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Barriers, Roles, and Information Source Preferences for Utilizing Agricultural Science Projects Among Utah 4-H Extension Professionals

Aleigh Aurin
Agriscience is the growing study of biotechnology, business, and economics within the agriculture industry. Through 4-H, youth can experience hands on learning through different program areas. The purpose of this study was to identify the barriers, roles, and how Utah 4-H personnel preferred to learn about new programs. The study showed time and available volunteers were a barrier for 4-H Extension personnel to implement Agriscience projects. Other results included internet and workshops as the top...

Eared Grebe Nesting Ecology and Chronology Along the Great Salt Lake, Utah

Leah M. Delahoussaye
Eared Grebes (Podiceps nigricollis) are migratory birds that build their nests over water and in large groups called colonies. Their typical breeding range is in central southern Canada and northern United States; however, a previously uncertain number of Eared Grebes (grebes) also nest around the Great Salt Lake (GSL), Utah, at the southern edge of their breeding range. Little is known about the habitat requirements for grebe nesting colonies at such low latitudes and if...

Calibration of Hot-Film X-Probes for High Accuracy Angle Alignment in Wind Tunnels

Dallin L. Jackson
This thesis investigates the use of hot-film thermal anemometers to align a plate on a wind tunnel at Hill Air Force Base that is used to calibrate Angle of Attack Transmitters on F-16s. A reoccuring problem with this wind tunnel is that no two instruments can verify an angle reading of the the mounting plate for the Angle of Attack Transmitters to the air stream in the wind tunnel. Multiple thermal anemometer calibration methods, such...

Design and Evaluation of Convolutional Networks for Video Analysis of Bee Traffic

Prateek Vats
Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has been a major threat to bee colonies around the world which affects vital human food crop pollination. The decline in bee population can have tragic consequences, for humans as well as the bees and the ecosystem. Bee health has been a cause of urgent concern for farmers and scientists around the world for at least a decade but a specific cause for the phenomenon has yet to be conclusively identified....

Using Tree-Ring Growth and Stable Isotopes to Explore Ponderosa Pine Ecophysiological Responses to Climate Variability and the 2012-2015 California Drought

Rachel M. Keen
Climate warming in recent decades has resulted in more frequent and severe drought events in the western United States. These changes are projected to continue, making it exceedingly important to understand how forests respond to severe drought stress, and how we can manage these forests to reduce mortality during future events. The 2012-2015 California drought is a recent example of a severe, multi-year drought that was coupled with an epidemic-scale outbreak of western pine beetle,...

Thylacine Dreams: The Vernacular Resurrection of an Extinct Marsupial

Daisy M. Ahlstone
This thesis explores the folk resurrection of the thylacine through artwork and symbolic interaction. The thylacine, better known as the Tasmanian tiger, is a marsupial that suffered a government-sanctioned massacre leading to its extinction in 1936. The thylacine’s status as a hidden animal has inspired what folklorists call “ostensive practice”; people not only actively seek out the thylacine in the wilderness of Tasmania today and share their sightings online, but they have also incorporated the...

The Thermal and Physical Properties of Beef from Three USDA-Quality Grades Cooked to Multiple Degrees of Doneness

Jessica McClellan Hadfield
The objective of this study was to determine the influence of quality grade (QG) and degree-of-doneness (DOD) on thermophysical properties of beef strip steaks. The “Prime” eating experience must be marketed to compete with cheaper protein sources, and so palatability is a major concern with beef products. Thermal and physical properties help shed light on the impacts various components have on beef palatability, mainly tenderness and juiciness. Warner-Bratzler shear force (WBSF) and the textural property...

\"Comme Je Trouve:\" The Butlers, Earls of Ormond, and Political Power in Kilkenny, Ireland, 1392-1452

Senia S. Foster
After the English-led invasion of Ireland, between 1169 and 1172, the country was run by Anglo-Irish lords—English and Welsh men gifted with Irish land and titles for their service to the English King. Of these families, the Butlers were one of the three most powerful in the country. The 3rd and 4th Earls of Ormond, both named James Butler, each held the highest title in Ireland, Lord Lieutenant, multiple times as well as being successful...

