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Personality across world regions predicts variability in the structure of face impressions

DongWon Oh, Jared Martin & Jonathan Freeman
Research on face impressions has often focused on a fixed, universal architecture, treating regional variability as noise. Here, we demonstrated a crucial yet neglected role of cultural learning processes in forming face impressions. In Study 1, we found that variability in the structure of adult perceivers’ face impressions across 42 world regions (N = 287,178) could be explained by variability in the actual personality structure of people living in those regions. In Study 2, data...


Jessica Kosie & Casey Lew-Williams
Much of infants’ learning occurs through social interactions with others (e.g., Vygotsky, 1978), and the quality of these early social interactions is consequential for linguistic and cognitive development. In particular, there is substantial variation in input quality across the socioeconomic spectrum, often putting infants from lower-SES families at risk for learning challenges (e.g., Weisleder & Fenald, 2013; Hirsh-Pasek et al., 2015; Hart & Risley, 1995). However, current investigations into how input quality impacts learning have...

«Завещание Сергея Есенина. История одной мистификации

Илья Виницкий
В статье исследуется таинственное «завещание Сергея Есенина», напечатанное в американской воскресной газете в 1926 году и привлекшее к себе сочувственное внимание нескольких есениноведов. Автор устанавливает, что эта публикация представляет собой первую часть целого цикла фантастических мистификаций, начатанных в American Weekly в 1920-40-е годы и посвященных необыкновенным приключениям «этрусской вазы» с прахом Есенина и Айседоры Дункан. Этот цикл атрибутируется автором американскому журналисту-мистификатору Ивану Ивановичу Народному-Сибулю (1869-1953), названному ФБР «худшим мошенником», когда-либо эмигрировавшим в Америку из России....

Inflation and Growth: A New Keynesian Perspective

Robert Amano, Thomas J. Carter & Kevin Moran
The long-run relation between growth and inflation has not yet been studied in the context of nominal price and wage rigidities, despite the fact that these rigidities now figure prominently in workhorse macroeconomic models. We therefore integrate staggered price- and wage-setting into an endogenous growth framework. In this setting, growth and inflation are linked via the incentive to innovate. For standard calibrations, the linkage is strong: as trend inflation shifts from –5 to 5 percent,...

GEI 030: Olymos. Decree on purchase of land

Marco Santini
Edition and commentary of "Olymos. Decree on purchase of land"

A Horse Race of Alternative Monetary Policy Regimes Under Bounded Rationality

Joel Wagner, Tudor Schlanger & Yang Zhang
We introduce bounded rationality, along the lines of Gabaix (2020), in a canonical New Keynesian model calibrated to match Canadian macroeconomic data since Canada’s adoption of inflation targeting. We use the model to provide a quantitative assessment of the macroeconomic impact of flexible inflation targeting and some alternative monetary policy regimes. These alternative monetary policy regimes are average-inflation targeting, price-level targeting and nominal gross domestic product level targeting. We consider these regimes’ performance with and...

Japanese Public Opinion on International Security

Yusaku Horiuchi, ATSUSHI TAGO & Ayumi Teraoka
We examine the Japanese people’s responses to various hypothetical security crises.

Candidates, Race, and Emotion

Andrea Benjamin, Davin Phoenix & LaFleur Stephens-Dougan
The aim of this study is to determine whether candidates from marginalized groups are penalized for the expression of anger, relative to white male candidates. The study also tests whether the cause of the anger is also penalized differently. Specifically, we want to know whether marginalized candidates are penalized more severely for expressions of anger involving race, versus anger about non-racial issues.

The role of context in the acceptability of caused-action constructions in Brazilian Portuguese - native speakers

Larissa Ciríaco & Adele Goldberg
This study investigates whether context improves the acceptability of caused-action constructions in Brazilian Portuguese.

Caregivers’ codeswitching behaviors during shared reading of bilingual books

Marissa Castellana, Viridiana Benitez & Christine Potter
Language exchanged during shared reading (extratextual talk) is a potentially valuable source of input (Brouillard et al., 2020; Sénéchal & LeFevre, 2020), particularly for dual language learning children whose parents may use both languages (Gonzalez-Barrero et al., 2021; Read et al., 2021). Codeswitching (mixing words from two languages) is common in speech and some bilingual books (Bail et al., 2015; Benitez et al., 2022; Kremin et al., 2021) and may provide rich opportunities for dual...

