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Investigation of Protein Dynamics and Communication in Adomet-Dependent Methyltransferases: Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetase and Protein Arginine Methyltransferase

Kyle M. May
For many enzymes to function correctly they must have the freedom to display a level of dynamics or communication during their catalytic cycle. The effects that protein dynamics and communication can have are wide ranging, from changes in substrate specificity or product profiles, to speed of reaction or switching activity on or off. This project investigates the protein dynamics and communication in two separate systems, a non-ribosomal peptide synthetase (NRPS), and a protein arginine methyltransferase...

Predicting Critical Warps in Near-Threshold GPGPU Applications Using a Dynamic Choke Point Analysis

Sourav Sanyal
General purpose graphics processing units (GP-GPU), owing to their enormous thread-level parallelism, can significantly improve the power consumption at the near-threshold (NTC) operating region, while offering close to a super-threshold performance. However, process variation (PV) can drastically reduce the GPU performance at NTC. In this work, choke points—a unique device-level characteristic of PV at NTC—that can exacerbate the warp criticality problem in GPUs have been explored. It is shown that the modern warp schedulers cannot...

Industry Compliance Costs Under the Renewable Fuel Standard: Evidence from Compliance Credits

Arthur R. Wardle
The Renewable Fuel Standard requires US oil refineries to blend biofuels into domestic transportation fuels. To ensure that compliance costs under this mandate don’t disproportionately affect any subset of refiners, the regulation includes a compliance credit program, whereby refiners blending excess biofuels can sell their excess compliance to refiners that do not blend enough. The price of these credits can be interpreted as the marginal cost of compliance with the mandate. I measure how changes...

Mao’s War on Women: The Perpetuation of Gender Hierarchies Through Yin-Yang Cosmology in the Chinese Communist Propaganda of the Mao Era, 1949-1976

Al D. Roberts
The Chinese Communist Party established the People’s Republic of China in 1949 with the intention of creating a social utopia with equality between the sexes and China’s diverse ethnic groups. However, by portraying gender, ethnicity, and politics in propaganda along the lines of yin and yang, the Party perpetuated a situation of oppression for women and minorities.

A Geochemical Analysis of Tosawihi Quarries Chert Using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Bethany M. Wurster
Lithic source analysis, or “sourcing,” is a geochemical compositional analysis of lithic materials for both major and trace elements. Sourcing analysis assigns lithic sources to geochemical groups according to distinct geochemical compositions, where unique elemental signatures represent separate lithic sources. In archaeological research, sourcing informs upon mobility strategies, trade and exchange networks, and lithic conveyance studies. While obsidian sourcing is a relatively reliable and popular technique, chert sourcing is more difficult and historically less successful...

Electronic Transmutation: An Aid for the Rational Design of New Chemical Materials Using the Knowledge of Bonding and Structure of Neighboring Elements

Katie A. Lundell
Everything in the universe is made up of elements from the periodic table. Each element has its own role that it plays in the formation of things it makes up. For instance, pencil lead is graphite. A series of honeycomb-like structures made up of carbon stacked on top of one another. Carbon’s neighbor to the left, boron doesn’t like to form such stacked honeycomb-like structures. But, what if there was a way to make boron...

Full-Pose Estimation and Tracking Control for a Multi-Rotor Aircraft Package Exchange

Trent P. Smith
In this work, research to develop algorithms for a package exchange maneuver between two quad-rotor aircraft is presented. First, the development of tools used for this research is discussed. Second, a controller is designed that synchronizes the flight paths and motion of two quad-rotor robots. The controller is used to guide a designated follower quad-rotor to follow a leader aircraft’s position and orientation. The follower aircraft is equipped with a simple mechanical manipulator to compensate...

Adapting Environmental Ethics and Behaviors: Toward a Posthuman Rhetoric of Community Engagement

Beth J. Shirley
What persuades people one way or another to accept or deny climate change? More importantly, what persuades people to act on, ignore, or even be defiant of climate change? We would like to think that people are motivated when they hear the science explained clearly and when they are presented with a clear understanding of how their actions have a lasting impact. Yet the science on climate change has been made clear for some time,...

Exploring the Capacity of Bacteria for Natural Product Biosynthesis

Ozkan Fidan
This dissertation is focused on exploring the potential of bacteria for the biosynthesis of natural products with the purposes of generating novel natural product derivatives and of improving the titer of pharmaceutically important natural products. A wide variety of compounds from various sources have been historically used in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Natural products as a major source of new drugs are extensively explored due to their huge structural diversity and promising biological...

Epigenetic Reprogramming, Apoptosis, and Developmental Competence in Cloned Embryos

Laura A. Moley
Cloning through somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) remains highly inefficient twenty years after the first demonstration of the technology with the birth of Dolly. By increasing efficiency by selecting the embryos early in development that are most likely to succeed following transfer into a surrogate mother, the technology could be more routinely utilized to enhance animal agriculture production. SCNT is believed to be highly inefficient as a result of incorrect DNA methylation and gene expression...

Association Between PTSD Symptom Clusters, Substance Use, Hypersexuality, and Erectile Dysfunction in Service Members and Veterans

Jeremiah E. Fruge
Service members and veterans of the current era, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND) are at a high risk for a variety of psychological disorders and physical health impairments. Common disorders among male service members and veterans include posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use, and hypersexuality. Each of these disorders affect all aspects of an individual’s life and can deteriorate important interpersonal relationships or impair functioning in a...

