika. Inspired by the levitation of a floating virgin...

Calls of two new Madagascan frog species of the Gephyromantis (Duboimantis) tandrako complex

K.-H. Frommolt
Four soundrecordings of advertisement calls of three species of genus Gephyromantis related to the paper: Scherz MD, Rakotoarison A, Ratsoavina FM, Hawlitschek O, Vences M, Glaw F (in review) Two new Madagascan frog species of the Gephyromantis (Duboimantis) tandroka complex from northern Madagascar. Alytes.

The Origin of Senses

Sabine Scho
Eine literarische Intervention mit Gedichten von Sabine Scho 2016, auf Deutsch gelesen von der Autorin selbst. Im Rahmen von: "Kunst/Natur. Künstlerische Interventionen im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin", ein Modellprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Alligator Anglerfisch & Chimäre Archaeopteryx (berliner exemplar) Frösche & Dinos Gorilla Großer Ameisenbär Hammerhai Hummer Rochen Schimpanse Schlangen Schmetterlinge Audioproduktion: Heiko Strunk und Kevin Nagel, Haus der Poesie Berlin

Calls of Gephyromantis lomorina (Amphibia, Anura, Mantellidae) - a new frog species from Madagascar

M.D. Scherz
Two sound recordings of calls of a new frog species (Gephyromantis lomorina) from Madagascar described in Scherz, M.D., Hawlitschek, O., Razafindraibe, J.H., Megson, S., Ratsoavina, F.M., Rakotoarison, A., Bletz, M.C., Glaw, F. and Vences, M. (in press: A distinctive new frog species (Anura, Mantellidae) supports the biogeographic linkage of the montane rainforest massifs of northern Madagascar. Zoosystematics and Evolution.

Songs of Ortolan Buntings (Emberiza hortulana) (Jakubowska A. & T.S. Osiejuk Journal of Ornithology)

Tomasz S. Osiejuk & Karl-Heinz Frommolt
Sound recording of ortolan buntings used in Jakubowska A. & T.S. Osiejuk: The use of soft songs during territorial intrusion in alarm context in the ortolan bunting Emberiza hortulana. Journal of Ornithology.

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