Robust Resource Allocation to Secure Physical Layer Using UAV-Assisted Mobile Relay Communications in 5G Technology

Shakil Ahmed
The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are also known as drones. Recently, UAVs have attracted the next generation researchers due to their flexible, dynamic, and cost-effective deployment, etc. Moreover, the UAVs have a wide range of application domains, such as rescue operation in the remote area, military surveillance, emergency application, etc. Given the UAVs are appropriately deployed, the UAVs provide continuous and reliable connectivity, on-demand, and cost-effective features to the desired destination in the wireless communication...

Napoleonic Propaganda: Rationalization for War and Control of an Empire

Jason S. Abate
This paper describes the way Napoleon Bonaparte used propaganda to influence nations to fight the enemies of nineteenth century France and to control the peoples of Europe. Although Napoleon never used the specific term "propaganda" he utilized its methods in order to sway the masses into following him. Under the leadership of Napoleon, France rose from the chaos of revolution to dominate Europe. The armies of France and its allies crushed all opposition militarily, but...

The Legend of the Midwife's Blessing

Rosanna West Walker
This legend was told by my aunt, Jessie Bradshaw. She was a descendant of Scottish people who settled Wellsville in the 1850s. Her mother, Janet Leatham, died giving birth to another child, and Jessie was reared by my maternal great-great grandmother, Jane Alexander Steele Leatham, who was a midwife. The family members were all devout Mormons.

The Dilettante

Heather A. Riley
The printing of this book marks the end of a year of deliberating, searching, sifting, procrastinating and finally decision making. These pages include what I consider to be some of the finest work by young artists in Cache Valley. I must admit, I am rather in awe of my contributors. I have always been frustrated by the fact that I seem to have no outlet for my creative urges. Something always seems to get lost...

\"Doctors Should Not Participate in Active Physician Assisted Killing\"

Todd Jorgenson
All eyes were on the Oregon ballot this past November 8, as Proposition 16 was introduced to the public. Should the Proposition pass, Oregon would become the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide. At first glance, the Death with Dignity Act appears to offer the terminally ill patient additional freedom in deciding his or her destiny, but it in fact gives a free license for physicians to prescribe death with little if any scrutiny, responsibility,...

A Functionalist Approach to Emotions

Julien Guillaumot
There are at least two ways in which emotions can be conceptualized. The first, and most widespread, one is the cognitive approach which implies the presence of internal processes or psychological mechanisms. The cognitive approach says that emotions are the result of evolutionary processes. The second approach is behaviorological. It states that emotions are learned and are nothing more than behaviorological and physiological events. Both approaches, even if different, have an extremely important effect on...

The Right to Die: A Brief Look at Physician-Assisted Suicide

Brooke Meredith Sanders Purves
Recently, there has been some discussion in Congress about writing a Constitutional amendment declaring that every American citizen has the "right to die" if he or she so sees fit. Opponents of this amendment believe that it will be abused - that although the amendment would generally apply to terminally ill patients, depressed teenagers and the like will be able to commit suicide if they feel like it, and mothers with deformed infants may act...

Somalia and Unosom: A Case Study in International Peacekeeping

Shawn D. Miller
Somalia. In December 1992, this word conjured up horrific images of extreme deprivation and senseless suffering due to prolonged war and famine. Calls for intervention were heard and answered resulting in an unprecedented deployment of troops for a humanitarian cause. Immediately thereafter, a notable surge of support for the United Nations (UN) and its role in the post-Cold War world was evident.

Negative Political Advertising, Negative News Coverage: A Connection?

Karrie Cook
Although negative advertising and negative news coverage of candidates is not a new phenomenon there is a perception among the news media that the number of negative ads has increased in the past decade (1984-1992), especially in the past five years. This perception has led reporters to increase their coverage and scrutiny of such ads, while at the same time showing them repeatedly on news casts. There are many reasons given as to why the...

