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ICLEA Final Symposium 2017 : Climate Change, Human Impact and Landscape Evolution in the Southern Baltic Lowlands ; Abstract Volume & Excursion Guide

Markus J. Schwab, Mirosław Błaszkiewicz, Thomas Raab, Martin Wilmking & Achim Brauer
Scientific Technical Report STR; 17/03

2013 Simulated EnMAP Mosaics for the San Francisco Bay Area, USA - EnMAP Technical Report

Sam Cooper, Akpona Okujeni, Clemens Jänicke, Karl Segl, Sebastian van der Linden & Patrick Hostert
This dataset is composed of simulated EnMAP mosaics for the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Hyperspectral imagery used for the EnMAP simulation was collected across three time periods (Spring, Summer, and Fall) in 2013 with the AVIRIS-Classic sensor flown as part of the HyspIRI Preparatory Campaign. Flight lines were simulated to EnMAP-like data using the EnMAP end-to end Simulation tool to produce 30 x 30 m imagery with 195 bands (after band removal) ranging from...

2013 Simulated EnMAP Mosaics for the Santa Barbara region, USA

Akpona Okujeni, Sam Cooper, Karl Segl, Sebastian van der Linden & Patrick Hostert
This dataset is composed of three-season simulated EnMAP mosaics for the Santa Barbara region, USA. HyspIRI Airborne Campaign AVIRIS imagery from spring, summer and fall formed the basis for simulating EnMAP data with 30 m spatial resolution and 195 spectral bands ranging from 420 to 2450 nm. The mosaics are provided as Analysis-Ready-Datasets (tiled surface reflectance products) to be used for regional-scale and multi-season hyperspectral image analysis of California’s diverse ecoregions. The dataset primarily intends...

Similarities of the Scotia and Caribbean Plates: Implications for a common plate tectonic history?!

Burmeister Christian , Paul Wintersteller & Martin Meschede
The active volcanic arcs of the Scotia- and Caribbean Plate are two prominent features along the otherwise passive margins of the Atlantic Ocean, where subduction of oceanic crust is verifiable. Both arcs have been important oceanic gateways during their formation. Trapped between the large continental plates of North- and South America, as well as Antarctica, the significantly smaller oceanic plates show striking similarities in size, shape, plate margins and morphology, although formed at different times...

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