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Embodiment in the history of depth perception

Don Oxtoby
Background in philosophy. The philosophy of perception has traditionally focused on visual perception. In recent decades, philosophical thought about auditory perception has gained momentum, seeking to supplement visual models of perception (O'Callaghan, 2011, pp. 143- 160). A key difference between vision and audition concerns spatial acuity. Vision is usually thought to present the location, especially depth, of what is seen with greater acuity than audition presents the location of what one hears (Culling & Akeroyd,...

Interview between Lesli Vollrath and Salise Shuttlesworth

Lesli Vollrath

Can the Common-Factor Hypothesis Explain the Observed Housing Wealth Effect?

Narayan Bulusu, Jefferson Duarte & Carles Vergara-Alert
The common-factor hypothesis is one possible explanation for the housing wealth effect. Under this hypothesis, house price appreciation is related to changes in consumption as long as the available proxies for the common driver of housing and non-housing demand are noisy and housing supply is not perfectly elastic. We simulate a model in which a common factor drives the relation between house prices and consumption to examine the extent to which the common-factor hypothesis can...

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