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Twenty-First Century Skills: A Needs Assessment of School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers

Kisia J. Weeks
Preparing students to be career and work ready is a concern of educators and schools nationwide. Twenty-first century skills prepare students to enter the workforce or higher education with the ability to think critically and creatively, collaborate with others, take the initiative when approached with a task, and use technology to its fullest potential. If students are not learning the skills needed for success, it is because educators and schools are not teaching them. When...

Genetic Mapping of Grass Monoculture and Grass-Legume Mixture Compatibility QTLs in Intermediate Wheatgrass

John Mortenson
Due to increased environmental stewardship and fertilizer prices, there is increased interest in using legume mixes in perennial croplands. The objective of this study was to compare quantitative genetic parameters and quantitative trait loci (QTLs) associated with intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) when grown in 1) a non-competitive spaced environment, 2) a polyculture with alfalfa (Medicago sativa), and 3) a monoculture with crested wheatgrass (Agropyron desertorum). Traits evaluated include plant growth characteristics (Zadok’s maturity, height, and...

Association Between PTSD Symptom Clusters, Substance Use, Hypersexuality, and Erectile Dysfunction in Service Members and Veterans

Jeremiah E. Fruge
Service members and veterans of the current era, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND) are at a high risk for a variety of psychological disorders and physical health impairments. Common disorders among male service members and veterans include posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use, and hypersexuality. Each of these disorders affect all aspects of an individual’s life and can deteriorate important interpersonal relationships or impair functioning in a...

Isentropic Efficiency and Theoretical Analysis of the Planetary Rotor Expander

Joseph L. James
Expanders allow pressurized fluids to undergo a pressure decrease in a controlled environment via volumetric growth to extract fluid energy. There are many types of expanders, and the objective of this thesis is to model the efficiencies of the planetary rotor expander (PRE), a century-old design undeveloped due to insufficient manufacturing capabilities (until recently). Geometric relationships are derived and mathematical models are generated to determine the efficiency of the PRE as a function of design...

Evaluation of a Welded Wire Retaining Wall

Jerold Albert Bishop
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the performance of a Welded Wire Retaining Wall and present design recommendations for its future use. Field data from the instrumentation of a Welded Wire Retaining Wall as well as laboratory data from a study of welded wire fabric as a reinforcing agent for soil was gathered. A study of the theory and practice of reinforced soil construction was made. On the basis of this study and...

Calibration of Hot-Film X-Probes for High Accuracy Angle Alignment in Wind Tunnels

Dallin L. Jackson
This thesis investigates the use of hot-film thermal anemometers to align a plate on a wind tunnel at Hill Air Force Base that is used to calibrate Angle of Attack Transmitters on F-16s. A reoccuring problem with this wind tunnel is that no two instruments can verify an angle reading of the the mounting plate for the Angle of Attack Transmitters to the air stream in the wind tunnel. Multiple thermal anemometer calibration methods, such...

The Thermal and Physical Properties of Beef from Three USDA-Quality Grades Cooked to Multiple Degrees of Doneness

Jessica McClellan Hadfield
The objective of this study was to determine the influence of quality grade (QG) and degree-of-doneness (DOD) on thermophysical properties of beef strip steaks. The “Prime” eating experience must be marketed to compete with cheaper protein sources, and so palatability is a major concern with beef products. Thermal and physical properties help shed light on the impacts various components have on beef palatability, mainly tenderness and juiciness. Warner-Bratzler shear force (WBSF) and the textural property...

The Legend of the Midwife's Blessing

Rosanna West Walker
This legend was told by my aunt, Jessie Bradshaw. She was a descendant of Scottish people who settled Wellsville in the 1850s. Her mother, Janet Leatham, died giving birth to another child, and Jessie was reared by my maternal great-great grandmother, Jane Alexander Steele Leatham, who was a midwife. The family members were all devout Mormons.

Small Business Advising Highpoint Roofing, LLC.

Angie Newman Hull
Highpoint Roofing is a new sub-contracting business that specializes in roofing new homes and re-roofing older homes. During the short time they have been in business there has been evident success. The owners would like to continue the success of the company and plan to do so through improving their financial status, being aware of market fluctuations, cutting-costs, expanding, and creating and following a budget.


Charles Ford
A collection of short stories by Charles Ford.

At the New Yorker

Therese Anderson
The following essays and letters grew from a notebook I kept while interning at The New Yorker last summer. Each night, in my room at the boardinghouse on 36th Street, I recorded the decorations of the day, like the conversation I had with a prominent writer in the lunchroom, or the sight of a startled shorebird on the front of the office building.

The Right to Die: A Brief Look at Physician-Assisted Suicide

Brooke Meredith Sanders Purves
Recently, there has been some discussion in Congress about writing a Constitutional amendment declaring that every American citizen has the "right to die" if he or she so sees fit. Opponents of this amendment believe that it will be abused - that although the amendment would generally apply to terminally ill patients, depressed teenagers and the like will be able to commit suicide if they feel like it, and mothers with deformed infants may act...

Confucianism and Chinese Family Structure

Maren Watts
Confucianism has dictated the structure of the family in Chinese society. The family is the foundation of the Chinese social structure. It has been the focal point of cultural and social issues for thousands of years. Various philosophers have contributed to the value system that places family life in such high esteem. Confucius, one of the major contributors, stressed the value of order in the family and the virtue of filial piety. Based upon his...

