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Framing the Dialogue: A New, Collaborative Approach to the Hazing Dilemma

Malinda M. Matney & Simone Himbeault Taylor

Mapping Marronage

Annete Joseph-Gabriel

The U.S. Academic Research Enterprise (US-ARE): Possible Paths from the Pandemic

Jason Owen-Smith
This white paper uses recent public data to identify what we can know systematically about how the COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting the large, research-intensive universities that represent the core of the US-ARE. It uses those, admittedly preliminary and partial, findings to extrapolate about possible long-term effects of decisions that academic leaders, state and federal policy makers are taking right now. The descriptive story presented here isn't determinative, but it suggests that the pandemic poses...

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  • 2020

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  • University of Michigan–Ann Arbor