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Time-Varying Effects of Oil Supply Shocks on the U.S. Economy

Baumeister Christiane & Gert Peersman
We use vector autoregressions with drifting coefficients and stochastic volatility to investigate how the dynamic effects of oil supply shocks on the U.S. economy have changed over time. We find a substantial decline in the short-run price elasticity of oil demand since the mid-eighties. This finding helps explain why an oil production shortfall of the same magnitude is associated with a stronger response of oil prices and more severe macroeconomic consequences over time, while an...

Fifteenth-Century Arabic Historiography: Introducing a New Research Agenda for Authors, Texts and Contexts

Jo Van Steenbergen, Mustafa Banister, Ben Othmen Rihab, Kenneth A. Goudie, Mohamed Maslouh & Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont

The Role of Time-Varying Price Elasticities in Accounting for Volatility Changes in the Crude Oil Market

Christiane Baumeister & Gert Peersman
There has been a systematic increase in the volatility of the real price of crude oil since 1986, followed by a decline in the volatility of oil production since the early 1990s. We explore reasons for this evolution. We show that a likely explanation of this empirical fact is that both the short-run price elasticities of oil demand and of oil supply have declined considerably since the second half of the 1980s. This implies that...

L’Union européenne, puissance normative dans l’océan Indien. Les îles de l’océan Indien face au défi du libre-échange

Erwan Lannon
L’Union européenne a récemment conclu avec Madagascar, Maurice, les Seychelles et Singapour, et négocie actuellement avec l’Indonésie, des accords de libre-échange. La mise en oeuvre de ces accords préférentiels implique une intégration économique progressive accompagnée d’une convergence normative et réglementaire plus ou moins développée. Cette mise à niveau est exigeante car il s’agit d’adopter des normes et standards et de respecter des règles précises dans le domaine des investissements, de la concurrence, ou encore de...

Developing Cognitively Simple Wayfinding Systems: A Mixed Method Approach

Nina Vanhaeren, Kristien Ooms & Philippe De Maeyer

WordCrowd – A Location-Based Application to Explore the City based on Geo-Social Media and Semantics

Kenzo Milleville, Dilawar Ali, Francisco Porras-Bernardez, Steven Verstockt, Nico Van de Weghe & Georg Gartner

Adapting the Type of Indoor Route Instruction to the Decision Point

Laure De Cock, Kristien Ooms, Nico Van de Weghe & Philippe De Maeyer

Disconnect to Reconnect? Pathways Towards a Healthier Relationship with Digital Technology

Mariek Vanden Abeele
Blog posting on digital wellbeing.

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