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An Experimental Study of an Axisymmetric Turbulent Boundary Layer Disturbed By a Periodic Freestream

Chithrabhanu Koodalattupuram
Behavior of an axisymmetric equilibrium turbulent boundary layer disturbed by a propeller wake in the freestream was investigated experimentally. Tests were conducted in a low speed wind tunnel and measurements of turbulence quantities were made using an X wire probe and a constant temperature anemometer. The boundary layer flow on a cylindrical body was characterized by measuring its gross parameters and comparing them with classical values. Propeller speed was measured using an electronic circuit whose...

Effects of Encoding Variety and Concurrent-Task Practice on the Transfer and Retention of Complex Skill

Peter S. Winne
The present study investigated the effects of dual-task practice and the variety of problems solved during practice on (a) the acquisition of procedural and declarative skills and the development of concurrent-task skills, and (b) the utilization and maintenance of two types of strategies. Strategies were defined as the use of different mixes of skills pertaining to procedures and specific declarative solutions. Two tasks--mental arithmetic and trigrams--were used to examine problem-solving skills and strategies both immediately...

Effectiveness Analysis of Knowledge Bases

Shensheng Zhao
Knowledge base systems (expert systems) are entering a critical stage as interest spreads from university research to practical applications. If knowledge base systems are to withstand this transition, special attention must be paid to checking their effectiveness. The issue of effectiveness analysis of knowledge base systems has been largely ignored and few works have been published in this field. This dissertation shows how the effectiveness of a knowledge base system can be defined, discussed and...

An Assessment of the Utilization of Permanent and Temporary Classrooms as It Relates to Cost and Efficiency in Selected School Divisions

E. Carlton Bowyer
In the mid-1900s there were over eighty thousand public school buildings in the United States housing approximately thirty-nine million pupils. Many were constructed thirty or forty years earlier and have approached the end of their useful life without requiring major retrofitting or replacement. Rising construction costs prompt school systems to investigate alternative means of housing rapidly growing student populations. This study traced the historical background of the school facility and the development of school construction...

From Developmental Education to Transfer and Bachelor’s Degree Attainment: A Study of Community College Students’ Long-Term Outcomes

Kathryn Mahaffey Harvey
Community college is the only pathway to higher education for many students. Jenkins and Fink (2016) reported that 40% of new college students entered higher education through a community college. Most of these students aspire to earn a bachelor’s degree (Fink 2014). In order to achieve their dream of bachelor’s degree attainment, many of these students need to first complete a series of developmental or remedial courses to become college-ready and begin taking curriculum courses....

Prediction of Rigid Body Aircraft Acceleration Response Due to Atmospheric Disturbances

Billy Keith Buck
Methodology to predict aircraft transient motion resulting from flight within an unsteady atmospheric environment, coupled with validation using flight test data is proposed. A family of five linear dynamic models is developed for describing the normal acceleration throughout an aircraft cabin due to vertical gust excitation. The five models successively build upon each other by incorporating higher fidelity gust penetration effects while simultaneously maintaining a unified modeling framework. Six wind fields reconstructed from flight test...

Sponge Community Biocomplexity, Competition, and Functional Significance in Hard-Bottom Habitats of the Florida Keys, FL (USA)

Marla Maxine Valentine
Sponges can have powerful effects on ecosystem processes in shallow, tropical marine ecosystems and are an integral component of the bentho-pelagic cycle of nutrients, via filtering of dissolved and particulate organic matter from the water column. The diversity of marine communities is thought to play a determining role in intensity of ecosystem processes; thus the loss of taxa alters community function and by extension ecosystem processes. Coastal sponge populations worldwide are increasingly exposed to declining...

Finite Element Model of a Timoshenko Beam with Structural Damping

Louis Ablen Roussos
A numerical integration technique, a modified version of the Newmark method, is applied to transient motion problems of systems with mass, stiffness, and small nonlinear damping. The nonlinearity is cast as a pseudo-force to avoid repeated recalculation and decomposition of the effective stiffness matrix; thus, the solution technique is dubbed the "pseudo-force Newmark method." Comparisons with exact and perturbation solutions in single-degree-of-freedom problems and with a Gear-method numerical solution in a cantilevered Timoshenko beam finite...

