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Predictors of Depression and Anxiety in Adults with Autism

Eleana Naci, Sander Begeer, Pim Cuijpers & Leonore de Wit
ASD is a lifelong condition, leading to a need for more studies exploring the adult population (Wise et.al. 2017). Autistic individuals have rates of co-morbidity as high as 58% to 98% (Rosa et.al. 2016). Depression and anxiety are the most common (Uljarevic et.al. 2019), with an estimation of current and lifetime prevalence in adults with ASD at 23% to 37% for depressive disorder and 27% to 42% for any anxiety disorder (Hollocks. et.al. 2019). This...

The use of alternative treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kim Jonkman, Elisa Back & Sander Begeer
Autism is a heterogeneous condition and treatment options vary. This study will investigate whether differing characteristics/profiles of children with autism are linked to the use of alternative treatments. Alternative treatments are used to treat a variety of other ASD symptoms and comorbid difficulties. There is some evidence that the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments is more common in autism compared to other disorders (Höfer et al., 2017). The use of alternative treatments...

Intergroup conspiracy theories and covid vaccinations

Jan-Willem van Prooijen, David de Nascimento & Haiyan Wang
In a previous study we found that American participants were more likely to take a Covid-vaccine developed by American scientists than by Chinese scientists; moreover this effect was mediated by conspiracy beliefs. In this study we run a (slightly adapted) Chinese version of this study in a Chinese sample. The main prediction is that Chinese participants will be more likely to take a Covid-vaccine developed by Chinese scientists than by American scientists. Moreover, we expect...

Understanding burnout among parents of children with complex care needs: A scoping review informed by a stakeholder consultation

Nathalie Patty, Karen van Meeteren & Carlo Schuengel
This is a registration of a protocol for a scoping review on burnout among parents of children with complex care needs which is informed by a stakeholder consultation

Dataset 21

Francesca Righetti, Mariko Visserman, Ruddy Faure & Samantha Joel

Coronavirus social norms registration

Elena Martinescu & Terence Dores Cruz
The main of the current study is to exploratively describe how people perceive, communicate, and enforce novel norms related to Coronavirus. Specifically, we will investigate the following sociual norms: hand hygiene, social distancing, social isolation, and mask wearing.

Psychological treatment of depression in inpatients: A meta-analysis

Pim Cuijpers
It is well-established from hundreds of randomized trials and dozens of meta-analyses that psychological interventions are effective in the treatment of depression. However, most of this research is focused on outpatients. Relatively few studies have focused on inpatients. Although some previous meta-analyses and systematic reviews have integrated the results of randomized trials in this field, these previous meta-analyses and reviews are outdated, and focus only on specific settings, such as psychiatric inpatient settings and nursing...

Trajectories of psychosocial outcomes in asylum seekers and refugees exposed to traumatic events and resettled in Western Europe, Turkey, and Uganda

Marianna Purgato, Federico Tedeschi, Giulia Turrini, Michela Nosè, Giovanni Ostuzzi, Marit Sijbrandij, Eirini Karyotaki, Markus Koesters, Maritta Välimäki, Minna Anttila, Tella Lantta, Ross White, Mariana Popa, Ceren Acarturk, Zeynep Ilkkursun, Ersin Uygun, Pim Cuijpers, Wietse Tol & Corrado Barbui
It is widely acknowledged that exposure to potentially traumatic events (PTEs) (i.e., reporting exposure to physical and psychological violence, torture, bombings and other war-related events) may have an impact on the psychosocial status of individuals (Attanayake et al., 2009, Turrini et al., 2017). Refugees and asylum seekers may have been exposed to multiple PTEs before migration, during the transition to a new country, and after resettlement. Experience of PTEs may generate a wide range of...

Social dysfunction is transdiagnostically associated with default mode network dysconnectivity in schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease

Ilja M. J. Saris, Moji Aghajani, Lianne M. Reus, Pieter-Jelle Visser, Yolande Pijnenburg, Nic J. A. van der Wee, Amy C. Bilderbeck, Andreea Raslescu, Asad Malik, Maarten Mennes, Sanne Koops, Celso Arrango, Jose Luis Ayuso-Mateos, Gerard R. Dawson, Hugh Marston, Martien J. Kas & Brenda W. J. H. Penninx
Social dysfunction is one of the most common signs of major neuropsychiatric disorders. The Default Mode Network (DMN) is crucially implicated in both psychopathology and social dysfunction, although the transdiagnostic properties of social dysfunction remains unknown. As part of the pan-European PRISM (Psychiatric Ratings using Intermediate Stratified Markers) project, we explored cross-disorder impact of social dysfunction on DMN connectivity. We studied DMN intrinsic functional connectivity in relation to social dysfunction by applying Independent Component Analysis...

Overperception of romantic partner's sacrifice costs

Mariko Visserman, Francesca Righetti, Emily Impett, Amy Muise, Paul van Lange, SHaRe Lab, Relationships and Well-Being Lab & Samantha Joel

Dataset 22

Francesca Righetti, Ruddy Faure, Grace Larson, Wilhelm Hofmann & Samantha Joel

De invloed van extrinsieke beloningen op de relatie tussen streefmotivatie en creativiteit

Pim van der Burg & Marieke Roskes

Interindividual differences in behavioural and psychophysiological reactions to comfort provided by parent versus strangers in children with severe or profound intellectual disabilities: An attachment perspective.

Sien Vandesande, Guy Bosmans, Carlo Schuengel, Paula Sterkenburg & Bea Maes
In this project, interindividual differences in the extent to which young children with a severe or profound intellectual disability differentiate between their parent as primary caregiver and a stranger, are explored. The outcomes used were behavioural expression of emotion (arousal and valence) and skin conductance during a home-based experimental paradigm. During this experiment, children were confronted with stressors and comfort, randomly provided by their parent or a stranger. This issue is discussed from an attachment...