Only Words: An Examination of Catharine Mackinnon's Challenge to the Supreme Court's First Amendment Conceptual Framework

Gregory Lewis Watts
The rapidly increasing cry for forms of speech rationing is part of the "culture war" that currently splits the social and political life of the United States. The individual battles of this war can be defined along several lines. There is the struggle of minority groups against dominant whites, and also a bitter struggle between minority groups.1 We also face a neo-Marxist economic battle between "the commons" and wealthy corporate America. There is a growing...

The Limits to Change in East Europe

Elesha Kay Fetrow
What does every European need today? "Provided peace and security are guaranteed, every European seeks to live in an open and prosperous society, in a society striving to put an end to injustice and capable of offering every individual the opportunity of making the most of his or her abilities while serving universal human ideals."

Exploring the Capacity of Bacteria for Natural Product Biosynthesis

Ozkan Fidan
This dissertation is focused on exploring the potential of bacteria for the biosynthesis of natural products with the purposes of generating novel natural product derivatives and of improving the titer of pharmaceutically important natural products. A wide variety of compounds from various sources have been historically used in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Natural products as a major source of new drugs are extensively explored due to their huge structural diversity and promising biological...

"Doctors Should Not Participate in Active Physician Assisted Killing"

Todd Jorgenson
All eyes were on the Oregon ballot this past November 8, as Proposition 16 was introduced to the public. Should the Proposition pass, Oregon would become the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide. At first glance, the Death with Dignity Act appears to offer the terminally ill patient additional freedom in deciding his or her destiny, but it in fact gives a free license for physicians to prescribe death with little if any scrutiny, responsibility,...

Comparison of the Laryngeal Behavior of a Young Stutterer Before and After Fluency Treatment

Trista Farmer
Stuttering is one of the most complex of all speech and language disorders (Caruso, Conture, & Colton, 1988). Understanding of its etiology and treatment is vague, yet growing. Much research is needed in the area of disfluency to increase our knowledge of the disorder and to provide a clearer picture of how to improve therapeutic intervention. Routine evaluation of disfluency typically includes the assessment of stuttering frequency and rate. However, as stated by Ingham (1984),...

Newspaper Representations of Homelessness: A Temporal Comparative Analysis

Sarah Werman
This research focuses on the ways in which homelessness is discussed in two newspapers in a major city in the intermountain United States. I analyzed newspaper articles with the goal of understanding public discourse in two ideologically distinct newspaper venues. I examined the news media portrayal of the homeless in 752 articles in these two newspapers during two distinct six­-month time periods, one during which the city was nationally recognized as a major advocate for...

Assessing the Pre-School Classroom Environment for Facilitative Emergent Literacy Activities and Strategies

Maggie Harris
In one of his educational goals for the nineties, President Bush declared that "By the year 2000, all children in America will start school ready to learn [i.e., in good health, having been read to and otherwise prepared by parents.]" (Elam, 1990, p. 41). By providing this particular goal, the President clearly emphasized the importance of the pre-school years for preparing children for school. Further, Elam interpreted this goal to mean that children must be...

Grazing Systems as Management Tools to Meet Multiple Objectives

Lacy Nicole Hadley
Grazing systems have in the past been developed to increase or maintain livestock production without degrading the land (Archer and Smeins, 1991). A grazing system is a "specialization of grazing management which defines the periods of grazing and non-grazing" (Jacoby, 1989). However, these systems can be developed for other uses besides just livestock. Grazing systems can be used as management tools by manipulating vegetation in specific directions to meet desired objectives. This is done by...

Investigation of the Molecular Determinants and Extrinsic Factors that Regulate PRMT Product Specificity

Tamar B. Cáceres
Protein arginine methylation is an important modification of proteins, involved in many cellular processes. Some examples are transcription, RNA editing, cellular communication, DNA repair, viral replication and chromatin remodeling. In recent years, the significance of protein arginine methyltransferases (PRMTs) in human diseases has been increasingly studied, especially in cardiovascular disease and cancer. Although the importance of these enzymes is recognized, the understanding of how exactly PRMTs function is still limited. Very little information is available...

A Geochemical Analysis of Tosawihi Quarries Chert Using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Bethany M. Wurster
Lithic source analysis, or “sourcing,” is a geochemical compositional analysis of lithic materials for both major and trace elements. Sourcing analysis assigns lithic sources to geochemical groups according to distinct geochemical compositions, where unique elemental signatures represent separate lithic sources. In archaeological research, sourcing informs upon mobility strategies, trade and exchange networks, and lithic conveyance studies. While obsidian sourcing is a relatively reliable and popular technique, chert sourcing is more difficult and historically less successful...

Identification and Conceptualization of Sexual Abuse Resiliency Factors: A Review of the Literature

Heidi J. Moss
Resiliency, while historically grounded and defined, lacks important conceptual clarity when considering the area of sexual abuse resiliency. Considerable theoretical effort has been dedicated to this phenomena in certain specific areas of human development (e.g., children) with empirical endeavors to validate it's relevance. To date there seems to be consensus with the notion that three specific variables are correlated with resiliency outcomes, namely, biological, psychological and social influences. It is posited that these three primary...

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