School Library Advocacy: Perceptions of Building Influence

Elizabeth A. Burns
Hartzell (1997) suggests that many in the school community do not know the value the school library program contributes to the educational landscape, and stakeholders cannot articulate the roles and responsibilities of the school librarian. Advocacy for a school library program is the deliberate and sustained effort to foster understanding of the program while influencing the attitudes of key stakeholders. It includes raising awareness, increasing knowledge and gaining influence for the position of the school...

Measurement of Hyperfine Coupling Constants of the 5d²D₃/₂ and 5d²D₅/₂ Levels in Atomic Cesium Using Polarization Quantum Beat Spectroscopy

Wo Yei
Accurate measurements of hyperfine constants have revealed effects that can not be explained by a simple hydrogenic picture of the alkali atoms such as cesium [1-3]. More precise experimental results and theoretical treatments are in demand for the alkali elements, especially for atomic cesium because of its wide range of applications. Therefore, it is essential to understand its atomic and nuclear structure. Precision measurement of its excited-states properties such as hyperfine structure provides global information...

An Examination of Oral Argumentation Using Socioscientific Issues Among Secondary Students with Disabilities

Mindy A. Gumpert
The recent science education reforms mandate that all students must receive adequate opportunities to access the science curriculum in order to gain a better understanding of how science and the world works (National Research Council, 2012). According to these reforms, engagement in argumentation is one science practice essential to today’s K-12 science education (Sampson & Clark, 2011). Engagement in argumentation promotes critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, and has the potential to promote growth...

Application of a Biodegradable and Recyclable Chelating Agent for Ash Removal from Algae

Temitope George Daramola
Ash is inherent in algae biomass and it causes operational difficulties, equipment failure, and disposal issues during biomass conversion to biofuels and bioproducts. The objectives of this study are to (i) investigate the use of the biodegradable chelating agent for reducing ash content of algae and (ii) evaluate the potential of regeneration and recycle of the chelating agent for multiple uses. Conventionally, ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA) has been studied extensively to remove ash from biomass. However,...

Around Her Table: A Digital Community Archive Featuring Azorean-American Women in New England

Suzanne Lyn Parenti Sink
Around Her Table is a born-digital dissertation dedicated to collecting, preserving, and validating the Azorean-American woman’s immigrant experience and cultural identity through the transformative power of participatory archives. The site address is www.aroundhertable.org. The digital exhibit features the oral histories and artifacts related to the domestic sphere of six Azorean-American families, with particular emphasis on artifacts related to the kitchen, hand-worked textiles, and religious practices. Driving the urgency for the creation of new archival records...

Equity Issues in Dual Enrollment Programs: Exploring African American Community College Students’ Perceptions of Dual Enrollment

Kristen Wagner Rarig
Dual enrollment has been shown to increase post-secondary student success outcomes across a variety of measures such as retention, grade point average, and four-year attainment (Allen & Dadgar, 2012; Hoffman, 2012, Pretlow & Wathington, 2014). In Virginia, access to community colleges among students of color has increased from 32.3% in 2008 to 42.7% in 2018 (SCHEV, 2019-a). Despite these gains, far fewer African American students than White students participate in dual enrollment in Virginia, which...

Rhetorics of Functionally Applicative Game Design: Designing and Testing the Project Management Game Scrummage

Matthew Carson Beale
In this project, I designed and tested Scrummage, a tabletop game to teach the scrum project management system to undergraduate students. The project grew from the gaps in both academic literature and pedagogical tools for project management and collaboration in the technical communication classroom. Although the field of technical communication places significance on project management, research shows that many employers find the project management skills and knowledge of recent graduates to be under-developed. Situated in...

Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation Reactions of Lipids

Alexander Asiedu
Catalytic transfer hydrogenation (CTH) of lipids was investigated using 2-propanol as hydrogen donor for producing liquid hydrocarbons, e.g. jet fuels. The main sources of lipids selected in this study were waste cooking oil (WCO) and oil-laden algae-derived biofuel intermediate (BI). Two different catalysts were employed in this study, namely activated carbon and trimetallic-doped zeolite. The CTH reaction was between WCO and 2-propanol in a continuous flow reactor over a packed-bed activated carbon at near atmospheric...