Numerical Analysis and Spanwise Shape Optimization for Finite Wings of Arbitrary Aspect Ratio

Joshua D. Hodson
This work focuses on the development of efficient methods for wing shape optimization for morphing wing technologies. Existing wing shape optimization processes typically rely on computational fluid dynamics tools for aerodynamic analysis, but the computational cost of these tools makes optimization of all but the most basic problems intractable. In this work, we present a set of tools that can be used to efficiently explore the design spaces of morphing wings without reducing the fidelity...

Variational Principles of Fluid Mechanics and Electromagnetism: Imposition and Neglect of the Lin Constraint

Ross Roundy Jr. Allen
Variational principles in classical fluid mechanics and electromagnetism have sprinkled the literature since the eighteenth century. Even so, no adequate variational principle in the Eulerian description of matter was had until 1968 when an Eulerian variational principle was introduced which reproduces Euler's equation of fluid dynamics. Although it successfully produces the appropriate equation of motion for a perfect fluid, the variational principle requires imposition of a constraint which was not fully understood at the time...

Evaluation of a Welded Wire Retaining Wall

Jerold Albert Bishop
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the performance of a Welded Wire Retaining Wall and present design recommendations for its future use. Field data from the instrumentation of a Welded Wire Retaining Wall as well as laboratory data from a study of welded wire fabric as a reinforcing agent for soil was gathered. A study of the theory and practice of reinforced soil construction was made. On the basis of this study and...

Pullout Resistance of Welded Wire Mats Embedded in Soil

Mark R. Nielsen
Welded wire mesh has been used in the past as soil reinforcement in the construction of reinforced soil embankments. Involved in the design of these embankments is the external and internal stability. The internal stability has two failure mechanisms; tension failure and pullout failure of the welded wire mesh. This paper presents the results of laboratory tests on different sizes of welded wire mats embedded in different types of soils. These tests were performed on...

A Descriptive Study of Escuela Cenpritec, La Paz, Bolivia

Daniel C. Fahrlander
A descriptive study of the Escuela Cenpritec school was carried out between September 15, 1969 and November 15, 1969 in La Paz, Bolivia. All pertinent literature was reviewed and interviews were conducted with school and government personnel. A fine physical plant has been constructed that is well lighted and equipped. It is adequately protected by a perimeter wall and by the services of a night watchman. Classes were being conducted in the four areas of...

Socio-Cultural Variations in Interactions: A Study of Children with Disabilities and their Mothers

Elina O. Alexandrova
This investigation compared interaction behaviors of African-American and European-American mothers with children who had or were at medical risk for disabilities as measured by Maternal Behavior Rating Scale (MBRS; Mahoney , 1992). The relationships between these mothers' interaction ratings and three groups of independent variables (mother/family demographic characteristics, measures of family functioning, and child characteristics) were also examined. T-tests were used to examine the differences between the two groups. Significant differences were found on SES...

Valuing Diversity in Business

Kimberly Nalder
The purpose of this project was to create, plan, and implement an original instructional module on the topic of valuing diversity in business. My areas of emphasis were gender, sex role issues, and communication. My responsibilities included: coordination with the instructor in all stages of planning and implementation; researching appropriate learning models for such a course; identifying topics of greatest significance within diversity; preparing and presenting one complete day of instruction; adapting cases and worksheets...

Existentialist Themes in Three Works

Mark D. Morrison
The goals behind researching and writing this thesis are multifaceted and although many are outside of the scope of this paper, they express basic reasons for my choice. The paper is titled "Existentialist Themes in Three Works", and development and discussion are literary and philosophical in focus. The first and most important reason for my choice was that, being a biology major, this project has provided the opportunity to pursue one of my minors, French....


Charles Ford
A collection of short stories by Charles Ford.

A Harrogate Mystery

Laura Urness
A short story by Laura Urness.

Public Announcement of Analyst Recommendations and the Impact on the Common Stock Market

Kenneth Allen Zerbe
Between 1985 and 1987, R. Foster Winans, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, received convictions for violating section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5 of the Securities and Exchange Act as well as engaging in mail fraud.

PVS--To Die or Not to Die? A Comprehensive Analysis of the Persistent Vegetative State

Jonny Kelly
Becky and Joy were returning home from the blind dates they had been on that night. Becky's cousin had introduced the two girls to his two buddies from college.

An Analysis of Isenberg's Aesthetic Theory and its Application to the Works of Monet and Smokey

Tracee Elizabeth Gross
Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy, which attempts to define art using a set of purported characteristics that, when applied to particular pieces, will aid in making discriminations between art and non-art. Aesthetics also traditionally examines the creation, appreciation, and criticism of art. Theories of aesthetics are constructed to assist one in making judgments as to whether or not a piece is art or is beautiful. Ideally, theories serve two primary tasks. The first is...

New Directions in Medical School Admissions

Stephen D. Neeleman
In 1910, American medicine underwent a thorough review of its practices, policies, and most importantly, its education. The review was conducted by Abraham Flexner, under commission of the Carnegie Foundation. Flexner's task was to determine the uniformity of medical learning throughout the United States, and to develop a systematic approach whereby the nation could improve its overall health training. The subsequent Flexner report changed the face of medical education for decades. Its tenets provoked revolutionary...

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