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Our Tools and Our Values (response text)

Martha Fuentes-Bautista

Black History Month Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board explores how to:Describe the life of the first Black woman pilot Bessie Coleman and construct their own paper planes and fly them inside and outside.Design a digital story about Marian Anderson, a singer and Civil Rights activist, that connects her experiences to the experiences of Black people today.Explore the history of redlining in their state and draft a law that would address the issues that redlining has caused.Curate a digital collection about...

Black Lives Matter Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board explores how to:Learn about protest songs and write a protest song for the Black Lives Matter movement.Create a video exploring the history of Black athletes who have engaged in protests.Learn about Zelda "Jackie" Ormes, the first African American woman cartoonist, and create a cartoon about her life.Explore the contributions of Benjamin Banneker and George Washington Carver to math, science, and politics, and create 3D digital artifacts that represent these contributions.And explore many...

Current Events Through the Lens of History Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board explores how to:Create an interactive digital story about space exploration from the Cold War to present day.Evaluate how climate change has been addressed throughout history and draft a proposal for an initiative to reduce the impacts of climate change.Create an infographic comparing the COVID-19 pandemic to other pandemics in history.And explore many more topics that are covered in Building Democracy for All "Current Events" Learning Pathway.

History of the Black Press in the U.S. Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board invites students to:Explore how Frederick Douglass fought against slavery and for equality as a writer and a journalist.Create an interactive timeline about the history of the Black Press in the U.S.Explore Benjamin Banneker's Almanac and write almanac entries of your own.Build a 3D monument that showcases the accomplishments of pioneering African American women journalists.And explore many more topics related to the Black Press in the U.S.

U.S. Women and the Wars Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board explores how to:Write and draw a picture book about women's many roles during the American Revolution.Create an interactive StoryMap about the all-Black Women's 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion in World War II.Design a TV series about Anna Strong and other women in espionage during wartimes.Code a story in Scratch about the life of Jeanette Rankin who worked for peace during war.Compare and contrast the roles of women during the American Revolution, the...

Asia in Global History Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board invites students to: Construct and augmented reality exhibit of the Indus Valley Civilization. Design a 3D model of an ancient Chinese invention. Create a jamboard about the impacts and influences of Gandhi's doctrine of nonviolence. And explore many more topics that are presented in the resourcesforhistoryteachers wiki. Go here to make your own Google Doc copy of this choice board to remix.

Hidden Power: An Analysis and Reflection on 'Making Systems of Privilege Visible

Sacchit Kumar Mittal
Honorable Mention

Scriptwriters: The Foundation of the Future

Portteia Davidson
Second place

A Tale of Two Systems: Highway Systems and Systemic Racism

Henry Nguyen
First place

The New Normal - Exploring Theater Design Pedagogy Through Production Work In the Post-Covid Era

Benjamin J. Stanton
An overview of the lighting design processes for two main stage productions produced by the University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Theater, EVERYBODY by Branden Jacobs Jenkins, and DANCE NATION by Clare Barron, with specific emphasis on the emotional, logistical, and pedagogical challenges of producing live theater in an educational setting after a year of isolation due to the covid pandemic. This thesis documents my design process for each production including text analysis, preproduction process,...

The Name is a Guest of the Substance

Jessica Scott
I am a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, writer, researcher and educator with over 15 years working experience in the arts. My upbringing in a multi-racial, multinational, working class family guides the perspectives I seek to uplift across a variety of disciplines in my work. For the decade prior to pursuing my MFA at UMass, I devised, designed and performed my own original works of theater and installation in New York City at a variety of professional...

Planar Ultra-Wideband Modular Antenna (PUMA) Arrays for High-Volume Manufacturing on Organic Laminates and BGA Interfaces

James LaCroix
This work proposes wideband and broadband Planar Ultra-wideband Modular Antenna (PUMA) arrays designed to improve cost and reliability for high production volume commercial and military applications. The designs feature simplified PCB stack-ups with high dielectric constant (Dk) dimensionally stable materials to improve the manufacturing cost and yield. Additionally, the packages use ball grid array (BGA) interconnects, commonly used in digital electronics, for simple solder reflow integration with radio frequency (RF) electronics. While high Dk materials...

Aerodynamically Augmented Air-Hockey Pucks

Madhukar Prasad
Air hockey is an interesting fast-paced arcade game which involves levitating a puck at a very small height from above the table allowing it to traverse seamlessly on a cushion of air and participants on either side of the table striking the puck with a handheld paddle. Over a period of time, the game becomes predictable and less challenging for a player with significant experience. Primary goal of this research is to make the game...

Superstar Firms and the State: Amazon in the U.S. and France during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Priscilla Hernandez
This article explores the relationships between superstar firms, states, and labor during a period of sharp challenge to normal functioning of capitalist societies. My working definition of superstar firms includes firms that have amassed a formidable economic power in their home markets, but also hold a large amount of social, economic, and political influence in societies more generally. They are powerful enough to maneuver within the global capitalist field to side-step challenges from the state...

Election 2020 Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board explores how to: create a public service announcement to increase citizen participation in the election process evaluate voting reform proposals learn about Gerrymandering create a Sketchnote or interactive timeline detailing the history of political parties and many more topics that are covered in Building Democracy for All

The Congress in U.S. Government Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board explores how to:Explore the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 and propose legislation to improve the school experiences of every student.Design a game that explores Congress's role in the checks and balances of the U.S. government.Explore the websites of various Congress members and design their own Congressional websites.Propose a new amendment to the Constitution.And explore many other topics that are covered in Building Democracy for All "The Roles of the Congress,...

Foundations of the U.S. Political System Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board invites students to:Explore the foundational features of democracy and evaluate whether social media platforms uphold these features in their community guidelines.Write a script for a TV show or movie that portrays Native Americans accurately and explores how Native American government shaped the U.S. government.Write an opinion piece about whether the Internet would have been a public utility in the Roman Empire.Compare how women Enlightenment thinkers are presented online to how women in...

Institutions of U.S. Government Choice Board

Robert W. Maloy & Torrey Trust
This choice board invites students to:Create a movie trailer for a film about the separation of powers between the branches of the U.S. government.Write a press release about a Presidential Impeachment.Critically evaluate how members of Congress use social media.Design an infographic or interactive timeline that presents political campaigning in the past, the present, and future.And explore many more topics that are included in Critical Media Literacy and Civic Learning "Institutions of U.S. Government Choice...

Overfilled Water

Kaijia Liu
Second place

Managing Canada Geese on Campus

Madison Brady, Michael Weagle, Christopher Neilan & Cam Yadisernia
Honorable Mention

One! Hundred! Demons! Graphic Reflections

Ian Thorp
Best Short

The Undue Burden of Parental Consent Laws for Minors Seeking an Abortion in Massachusetts

Clare Lonsdale
Best Long

Ukraine-Russia Conflict 2022 Digital Choice Board

Torrey Trust, Robert W. Maloy & Allison Butler
This choice board invites students to: Design a Social Media News Evaluation Tool to examine how Russia create propaganda Investigate freedom of the press rankings for Ukraine, Russia, and other countries around the world. Evaluate its coverage of the Ukraine-Russia conflict by different TV news stations or networks. And explore more media literacy topics raised by the war in Ukraine and the book Critical Media Literacy and Civic Learning.

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