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Ships which were important to Nanaimo

Parker Williams
Audio recording of Parker Williams' September 2007 presentation to the Nanaimo Historical Society about ships that were important to the city of Nanaimo. Because the society is interested in expanding their commemorative plaque series at the waterfront about influential vessels in Nanaimo’s harbour, Williams, who is both an NHS member and a former marine engineer, has researched vessels that could be candidates for future plaques. He introduces the following vessels to the group for consideration:...

Jellyfish (2013)

Hantao Li & Xinmin Yang

Paradise (2009)

Hantao Li & Jian Liu

Eyes Creating Sun-Birds (2012)

Hantao Li & Yuan Guo

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra with Piano Accompaniment (2013). III. Allegro Vivace

Hantao Li & Wang-hua Chu

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra with Piano Accompaniment (2013). II. Andante

Hantao Li & Wang-hua Chu

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra with Piano Accompaniment (2013). I. Lento

Hantao Li & Wang-hua Chu

The Soulful and the Perpetual (2012). II. The Perpetual

Hantao Li & Yi Chen

The Soulful and the Perpetual (2012). I. The Soulful

Hantao Li & Yi Chen

Résumé du conte Enfermé dans la grotte

Alexandre François

Amália Rodrigues


13 Suite de Impresiones para Piano II. Incoheréncia

Helen Thrall & Juan Francisco García
This project was completed for the Doctor of Music Arts degree at the University of Iowa School of Music.

Fabre, Michel & Gohier, Christiane (éd.). (2015). Les valeurs éducatives au risque du néo-libéralisme.

Danièle Périsset

Traité de la chymie

Christoph Glaser
Relié à la fin du volume, Préparation d'un hydromel fort sain, & dont le goust est peu différent de celuy du vin d'Espagne, ou de la Malvoisie. Reliure plein veau d'époque, dos orné à cinq nerfs. Excellent état intérieur.

Parcours dans la mer de ciel. A parcours through the ocean of heaven. Or: the Levitite

Marie-Luise Goerke & Matthias Pusch
This five-part intervention created by the duo Serotonin, is a fictional expeditionary tale, narrated by Bernhard Schütz: The year is 1884. The recently established German nation is struggling to gain recognition and a prominent place on a map of the world. The setting is the Tiergarten park in Berlin, where the crown prince grants a highly unofficial audience, and a cave in the future colony of Deutsch-Südwestafrika. Inspired by the levitation of a floating virgin...


Eugen Huber
Briefe 98-127

Musique du Vietnam: tradition du Sud


Instrumental & vocal pieces



Frank Scherbaum & Nana Mzhavanadze

Terrestrial branches: properties associated with one's year of birth

Alexis Michaud
This is an account of what people thought about this and that year in the Chinese horoscope (生肖), such as 'the year of the Dog', 'the year of the Tiger, etc: how the Terrestrial Branches were perceived by the Na, which properties were attributed to them. People born in the year of the Tiger are strong, people born in the year of the Rabbit are fast, etc.

20 Years of Archive Fever (Freud Museum)

Guy Atkins & James Bulley
"It is what is happening, right here, when a house, the Freuds' last house, becomes a museum: the passage from one institution to another." (Jacques Derrida, 'Archive Fever') Presented as a gift to the Freud Museum, Jacques Derrida's 1994 lecture 'Archive Fever' remains a compelling work for scholars and artists interested in the relationship between archives, memory, and technology. Originally titled 'The Concept of the Archive: A Freudian Impression', Derrida's deconstruction of the act of...

An untimely death (sequel)

Martine Mazaudon & Boyd Michailovsky
Narrative in Limbu, describes an accidental death and the ritual performed by a "yeba" shaman to appease and control the victim's ghost ("sogha").

Mormon folk songs


Commented reading of the manuscript "The Origin of Monkeys" from the Maspero Collection

Michel Ferlus & Thị Thường Võ
Commented reading of the manuscript "The Origin of the Monkeys" from the Maspero Collection. 2 pages. Comments in Vietnamese

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