Het effect van vermijdingsmotivatie op creatieve prestatie bij het bieden van structuur

Viresh Doekhi & Marieke Roskes

Automatic personality assessment from high-stakes two-way online job interviews - The LTP project

Antonis Koutsoumpis, Janneke Oostrom, Sina Ghassemi, Djurre Holtrop, Reinout de Vries & Ward van Breda
Real assessment candidates will take a high-stakes digital unstructured interview with a professional consultant at the LTP Business Psychology company, located in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. The video interview will take place online and will be video and audio recorded. As part of their assessment, applicants provide personality self-reports and demographic information. At a later stage, trained observers will watch the recordings and rate personality traits, competences, and the attractiveness of the candidates. After data collection,...

Civicmindedness, personality and discipline selection in higher education

Joseph Van Matre, Arjen de Wit, Rene Bekkers & Mariette Huizinga
This study examines the ways that civicmindedness (operationalized in this study by two measures: civic efficacy [CE] and service motivation [SM]) are correlated with factors of the five-factor model of personality (McCrae 2009), and how civicmindedness is distributed across disciplines of study. We use data from a survey that was distributed to all undergraduate students who are newly enrolling at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for the fall 2021 term. We use structural equation modeling to determine...

The effects of psychological treatments of depression on response, remission, reliable change, and deterioration: A meta-analysis

Pim Cuijpers & Eirini Karyotaki
Meta-analysis of psychotherapies usually report effects sizes. For patients and clinicians, however, it is important to know what the chances are of getting better after a treatment. The SMD is not very informative in this respect and cannot be see as an indicator of clinical relevance, because it is still a statistical concept. For patients and clinicians it is important to simply now the proportions of patients who get better when they receive treatment and...

W25: A Decolonized Approach to Scholarly Communication: Foundations, Challenges, and Perspectives in Practice and Research

Thomas hervé Mboa Nkoudou
Course site for A Decolonized Approach to Scholarly Communication: Foundations, Challenges, and Perspectives in Practice and Research

A Conjoint Analysis on How Disgust Sensitivity, Trust in Science, Vaccine Knowledge, and Vaccine Properties Influence Preferences for Vaccines

Jacob Matic & Joshua Tybur
The current study uses a conjoint analyses to asses how individual differences(e.g., disgust sensitivity, vaccine knowledge, trust in science) and vaccine properties themselelves(e.g., vaccine technology, rate of side effects, and efficacy) influence preferences for vaccines among Chinese and Dutch individuals.

Longitudinal assessment of maternal parenting stress and its association with parental burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic

Annaleena Holopainen, Marije Verhage, Carlo Schuengel, Mirjam Oosterman & Anne Tharner
Children are a source of happiness, but they can also cause a lot of stress for parents (Nelson et al., 2014). Parenting stress can be understood through a broader set of theories that describe the interplay between stressors, resources and individual factors (e.g., Hill, 1949; Kemeny, 2003; Lin & Ensel, 1989). One of these theories is the double ABCX model of adjustment and adaptation (McCubbin & Patterson, 1983) that is based on the family stress...

Boredom in Relationships and Its Effects on Personal Well-being

Yang Xu, Rachele Mazzini, Xinrui Li & Francesca Righetti
According to the self-expansion model, people are motivated to acquire new resources and experiences, relationships are one good source for this process (Aron, Lewandowski, Mashek, & Aron, 2013) However, when the expansion period decelerates, relational boredom would occur (Aron & Aron, 1986) but little is known about the influence of relational boredom on close relationships. In this study, we intend to clarify the link between relational boredom and personal well-being. In addition, we will manipulate...

Individual differences in the effects of Task-Shifted Psychotherapy for Depression: Study Protocol of An Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis

Eirini Karyotaki, Pim Cuijpers, Ricardo Araya, Yagmur Amanvermez, Ronald Kessler & Vikram Patel
More than 320 million people suffer from depression worldwide1. The enormous treatment gap calls for innovative solutions in the delivery of mental-health care. In low-resource settings, a “task-shifting” approach may be beneficial in using human resources more efficiently2. Task shifting is the strategy of delegating care tasks to health workers who have fewer qualifications and shorter training than mental healthcare experts (e.g., psychiatrists, clinical psychologists or nurses)3. Nevertheless, relatively little is known about individual patient...

Internalizing/Externalizing Behaviors Data Harmonization for CAMPOS

Or Dagan, Carlo Schuengel, Marije Verhage & The Collaboration Synthesis
This document details the harmonization method for evaluating internalizing and externalizing behavior outcomes in the pre-registered individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis on the attachment network to multiple caregivers (https://osf.io/a3qs9).

Response rates in control conditions of psychotherapies for depression: A meta-analysis of waiting lists, care-as-usual and pill placebo

Pim Cuijpers, Eirini Karyotaki, Hisashi Noma & Toshi Furukawa
Research on response and remission rates in control condition of psychotherapies is scarce, with most reviews including only a small number of studies and mixing different types of research. Research on this subject is, however, important for several reasons. First, it can give indications for the response and remission rates of ‘usual care’, because this is one of the most important control conditions in psychotherapy trials, and thus give a benchmark for what usual care...

Psychological treatment of perinatal depression: A meta-analysis

Pim Cuijpers
Depression during pregnancy and after the birth of a child is highly prevalent and results in a considerable reduction in quality of life, social functioning (Drury et al., 2016), maternal functioning (O’Hara & McCabe, 2013). It can also have severe consequences in children, including poor cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and physical outcomes (Goodman et al., 2011; O’Hara & McCabe, 2013). Although several meta-analyses have examined the effects of psychological treatments of perinatal depression, they have all...

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