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Review of Energy Policy 2020

Robert Gross, Keith Bell, Mike Bradshaw, Christian Brand, Jason Chilvers, Paul Dodds, Antony Froggatt, Richard Hanna, Tom Hargreaves, Phil Heptonstall, Caroline Kuzemko, Richard Lowes, Faye Wade & Jan Webb

El oppidum de Monte Bernorio (Palencia) : resultados de las campañas arqueológicas

Jesús F Torres Martínez & Manuel Fernández-Götz
Madrider Mitteilungen, 57 (2016)

Getting to Net Zero Working Group: Energy Networks Snap-Shot Report

Martin Hill, Colin Thomson, James Higgins, Charlotte Owen, Nigel Holmes, Robert Gibson, Maxine Frerk, Phil Lawton, Gareth Harrison, Harry Van de Weijde, Antonios Katris, Christian Calvillo Munoz & Fiona Riddoch
The electricity gas and heat networks are finding it necessary to increase their ad hoc interactions as they develop their contribution to the net zero1 targets for green house gases for the UK and Scotland. The organisations involved in the “Getting to Net Zero” working group are all directly engaged in the energy sector encountering day-to-day challenges around how to include “getting to net zero” in their operations. The working group met to consider the...

What Clients Want: A Conjoint Analysis of Precursors to Coach Selection

Céline Rojon, Nicole Bode & Almuth McDowall
This study investigated individuals’ preference structures for workplace coaching providers. Guided by questions about relative weightings of seven important coach(ing) characteristics (i.e., coach work experience/background/gender; coaching training; personal recommendations; client feedback; coaching cost), we carried out a conjoint analysis, using a mixed occupational sample (N = 383). In addition, we conducted linear regression analyses to determine the extent to which coaches’ perceived competence, likeability and trustworthiness might impact on individuals’ decision-making processes. Potential coachees favoured...

Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems

Margaret Tingey
The Local Engagement in UK Energy Systems (LEUKES) Database is about local authority energy projects. The data being made available is a database of 458 UK local authority energy projects collated from 29 different data sources.

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