Imaginary Dostoyevsky «The House of the Dead» and American Prison Literature

Ilya Vinitsky
This essay focuses on the origins and mythologization of one of the most famous quotes which has been attributed to Fyodor Dostoevsky in the United States starting from the late 1960s. It has been cited, very often as an epigraph or a closing remark, by numerous American activists, lawyers, senators, judges, writers, journalists, and scholars (but tellingly, not by Dostoevsky experts). Borrowed, as it is believed, from Dostoevsky’s semi-autobiographical prison novel Notes from the Dead...

New experimental support for long standing concepts of polygenic genetics implies that the Mendelian genetic paradigm needs to be revised

Diethard Tautz, Richard Reeves & Luisa F Pallares
The field of Genetics started flourishing after the rediscovery of the Mendelian laws of inheritance at the beginning of the 20th century. These laws are based on a discrete classification of phenotypes and their causative genes. Such a Mendelian way of thinking forms the foundation of modern molecular biology, with its experimental paradigm that a gene function is inferred from the knock-out of the gene. However, most phenotypes are not discrete. Human height, for example,...

Archives and Special Collections Linked Data: Navigating between Notes and Nodes

Erin Blake, Itza A. Carbajal, Regine Heberlein, Sarah Horowitz, Jason Kovari, VANESSA LACEY, Cory Lampert, Holly Mengel, Cory Nimer, Maria Oldal, Merrilee Proffitt, Nathan Putnam, Arielle Rambo, Elizabeth Roke, Eric de Ruijter, Dan Santamaria, Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Weatherly Stephan, Bruce Washburn & Chela Weber

Web-CDI: A system for online administration of the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories

Benjamin Edward deMayo, Danielle Kellier, Mika Braginsky, Christina Bergmann, Cielke Hendriks, Caroline Rowland, Michael Frank & Virginia Marchman

Assessing the Impact of the Great Recession on the Transition to Adulthood

Guanglei Hong & Ha-Joon Chung
Replication materials for 'Assessing the Impact of the Great Recession on the Transition to Adulthood' (Hong & Chung, forthcoming SMR)

Beliefs about the role of human intervention in moral progress

Casey Lewry & Tania Lombrozo
In this study, we test whether people think about moral progress as occurring through at least two distinct mechanisms. We also examine whether people who think about moral progress as something that requires human action are more likely to seek out human intervention when faced with a moral setback.

Execution Control A

Mark Ho, Jonathan Cohen, Tom Griffiths, David Abel, Michael Littman & Carlos Correa
Pre-registration for execution control yoked to experiment 1

Research Data Management: Can Librarians Really Help?

Yuan Li, Willow Dressel & Denise Hersey
As national government agencies continue to mandate specific data management requirements and the need for research data management (RDM) grows, many libraries are developing RDM services to help with the research mission of their institution. Research libraries’ mission and expertise have always included a variety of research services. What can the library’s role be in RDM services? This paper describes the possible roles that libraries and librarians can play throughout the data life cycle. The...

GEI 037: Telmessos. Honorary decree for Ptolemy son of Lysimachos

Marco Santini
Edition and commentary of "Telmessos. Honorary decree for Ptolemy son of Lysimachos"

Decision-making in eating disorders

Nina Rouhani, Ralph Adolphs, Ralph Adolphs & Anita Tusche
Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa, are life-threatening illnesses, associated with high relapse and mortality rates. Understanding whether and how decision-making is altered in eating disorders, could uncover critical mechanisms and predictive markers of the disease and its trajectory. We seek to investigate how eating disorders lead to distinct patterns of decision-making in a task where high- and low-calorie food are incidental to the overarching goal of maximizing reward, thereby tracking potentially implicit...

Learning, memory, and the speech-to-song illusion

Benjamin Kubit, Elizabeth Margulis & Adam Tierney
Project data, analyses, and results for Kubit, Deng, Tierney, & Margulis () Persistence of the speech-to-song illusion across delays

The Influence of the Terms We Use on Measures of Racial Attitudes

Ashley Jardina & LaFleur Stephens-Dougan
There is a long history of public opinion scholars studying attitudes toward Americans of African descent (henceforth AADs). These attitudinal measures have been used to investigate a plethora of topics, including explanations for racial inequality, support for various public policies, and of course, the prevalence of racist attitudes over time. Less known, however, is whether the terminology used to refer to AADs in these attitudinal measures influences how people evaluate AADs. We therefore propose an...

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