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Teachers' Perceptions and Knowledge Toward Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Saudi Arabian Schools

Tassan Alsulami
Inclusion of students with disabilities is an area of interest for the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education. Educational policy plays an essential key to provide meaningful inclusion provisions to all types of children for academic and social success, but it is not clear if the policies adequately support inclusive education in Saudi Arabia. Much of that research conducted in the United States has demonstrated that teacher’ perceptions and knowledge of inclusion and students with disabilities...

Mechanisms that Limit Oxidative Phosphorylation during High-Intensity Muscle Contractions In Vivo

Miles Bartlett
Skeletal muscle oxidative capacity plays a critical role in human health and disease. Although current models of oxidative phosphorylation sufficiently describe skeletal muscle energetics during moderate-intensity contractions, much is still unknown about the mechanisms that control and limit oxidative phosphorylation during high-intensity contractions. In particular, the oxygen cost of force generation is augmented during exercise at workloads above the lactate threshold. Presently, it is unclear whether this augmentation in muscle oxygen consumption is driven by...

Narratives of Queerness: Queer Worldmaking (in) the Classroom with Undergraduate Students

Rachel Briggs
This research brings together education research, queer theory, and performance theory to consider the worldmaking potential of the queer classroom. Using students’ stories about queerness in the classroom and my own stories about the classroom, I ask what we can learn from students’ voices about how queerness is/can be performed in the classroom and through relations. This study uses critical ethnography, personal narrative, and performative writing to examine the production of subject positions in the...

Hotel Industry Performance in 2018-2019 and the JHFM Index

Atul Sheel

Neural Generative Models and Representation Learning for Information Retrieval

Qingyao Ai
Information Retrieval (IR) concerns about the structure, analysis, organization, storage, and retrieval of information. Among different retrieval models proposed in the past decades, generative retrieval models, especially those under the statistical probabilistic framework, are one of the most popular techniques that have been widely applied to Information Retrieval problems. While they are famous for their well-grounded theory and good empirical performance in text retrieval, their applications in IR are often limited by their complexity and...

Multi-Level Barriers to Art Adherence Among HIV-Infected Women in Rural Eswatini: A Mixed Methods Approach

Nozipho Becker
Eswatini has the highest global prevalence of HIV despite universal access to free treatment. Lack of compliance continues to be a significant challenge for HIV care and management programs throughout the country. Studies investigating barriers to antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence, particularly in women, who are the most vulnerable to HIV infections, are limited. The disproportionate impact of HIV on women can be attributed to multiple risk factors at the individual, household, and community/structural levels. Women...

I {heart} Meetings... (Don't Stop Believin')

Ann Kardos
A presentation given at the December meeting of the Five College Cataloging & Metadata Group, regarding running better and more effective meetings.

Single Molecule Studies of a Short RNA

Peker Milas
The material related with orientation of Cyanine dyes and their behavior at the ends of duplex RNA is also documented in [110]. Cyanine dyes are widely used to study the folding and structural transformations of nucleic acids using fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). The extent to which FRET can be used to extract inter- and intra-molecular distances has been the subject of considerable debate in the literature; the contribution of dye and linker dynamics to...

Small Sacral sites as both religious features and landscape networks in Central Europe

Elizabeth Brabec
Though often overlooked due to their scale, networks of small sacral Christian architecture in the form of local churches, pilgrimage churches, chapels and small sacral sites, hold a significant importance in rural cultural landscapes in Europe and beyond. The networks are significant in their social stratification, diversity, distribution and abundance across cultural landscapes. The most significant development of networks of small sacral architecture in central and eastern Europe was during the Baroque under Catholicism, although...

The role of Religious Sites and Structures in Rural Landscapes and Communities

Elizabeth Brabec
This panel explores the heritage of religious sites in rural landscapes and communities of central and eastern Europe, and Morocco. Religious sites and their community networks within the rural landscape are often overlooked as a collective resource. However, they provide overlapping levels of order in the landscape that derive from various social classes and religious traditions. Often these layers of class and spiritual tradition are invisible to those outside of the class/social/cultural group that created...

Thermodynamics of Polyelectrolyte Solutions and Polymer Crystallization

Sabin Adhikari
Polymeric systems exhibit interesting macroscopic properties under different thermodynamic conditions and are prevalent in both biology and synthetic world. How a system of polymers behaves under different thermodynamic conditions is determined by the interplay of different possible interactions such as short-ranged Van der Waals and long-ranged electrostatic interactions and the entropy of individual components present in the system. This work is mostly focused on the theoretical study of the thermodynamic phase behaviors of charged polymers...

Ecology of the Elusive: Genome-Informed Investigation of Soil Microbial Diversity

Lauren Alteio
Soil is considered one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth, harboring diversity of organisms across the three domains of life. It is spatially and chemically heterogeneous: properties that intertwine in a complex matrix to support organismal diversity and function across different scales. Soil microorganisms both respond to and drive changes in ecosystems through metabolic activities. A single gram of soil is teeming with millions of cells comprised of thousands of species. Much of this...


Alireza Bahmanzad
Cross-laminated timber (CLT), is a new generation of engineered wood product initially established in Europe, is utilized in residential and non-residential applications in several countries. CLT is new to the north of the United States, but Europeans have used CLT more than 25 years as an eco-friendly construction product in many construction sectors. Also many spectacular low, mid and even high-rise building constructed around the world using CLT products. CLT panels can be used in...

Citizenship in transit: perils and promises of crossing Mexico

Martha Balaguera
What kind of politics emerges under dire conditions of violence and precarity in the context of transit migration across Mexico? How is sanctuary practiced and gendered? This dissertation analyzes a range of experiences of transit and sanctuary practices of hospitality, care and solidarity, particularly those of marginalized women, nonbinary individuals, and grassroots movements that reveal an emerging pattern of transnational citizenship from below. As a defining issue of the 21stcentury, international migrations have provided an...

Bruhat-Tits Buildings and a Characteristic p Unimodular Symbol Algorithm

Matthew Bates
Let k be the finite field with q elements, let F be the field of Laurent series in the variable 1/t with coefficients in k, and let A be the polynomial ring in the variable t with coefficients in k. Let SLn(F) be the ring of nxn-matrices with entries in F, and determinant 1. Given a polynomial g in A, let Gamma(g) subset SLn(F) be the full congruence subgroup of level g. In this thesis...

Computing Agreement in a Mixed System

Sakshi Bhatia
This dissertation develops a comprehensive response to the question of how agreement is computed in Hindi-Urdu – a language with a mixed agreement system where the verb can agree with a subject or an object depending on the structural context. This dissertation covers new empirical and theoretical ground in two domains. First, I identify three kinds of atypical agreement patterns which are not accounted for under traditional approaches Hindi-Urdu agreement -- verb agreement with the...

Demystifying Library Research: An Evolution

Thea Atwood

Cultural Heritage and Climate Change: Exploring the Impacts and Issues

Elizabeth Brabec, Andrew Potts & Julianne Polanco
As noted at the 2017 ICOMOS Assembly in Delhi, cultural heritage is both under threat from climate change, and an asset in our attempts to adapt to and mitigate its impacts. The Paris Agreement emphasizes the need for urgency about climate change; cultural heritage can play a central role in this effort. For example, iconic sites at risk from storms, coastal erosion, wildfires or permafrost thaw can alert public to the very real impacts and...

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