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Extensional strain in salt-influenced basins

Alexander James Coleman
The structural style of salt-rich extensional basins may significantly differ from those in salt-free settings. One key observation is growth folds, developed above the upper tips of propagating normal faults, may persist throughout extension in salt-rich settings, whereas they are largely transient features in salt-free settings, which are often breached during early extension. A second difference is salt-rich basins containing salt diapirs may structurally overprint regional extension and impart further strain on the surrounding country...

Ultrasonic grain noise and defect monitoring in large grained materials

Yuan Liu
In the next generation of power stations, high temperatures (up to 700 °C) will be used to improve efficiency. As creep deformation is of great concern at such high temperatures, materials with large grains are desirable due to their high creep strength. However, this brings a challenge in ultrasonic monitoring of the plants, because when the grain size is comparable with the wavelength, scattering caused by the acoustic impedance contrast on the grain boundaries can...

Enhanced upconversion photoluminescence by novel plasmonic structures

Heng Qin
The emerging field of plasmon-enhanced upconversion photoluminescence has a significant impact on a variety of technologies, including high-efficiency solar energy systems and biotechnology. To date, the upconversion efficiency of best reported rare-earth doped upconversion nanoparticles cannot meet the requirements of practical utilizations in these fields. Therefore, it is of great significance to find new approaches for the enhancement of upconversion efficiency. This thesis mainly aims to explore the enhanced upconversion photoluminescence by several novel plasmonic...

Studies on resistance and overwintering in hop powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca humuli (DC) Burr.)

Amarasiri De Silva Liyanage
The development of S. humuli on hop leaves was analysed with eight isolates, collected from various regions, and with several cultivara/ seedling hops containing either no resistance genes or one or more of three known major genes for resistance. Three mechanisms of resistance were discovered. (1) Controlled by gene I1, in which epidermal cells reacted hypersensitively immediately after penetration; haustoria were degenerated allowing no colony development. Originally this reaction occurred under natural conditions at Wye...

Imperial College London, 2018/19 RCUK open access compliance report

D Phillips, R Harrison, S Agunbiade, I McArdle & J Murtagh
This is the annual report to RCUK which records open access article processing charges paid from Imperial's Research Councils UK (RCUK) open access budget between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019, along with Imperial's overall compliance with the RCUK open access policy. The report was presented to UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) in May 2018. Please note that the compliance percentage was calculated based on a sample of some 2K College outputs that acknowledge...

Climate change and the human-made water cycle: Implications for the UK water sector

N Voulvoulis & C Zogheib
Climate change is already happening, and the UK’s climate will continue to change as a result of greenhouse gas emissions, with the long-term resilience of its infrastructure at risk. The water sector cannot adapt to the challenges of climate change in isolation, as policy effects in one sector will have indirect effects in others. Current demand pressures and reductions in abstraction licences – rights to draw water – are causing supply-demand deficits and this is...

Using futures analysis to develop resilient climate change mitigation strategies

A Gambhir, C Cronin, E Matsumae, J Rogelj & M Workman

Imperial College London, 2017/18 COAF open access report

This is the annual report to COAF of APC spend from the COAF fund between 01/10/2017 and 30/09/2018. It also includes details of an overspend on the 2016-17 grant carried over to this year's funds.

Imperial College London, 2015 Jisc APC data collection

This report includes data for Imperial College London APC payments made from 1 January 2015 to 30 June 2015. As a part of its work on negotiating the Total Cost of Ownership with journal publishers, Jisc Collections has been gathering and openly releasing data on article processing charge (APC) payments made by UK higher education institutions (HEIs). Making this data openly available has helped to raise awareness of the amount of money being paid for...

New technology for the controlled synthesis of functional materials in flow

Barnaby Walker
Functional materials - materials designed to perform a specific function - have many promising, novel properties that are dependent on their structure. Traditional synthetic methods typically do not provide the control and uniformity required to produce these materials in large quantities while maintaining strict control over their structure and pu- rity. Flow chemistry has previously been used to gain improved control over the synthesis of functional materials, but has mostly been applied to single-step syntheses...

Solvent effects on an SNAr reaction; mechanism, kinetics, solvent design

Eliana Harriet Grant
This work provides a detailed study of an example SNAr reaction as these transformations are widely used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs. The specific reaction we are considering is that of 2,4-difluoroacetophenone and pyrrolidine which has not previously been reported in the literature. We focus on elucidating the effect of solvent on the reaction mechanism and kinetics with a subsequent solvent design study to optimise both the reaction rate constant and selectivity. The solvent...

Electron harvesting and dynamics at a metal-semiconductor interface

Brock Doiron
In this thesis, optical measurements are combined with theoretical modelling to evaluate the viability of metal-semiconductor interfaces for use in plasmonic applications. Firstly, the optical response of metals and metallic nanoparticles is presented with emphasis placed on relating the observable optical properties to the underlying electronic processes. This is then extended to describe metal-semiconductor heterojunctions in the context of light-induced electron transfer between the metal and the semiconductor. An overview of the experimental methods used...

Coupling clumped isotope thermometry and XRD analysis in the study of shallow-burial dolomite diagenesis

Claire Marie Anne Veillard
Dolomitization is a common reaction in carbonate hydrocarbon reservoirs. The volume of hydrocarbons in place and their recovery can be affected by the presence of dolomite bodies that can increase or decrease the reservoir porosity and permeability. At the beginning of the reservoir burial history (< 1 km), dolomitization is likely caused by seawater, that brings Mg into the reservoir. The location and size of the dolomite bodies are challenging to determine because they are...

