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Danske krigsfanger blev overraskende godt behandlet under Englandskrigene

Bo Poulsen, Tim Leunig & Jelle van Lottum

Treatment gaps in severe asthma across nine OECD countries and recommendations for addressing them: an international survey of clinicians

Olina Efthymiadou, Bregtje Kamphuis, Victoria Tzouma & Panos Kanavos

The role of virtual health care and the pharmaceutical sector in improving population health

Bregtje Kamphuis, Jennifer Gill, Michelle Vogelzang, Madeleine Haig & Panos Kanavos

Severe asthma care and treatment: indicators and data for performance management across ten countries

Bregtje Kamphuis, Olina Efthymiadou, Victoria Tzouma & Panos Kanavos

Pharmaceutical policy in China

Panos Kanavos, Mackenzie Mills & Anwen Zhang

Review of Energy Policy 2021

Rob Gross, Mike Bradshaw, Gavin Bridge, Gisa Weszkalnys, Imogen Rattle, Peter Taylor, Richard Lowes, Meysam Qadrdan, Jianzhong Wu, Jillian Anable, Nicola Beaumont, Astley Hastings, Rob Holland, Andrew Lovett & Anita Shepherd
2021 has been a landmark year for UK energy and climate policy. Plans and strategies were announced across many sectors, from offshore wind to how we heat our homes. The UK also hosted COP26 and pressed hard for greater ambition. Now that the spotlight has moved, in this Review, we consider whether plans will be adequate to deliver results. With a focus on gas and the UK continental shelf, industrial decarbonisation, heat, mobility and the...

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  • 2021

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