The Emotional Attributes Questionnaire: Self- and Other-Reports of Guilt and Shame

Heidi L. Eyre
Shame and guilt are considered to be important emotions for empirical study for a variety of reasons. Developmental psychologists are interested in the emergence of shame and guilt as they relate to the child's understanding of societal and familial expectations/norms and the subsequent development of conscience (Zahn-Waxler & Kochanska, 1990). Social psychologists study how guilt and shame are used to create power differentials and restore equity to relationships (Baumeister, Stillwell, & Heatherton, 1994). Finally, clinicians...

Small Business Advising Highpoint Roofing, LLC.

Angie Newman Hull
Highpoint Roofing is a new sub-contracting business that specializes in roofing new homes and re-roofing older homes. During the short time they have been in business there has been evident success. The owners would like to continue the success of the company and plan to do so through improving their financial status, being aware of market fluctuations, cutting-costs, expanding, and creating and following a budget.

Identification and Conceptualization of Sexual Abuse Resiliency Factors: A Review of the Literature

Heidi J. Moss
Resiliency, while historically grounded and defined, lacks important conceptual clarity when considering the area of sexual abuse resiliency. Considerable theoretical effort has been dedicated to this phenomena in certain specific areas of human development (e.g., children) with empirical endeavors to validate it's relevance. To date there seems to be consensus with the notion that three specific variables are correlated with resiliency outcomes, namely, biological, psychological and social influences. It is posited that these three primary...

Affirmative Action and Utility Theory

Jennifer J. Clark
Blacks have been discriminated against for many decades in the United States. In 1964, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was created to eliminate discrimination in hiring practices. Affirmative action plans were later implemented to create equity in places of employment. Both affirmative action and the EEOC were designed to create equality of the races and eliminate racial tension in the United States.

Immunological Characterization of an SDS/KCL Isolated Total Protein Antigen of Bluetongue Virus Serotype 13

Vicki L. Shore
Because of the damaging effects of bluetongue disease on the livestock industry, interest exists in developing a means of inducing passive immunity in infected animals. Antibodies against VP2, the polypeptide responsible for immunoantigenicity in bluetongue virus (BTV), have been found to elicit neutralizing antibodies; however, production of this purified antigen is very costly and thus impractical for commercial purposes. Total viral protein, prepared by a simple, rapid, highly reproducible SDS/KCl method, was injected into rabbits...

Comparison of the Laryngeal Behavior of a Young Stutterer Before and After Fluency Treatment

Trista Farmer
Stuttering is one of the most complex of all speech and language disorders (Caruso, Conture, & Colton, 1988). Understanding of its etiology and treatment is vague, yet growing. Much research is needed in the area of disfluency to increase our knowledge of the disorder and to provide a clearer picture of how to improve therapeutic intervention. Routine evaluation of disfluency typically includes the assessment of stuttering frequency and rate. However, as stated by Ingham (1984),...

Reeducation in the American Zone: The Quest for Democracy in Post-War Germany

Lael D. Sharp
"'There is an embarrassment ... about trying to force people to have freedom.'"1 This statement, given in 1943 by Stringfellow Barr, a member of the General Advisory Committee on Reeducation for the State Department, proved to be prophetic for the reeducation and denazification efforts of the United States in post-war Germany. Faced with a lack of consensus about policy goals, a severe shortage of resources, a scarcity of qualified Germans untainted by National Socialism, and...

Confucianism and Chinese Family Structure

Maren Watts
Confucianism has dictated the structure of the family in Chinese society. The family is the foundation of the Chinese social structure. It has been the focal point of cultural and social issues for thousands of years. Various philosophers have contributed to the value system that places family life in such high esteem. Confucius, one of the major contributors, stressed the value of order in the family and the virtue of filial piety. Based upon his...

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