Global and regional impacts of clouds on photolysis rates and atmospheric oxidants

Sunil Varma
Clouds influence the composition and chemistry of the atmosphere in several ways but of particular importance is the way they modify solar radiation (a key driver of photochemistry) leading to changes in photolysis rates of several species. This in turn affects the oxidising capacity of the atmosphere, concentrations of greenhouse gases and pollutants, from the surface and well into the stratosphere. This study is the first extensive analysis which quantifies the radiative effect of clouds...

Machine learning applications in finance: some case studies

Zhen Wei
The first part of this thesis discusses the application of artificial intelligence to stock price prediction and the building of another artificial intelligence model for stock price prediction during mergers and acquisitions. It is demonstrated that a combination of Long Short-Term Memory/Recurrent Neural Network + Convolutional Neural Network + Attention (LSTM/RNN+CNN+Attention) trained on daily and minute stock price and volume data are able to predict future stock prices and stock price changes three times better...

Shock-induced energy transfers in MHD

Francis Obiora Nwobu
In magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow control, an applied magnetic field can manipulate the flow properties of an ionised gas in order to improve vehicle performance in high-speed flight applications. Shock-wave turbulence interactions (SWTIs) are a fundamental feature of high-speed flows. They play a key role in predictions of transition, drag and heat transfer in flow control configurations. In hydrodynamics, linear theory is a good predictor of turbulent kinetic energy amplification in SWTIs, however, at present similar...

The impact of vaccination on the memory B cell subset repertoire

Luke Muir
Human memory B cells play a vital role in the long-term protection of the host from pathogenic rechallenge. Successful vaccines readily induce long-lived B cell memory that is maintained for decades. Recent observations have shown that vaccination or infection do not produce a homogenous population of memory cells but a constellation of subsets depending on the kinetic time point, location, and type of vaccination or infection. Studies of these subsets in murine models have recently...

In vivo imaging of the dynamic interactions of acute leukaemias with the bone marrow microenvironment

Delfim Diogo Ferreira Duarte
Adult haematopoietic stem cells (HSC) reside in the bone marrow (BM) microenvironment, or niche, where they are regulated by several cell types including osteoblasts, endothelial cells and Nestin-expressing perivascular cells, and by niche-derived signals, such as CXCL12. In parallel, leukaemia growth and chemoresistance have been proposed to be dependent on an analogous malignant microenvironment. Using a murine model of MLL-AF9 driven acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), I show that AML outcompetes non-malignant haematopoiesis by gradual elimination...

Hydrological and energy performance of multifunctional green roofs

Xi Liu
Green roofs are a classic example of multifunctional, sustainable urban drainage systems, which have the potential to retain stormwater on the roof's surface and lower a building's energy consumption. To maximise storm water management benefits, an increasing number of modular green roof systems have begun incorporating a drainage and water storage layer into their design. The main aim of this PhD study is to quantitatively evaluate the hydrological and thermal benefits of modular green roofs...

Biomechanics and osteoarthritis: a novel rat model

David Britzman
This thesis has made a number of significant contributions to the evaluation of rodent joint biomechanics, and the relationship between these biomechanics and osteoarthritic pathology. It has presented the first use of static optimization based techniques to evaluate in vivo muscle and joint contact forces in the rat, with model outputs comparing well to experimentally collected kinematics and joint kinetics. The sensitivity of the model to errors in marker placement, muscle geometry and segmental properties...

The effective modelling of wave-in-deck loads

Li Ma
The present study addresses the effective prediction of wave-in-deck (WID) loads. This is of increasing concern for the design of offshore structures, particularly for existing structures that require re-assessment against changes in 'design' conditions. To begin, the short-term crest-height statistics over a finite plan area (appropriate to WID loading) were investigated experimentally. When compared to measurements taken at a single point, large increases in the incident crest elevations were observed. These increases, caused by nonlinear...

Optical properties of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides enhanced by plasmonic nanostructures

Zhuo Wang
As a typical two dimensional (2D) materials system, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) such as tungsten diselenide (WSe2) and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) have been demonstrated to be potentially useful building blocks for optoelectronic integrated circuits. However, being atomically thin limits light-matter interaction, resulting in low light-to-light or light-to-electron conversion efficiency. Hence, enhancing their light emission or photoelectron extraction efficiency are critical for integrating these materials in devices. The first part of this thesis focuses on enhancing...

Investigating the activation mechanism of discoidin domain receptor 1 using advanced microscopy techniques

David Stephen Corcoran
The discoidin domain receptors (DDR1 and DDR2) are unusual receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) that function as collagen receptors and regulate cell migration, adhesion, and differentiation. Ligand binding to the extracellular region of RTKs results in kinase activity and autophosphorylation of tyrosine residues on the intracellular side. For most RTKs, the molecular mechanism of receptor activation involves ligand-induced dimerisation. However, the DDRs exist as constitutive dimers in the absence of collagen. In addition, it is thought...

Imperial College London Submission to the RCUK Review on Open Access

TF Reimer
This report summarises the progress Imperial College London has made in the implementa-tion of the RCUK policy on Open Access for the period 1st April 2013 – 31st July 2014. It de-tails the expenditure made from the RCUK block grant allocation, and responds to the ques-tions raised in RCUK’s call for evidence.

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