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Defining Agroecology: Exploring the Circulation of Knowledge in FAO’s Global Dialogue

Allison Loconto & Eve Fouilleux
This article traces how ‘agroecology’ is co-produced as a global socio-technical object. The site of co-production, the Global Dialogue on Agroecology, was convened by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in different cities around the world between 2014 and 2018 (Rome 2014; Brasilia, Dakar, Bangkok 2015; La Paz, Kunming, Budapest 2016; Rome 2018). We analyze these ‘expert’ symposia and regional meetings by exploring how knowledge about agroecology circulates and frames the...

Pleotropism of gonadotropin action

Manuela Simoni, Elia Paradiso, Véronique Lockhart, Eric Reiter, Livio Casarini, Lucie Pellissier & Pascale Crépieux

Guidelines to apply for ethical approval of animal experiments

Jan Langbein, Mette Herskin, Frédéric Dehareng, Emer Kennedy, Kenny Rutherford, Antonio Velarde, Véronique Deiss & Isabelle Veissier
This chapter presents common aspects applying in all EU Member States and in the UK (since Directive 2010/63/EU was transposed into British law before Brexit), and gives the specifications that apply in each research institute of the SmartCow project.

Validation of eating duration using an automatic feeding system

Emma Ternman, Marta Terré, Matthieu Bouchon, Bruno Meunier, Lene Munksgaard & Isabelle Veissier
Feed intake is important to consider when studying welfare, productivity and efficiency in ruminants, particularly cattle. Over the last decade, several methods for automatic intake recording have been developed. These methods have been described in the chapter on feed and water intake of the present book of methods. Automatic feed bins do not only record feed intake, but also feeding behaviour. The duration of feed bin visits estimated by the Insentec Roughage Intake Control system...

Etude technico-économique sur l'opportunité de récupération des métaux contenus dans les eaux usées domestiques

Elodie Varennes, Denise Blanc-Biscarat, Lucie Gueret, Céline Lagarrigue & Jean-Marc Choubert

How to make a little worm pump like a big worm

Georg von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Alexander P. Gerhard, Jürgen Krücken, Claude Charvet & cedric neveu

Agroecological transformation for sustainable food systems : insight on France-CGIAR research

Kwesi Atta-Krah, Jean-Luc Chotte, Chantal Gascuel, Vincent Gitz, Etienne Hainzelin, Bernard Hubert, Marcela Quintero & Fergus Sinclair

Méthodologies d’évaluation et de suivi du bilan carbone des sols et recommandations pour l’écriture d’une méthode Label Bas Carbone

Wendtwoin Imelda Gécica Yogo, Hugues Clivot, Eric Ceschia, Fabien Ferchaud, Suzanne Reynders, Jean-Francois Soussana & Taeken Wijmer

Analyse d’un questionnaire à destination des pêcheurs pélagiques professionnels français

Coline Arqué, Charlotte Couëdel, Sven Mellaza, Marylou Pourret & Axel Rochaud

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