Enhanced Sensing Performance of Novel Nanostructured ZnO Gas Sensors in Ethanol Vapor Concentration Detection Applications

Pengtao Lin
Sensors are devices which have been commonly used to measure the functional dependence and the variability of physical parameters like temperature, pressure, pH, voltage, current, concentration, and others. Among the numerous kinds of sensors in different areas, gas sensors have been widely used and investigated for gas monitoring. Gas sensors are of crucial importance for the detection of hazardous atmospheres, because toxic gases are frequently odorless, colorless, invisible, rapidly evaporating, and flammable, and would otherwise...

Spatiotemporal Downscaling Rainfall Predictions of North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program for Entire Virginia

Zhaoyi Cai
This thesis developed a statistical downscaling approach, which consists of a series of linear regression equations, to spatiotemporally downscale the rainfall predictions from North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP) in accordance with the 15-min observed rainfall data at the rain gauges across the state of Virginia. NARCCAP has generated twelve different region-global climate models (RCM-GCMs) with a temporal resolution of 3 hr and a spatial resolution of 50 km over the entire America....

The Effect of Grinding on the Sorption Capacity of Activated Carbon

John Garrett Dempsey
The current procedure employed to design full scale activated carbon contacting systems is presented in detail and followed by a review of the more important process controls and operating parameters. Inherent limitations of the design procedure are identified, with the need to be able to accurately predict carbon sorption capacity from bench scale analysis determined to be the most important. Some of the more recent models developed to predict activated carbon sorption capacity were analyzed...

The Business of Choice: Why Students Select For-Profit Career Colleges in Northeast Florida and the Implications for Community College Leaders

Tameiko Allen Grant
Over the past decade, for-profit career colleges have faced significant scrutiny and increased governmental regulation. Even with the skepticism of critics, for-profit enrollments surged and had one of the fastest enrollment growths among higher education sectors. For-profit career colleges are typically known for their predatory marketing practices and exorbitant costs. However, there is a significant concern surrounding why students would attend an institution with such a high cost and a socially perceived low-probability of return...

An Exploratory Study of Engineering Identity Development in African American Youth

Coletta Elayne Johnson Bey
Over the next ten years, the United State government forecasted a shortage of one million science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM) workers. This shortage of STEM workers can adversely impact the global competitiveness and sustainability of America. Within the workforce, African Americans are grossly underrepresented. The emerging body of knowledge has derived a process by which potential engineers make be identified. There is wide recognition in the body of knowledge that developing engineers have growth...

Demonstration of Visible and Near Infrared Raman Spectrometers and Improved Matched Filter Model for Analysis of Combined Raman Signals

Alexander Matthew Atkinson
Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analysis technique that has found applications in fields such as analytical chemistry, planetary sciences, and medical diagnostics. Recent studies have shown that analysis of Raman spectral profiles can be greatly assisted by use of computational models with achievements including high accuracy pure sample classification with imbalanced data sets and detection of ideal sample deviations for pharmaceutical quality control. The adoption of automated methods is a necessary step in streamlining the...

I Had to Do the Reading: A Phenomenological Case Study of College English Students

Jennifer Eleanor Frank
The purposes of this qualitative phenomenological case study were to investigate multiple student experiences in a general elective introduction to literature course when music was added as an autonomously structured assignment. Music and song lyrics are no strangers to the classroom setting, but there is a gap in the literature examining the space where students can create meaningful links between music they enjoy and assigned course readings in college English. Informed by social constructivism and...

Effects of Argumentation Prompts on Alternative Positions in Ill-Structured Problem-Solving

Chrysoula Malogianni
Little is known about the role of prompts to help learners solve ill-structured learning problems. Instructors do not devote adequate time to formulate pedagogically useful prompts, and the usefulness of different types of prompt is unclear. The question of whether prompt variation can generate superior argumentative depth has not been resolved. This mixed-methods study, using quantitative and qualitative data collected from 32 students, examined the role of argumentative prompts in the writing of essays based...

Parallel Jacobi Transformation Algorithm for Generalized Eigen-Solution With Improved Damage Detection of Truss/Bridge-Type Structures

Maryam Ehsaei
Serial Jacobi transformation algorithm for the solution of “standard eigen-problems” is re-visited to facilitate the explanation of the proposed parallel transformation algorithm, for which computational efficiency can be realized in this study through “pattern recognition” for the development and explanation of “explicit formulas” to avoid costly matrix time matrix operations. The proposed parallel Jacobi transformation for the solution of “generalized eigen-problems” has also been incorporated into the “improved damage detection” algorithm. Computational efficiency and robust...

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