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Emotions and Complex Social Problems (Turkey)

, Elizabeth Summerell, Karolina Dyduch-Hazar & Meghann Matthews
Apologies can improve intergroup attitudes in a number of ways such as fostering forgiveness, changing attitudes towards the outgroup after an apology has been given, and restoring trust (for a review, see Blatz & Philpot, 2010). However, there are many psychological barriers experienced by transgressors hindering their willingness to offer an apology, including: Low concern for the victim or relationship, perceived threat to the transgressor’s self-image, and perceived apology ineffectiveness (Schumann, 2018). Humility may be...

Humans of AI3SD: Dr Jennifer Hiscock

Michelle Pauli & Jennifer R. Hiscock
This interview forms part of our Humans of AI3SD Series. Dr Jennifer Hiscock is a reader in supramolecular chemistry at the University of Kent and a UKRI Future Leaders fellow. Her research is focused on a new approach to antibiotic and anti-cancer drug design and she is also co-founder of an international Women in Supramolecular Chemistry network. In this Humans of AI3SD interview she discusses the marginalisation of women in chemistry, using AI to handle...

Exploring the use of moral reframing

Aaron Martin & Roger Giner-Sorolla
Moral reframing has been put forward as a tool for people to use to gather support on policy issues from politically (and ideologically) dissimilar others. Essentially, moral reframing utilises wording/arguments that tap into the target audience’s morality to persuade them to support policies/positions they typically wouldn’t otherwise. As an example, in the US, one could morally reframe the issue of pro-environmentalism with wording/arguments about patriotism and purity to sway ideologically conservative Americans to show more...

Young Lives and Imagined Futures: Insights from Archived Data

Graham Crow, Sarah Irwin, Dawn Lyon, Bethany Morgan Brett & Mandy Winterton
Timescapes Working Paper Series, 6

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