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Chinese Funerary Biographies: Chinese Texts

Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Ping Yao & Cong Ellen Zhang
This text is an online supplement to Chinese Funerary Biographies: An Anthology of Remembered Lives, edited by Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Ping Yao, and Cong Ellen Zhang (University of Washington Press, 2019), containing the original biographies in Chinese.

Spatiotemporal dynamics of coral polyps in fluidic platform

Shuaifeng Li

Translating Across Difference: Affect, Animal Studies, and Anthropology

Radhika Govindrajan, Qingfei Zhang & Morgan Keith Stewart

Manipulating Elastic Waves in Topological Mechanical Metamaterials

Rajesh Chanusali
Due to the recent discovery of topological insulators in condensed matter physics, a new notion of topology has emerged in association with the intrinsic dispersion behavior of a structure. In this work, we have taken this notion of topology and have shown some novel wave manipulation capabilities in one- and two-dimensional (1D and 2D) elastic systems. In particular, we have taken four different type of elastic systems. First, a 1D elastic system made of a...

What Code-Switching Strategies are Effective in Dialogue Systems?

Emily Ahn, Cecilia Jimenez, Yulia Tsvetkov & Alan Black

Automating autism: Disability, discourse, and Artificial Intelligence

Os Keyes
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems shift to interact with new domains and populations, so does AI ethics: a relatively nascent subdiscipline that frequently concerns itself with questions of “fairness” and “accountability.” This fairness-centred approach has been criticized for (amongst other things) lacking the ability to address discursive, rather than distributional, injustices. In this paper I simultaneously validate these concerns, and work to correct the relative silence of both conventional and critical AI ethicists around disability,...

Motivated Gifts and SDT

Sharise Love & Milla Titova
Gift-giving is a central component for many people in terms of expressing affection through increasing perceived closeness as well as strengthening relationships. Giving gifts can also facilitate requesting help or asking someone for a favor. These ‘motivated gifts’ decrease recipients’ anticipated satisfaction and willingness to perform the favor which could negatively impact relationships (Aknin et al, 2018). The hypothesized mechanism behind this relationship is informed by the self-determination theory of basic psychological needs and motivation....

Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array: Wind Direction Accuracy Revisited

Howard Paul Freitag, Michael J. McPhaden & Kenneth J. Connell
NOAA Technical Memorandum OAR-PMEL ; 150

Essays on Language Skills and Labour Market Outcomes

Svetlana Ridala

Public COAPI Toolkit of Open Access Policy Resources

Judy Anderson, Jordan Andrade, Virginia Barbour, Jeff Belliston, Marilyn Billings, Michael Boock, Mark Christel, Amy Coughenour, Eva Cunningham, Barbara DeFelice, Kimberly Douglas, Ada Emmett, Ellen Finnie, Stephen Flynn, Bryn Geffert, Chloe Georas, Dan Heuer, Erin Jerome, Timothy Jewell, Brian Kern, Shannon Kipphut-Smith, Farley Laine, Anne Langley, Ruth Lewis, Camilla MacKay … & John Martin
The Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI, https://sparcopen.org/coapi ) is committed to sharing information and resources to assist in the development and implementation of institutional Open Access (OA) policies. The COAPI Toolkit includes a diverse collection of resources that COAPI members have developed in the course of their OA policy initiatives. These resources are openly accessible and published here under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licenses, unless otherwise noted on the resources themselves.

Automating Gloss Generation in Interlinear Glossed Text

Angelina McMillan-Major

Describing Grey Literature Again: A Survey of Collection Policies

Heather Lehman & Janet Webster
At Oregon State University, we are exploring the differences between collections formed by digitizing existing materials on our shelves and those created by identifying and acquiring digital objects beyond our library. One example is the proposed Tsunami Digital Library (TDL) that would support a growing research program with users needing access to diverse information, much of it grey. The TDL is conceptualized as an information portal designed to coordinate the access and distribution of Internet...

Public sharing of medical advice using social media: an analysis of Twitter

Gondy Leroy, Philip Harber & Debra Revere

A Public Health Knowledge Management Repository that Includes Grey Literature

Debra Revere
Co-authored together with Paul Bugni and Sherrilynne Fuller. - Public health professionals rely heavily on resources that are often only available in grey literature format. However, while grey literature may contain comprehensive, concrete, and up-to-date information, the fugitive nature of this material makes access problematic. The public health community needs a knowledge management repository of grey literature and tools for easy and rapid access, so time spent searching across and through materials can be reduced....

Study 4

Arianne Eason & Stephanie Fryberg
Full Model Confirmatory Study- MTurk

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