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Agricultural Literacy Certification Program

Rose Judd-Murray

Ground Snow Loads for ASCE 7-22 – What Has Changed and Why?

Marc Maguire, Brennan Bean, James Harris, Abbie Liel & Scott Russell
The changes to the ASCE 7 ground snow load maps proposed for the 2022 edition target a uniform reliability rather than a uniform hazard – an important distinction – and are the first of their kind in ASCE 7. Previously, the ASCE 7 snow loads used a uniform-hazard 50-year mean recurrence interval (MRI) with a 1.6 load factor. The newly proposed loads directly target the safety levels stipulated in Chapter 1 of ASCE 7, resulting...

REU Site: STEM for Plant Health

David Britt

Visualization of Oxytocin Receptor for Translational Social Neuroscience

Sara Freeman

Nickel Catalyzed Electrochemical C-C Cross-Coupling Reactions

Tianbiao Liu

Connections Impact on Student Persistence: Impact Report Spring 2015 to Fall 2018

Amanda M. Hagman, Heidi Kesler, Matt Sanders & Mitchell Colver
Connections is Utah State University's (USU) first-year seminary. A primary objective of Connections is student persistence. It is designed to help students become learners. While being a learner is not synonymous with being a college student, it aligns students’ expectations with what is required to succeed in college and at USU. This impact report explores the influence of Connections participation on student persistence to the next term. Participation in Connections is associated with a 1.4%...

Collaborative Research: Indian Education in Computing: a Montana Story

Kristin Searle

SaTC: CORE: Small: Deep Learning for Insider Threat Detection

Shuhan Yuan

Acoustic-Prosodic Entrainment in the Context of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Stephanie Borrie & Camille J. Wynn

Computational Frontiers in the Strong Gravity Regime

Maria Rodriguez

The 2020 National Snow Load Study

Brennan Bean, Marc Maguire, Yan Sun, Jadon Wagstaff, Salam Adil Al-Rubaye, Jesse Wheeler, Scout Jarman & Miranda Rogers
The United States has a rich history of snow load studies at the state and national level. The current ASCE 7 snow loads are based on studies performed at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) ca. 1980 and updated ca. 1993. The map includes large regions where a site-specific case study is required to establish the load. Many state reports attempt to address the "case-study regions" designated in the current ASCE 7 design...

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