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Seismogenesis at Hikurangi Integrated Research Experiment (SHIRE) onshore seismic acquisition field report

Katie Jacobs, Stuart A Henrys, D Okaya, H Van Avendonk, Jenny Black, Dan H. N. Barker, Sapthala C Karalliyadda, E Kurashimo, Wanda R. Stratford, M Savage, R Sullivan, Zane R. Bruce & L Hughes
This report documents the acquisition and archiving of a major controlled source and passive seismic imaging project, the Seismogenesis Hikurangi Integrated Research Experiment (SHIRE). The SHIRE project aims to identify and quantify factors controlling the long-term evolution of the Hikurangi margin and the mode of slip along the subduction megathrust. The components of the data volume were acquired in two phases; between October 2017 – April 2018 (SHIRE I) and February–March 2019 (SHIRE II). The...

A Positive Spin on a Negative Narrative: How the Media Portrays Fraternities and What Fraternities Can Do About It

Zachary Taylor, Jennifer Zamora, Arianne McArdle & Mario Villa

Avoiding Epistemic Imperialism: Queerness, Contingency, and Translation in Postcolonial Scholarship

Neville Hoad, Jacob Saindon & Kirsten Corneilson

From Poverty to Prosperity: The Real Energy Transition

Scott W. Tinker
The energy dialog varies by economic status. Western Europe and the United States suggest there is clean and renewable vs dirty and non-renewable energy, and further that clean energy is cheaper than dirty energy. In this narrative, carbon neutral drives the dialog. Some propose to eliminate coal, oil and even natural gas and nuclear altogether, and suggest that solar, wind and batteries can power the world and address climate change. The IEA just released a...

Relative Importance of Climate and Humans on Water Storage Changes using GRACE Satellite Data

Bridget R. Scanlon
Understanding climate and human impacts on water storage is critical for sustainable water-resources management. Here we assessed causes of total water storage (TWS) variability from GRACE satellites by comparison with climate forcing, particularly droughts and irrigation water use, in major aquifers in the U.S.. Results show that long-term variability in TWS from 2002 – 2020 tracked by GRACE satellites is dominated by interannual variability in most of the major aquifers. Low TWS trends in the...

Closely-spaced carbonate replacement veins: the influence of external stress on focused fluid flow during carbonation of peridotite

Manuel D. Menzel , Janos L. Urai & Estibalitz Ukar
The reaction of serpentinized peridotites with CO2-bearing fluids to listvenite (quartz-carbonate rocks) requires massive fluid flux and maintained permeability despite volume increase. Here we investigate listvenites and serpentinites samples from Hole BT1B of the Oman Drilling Project to improve our understanding of the mechanisms and feedbacks of fracturing and vein formation during peridotite carbonation. The samples are characterized by a high abundance of magnesite veins which are often bundled into closely-spaced, parallel sets. Relative cross-cutting...

Lost in Translation

Z.W. Taylor
As our world becomes increasingly globalized in social, economic, and political contexts, U.S. students choose to study abroad to develop their international communication skills, cross-cultural competencies, and second or third languages (NAFSA, 2017). However, an under-researched element of the international education enrollment process is how readable and translated international admissions instructions are, especially for language-minority students whose first language is not English, comprising over 92 million people living in the U.S. (Dillinger, 2017). Examining the...

How to marry a star: Probabilistic constraints for meaning in context

Katrin Erk & Aurelie Herbelot

What Am I - Chopped Suey?: Belonging and the Ambivalent Taste of American Exceptionalism

Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus & Zoya Brumberg

How to apply for financial aid: Exploring perplexity and jargon in texts for non-expert audiences

Laura Manor, Yiran Su, Zachary W. Taylor & Junyi Jessy Li

Archives and Special Collections Linked Data: Navigating between Notes and Nodes

Erin Blake, Itza A. Carbajal, Regine Heberlein, Sarah Horowitz, Jason Kovari, VANESSA LACEY, Cory Lampert, Holly Mengel, Cory Nimer, Maria Oldal, Merrilee Proffitt, Nathan Putnam, Arielle Rambo, Elizabeth Roke, Eric de Ruijter, Dan Santamaria, Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Weatherly Stephan, Bruce Washburn & Chela Weber

Creating a Power Map: An Interview with Karma Chávez

Karma Chávez, Aylin Castro, Kelly Ferguson, Shawna Irissarri & Shruthi Parthasarathy

Tweeting in Greek: How National Fraternities and Sororities Use Twitter

Zachary Taylor & Arianne McArdle

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