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Factors Affecting Performance of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

Vallo Kõrgmaa

Research of a contact stresses in swivel elements of flexible shaft in screw conveyor for transportation of agricultural materials

Volodymyr Bulgakov, Jüri Olt, Semjons Ivanovs, Oleksandra Trokhaniak, Jaroslav Gadzalo, Valerii Adamchuk, Mykhailo Chernovol, Simone Pascuzzi, Francesco Santoro & Margus Arak
The paper presents the new design of the rotating part with ball-bearing swivel joints between its sections for flexible screw conveyors. The new design provides for the improvement of the operation efficiency and loading capacity, the enhancement of the technological capabilities and the reduction of the admissible curvature radius. The contact stresses in the swivel element as the most loaded area in the rotating part have been analysed. It has been established that the maximum...

Factors Influencing the Quality of Frozen/Thawed Semen from Estonian Holstein AI Bulls, and Relationships between Semen Quality Parameters and in vivo Fertility

Peeter Padrik
At present, dairy farming is definitely the most profitable sector of Estonia’s cattle industry. The effectiveness of milk production is dependent not only on the availability of high-quality genetic material but also on several other factors, including the quality of frozen bull semen. The purpose of this research was to assess the effect of different factors such as age, the proportion of Holstein genes, and season of the year on the quality of semen collected...

Lühiartikkel : Muldkatte talitlemise pedoökoloogilised seaduspärasused

Raimo Kõlli
The contradictory statements and opinions, which need by the mind of author additional explanation or disentangle are in the work followings: stages in the forming soil covers' humus status; additional carbon sequestration into the soil; discord between consumption and accumulation of soil organic matter; the influence of land use, land-use change and soil tillage on soil humus status; permanent and dynamic properties of soil; the role of agriculture in carbon turnover; degradation of soil fertility;...

International Scientific Conference „Sustainable fruit and berry cultivation“ : the book of abstracts

Reelika Rätsep, Hedi Kaldmäe & Karmen Pääso
Dear conference participants and guests, As director of the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of Estonian University of Life Sciences, I have a great honour to greet you at the scientific conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Polli Horticultural Research Centre. Research on fruits and berries in Estonia and at our University is carried out in two locations – at horticultural research centre at Polli village in Southern Estonia and on our university...

Impact of Gastrointestinal Protozoan Infections on the Acute Phase Response in Neonatal Ruminants

Tarmo Niine
After birth, neonatal ruminants go through crucial and sensitive period of rapid development and growth. During this period, they may interact with variety of microorganisms found in the surrounding environment. It would be beneficial for both the farmer and the veterinarian to have general biomarkers, useful in managing of this adaptation process. Such a tool could help in improving the prediction of the animals’ performance in the herd. The interactions between the ruminant and infectious...

Marketing și dezvoltarea produsului

Tiiu Ohvril & Birgit Maasing
Dragi cititori, Această lucrare este publicată ca urmare a unui proiect implementat în Republica Moldova de către Universitatea Estoniană de Științe ale Vieții. Rezultatul primului proiect a fost o carte care a oferit o imagine de ansamblu asupra diversificării economiei rurale estoniene. Ulterior, partenerii proiectului au dorit să afle mai multe despre experiențele specifice de dezvoltare a produselor și despre problemele micilor producători estonieni. De fapt, două tipuri de agricultură se pot încadra într-o țară...

Plankton samples of inland waters : [catalog]

Reet Laugaste, Henn Timm & Evi Lill
The number of sampled waterbodies was 1017. Most of the samples (22,900) have been collected from Estonia. There are also more than 800 samples from Russia (mainly from the eastern and southern part of Lake Peipsi) and ca 100 from other countries. In addition, there are also some samples of the Baltic Sea. Register code: according to the Estonian environmental register: https://keskkonnaagentuur.ee/en Of the total material, more than 13,000 specimens are phytoplankton, the rest is...

Maakasutuse, maakasutuse muutuse ja metsanduse sektori sidumisvõimekuse analüüs kuni aastani 2050

Mati Valgepea, Madis Raudsaar, Helen Karu, Eve Suursild, Enn Pärt, Allan Sims, Karin Kauer, Alar Astover, Martti Maasik, Airiin Vaasa & Paavo Kaimre
Kliimaneutraalsuse saavutamiseks 2050. aastaks on oluline kasvuhoonegaaside (KHG) heitkoguste vähendamine ja sidumisvõimekuse suurendamine kõigis sektorites. Et eesmärki täita, tuleb seada selged sihid, hinnates erinevates sektorites KHG heite vähendamise ja sidumise suurendamise potentsiaali ning käsitleda sektori mõju laiemalt ka majanduse konkurentsivõimele. Maakasutuse, maakasutuse muutuse ja metsanduse (LULUCF) sidumisvõimekuse uuring on valminud Keskkonnaministeeriumi tellimusel analüüsimaks kompleksselt LULUCFi sektori KHG sidumisvõimaluste potentsiaali ja ulatust 2030. ja 2050. aasta kliimapoliitika eesmärkide täitmiseks arvestades sealjuures ka pikemaajalist perspektiivi (kuni 2100....

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