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Additional file 1 of AGI grade-guided chaiqin chengqi decoction treatment for predicted moderately severe and severe acute pancreatitis (CAP trial): study protocol of a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, pragmatic clinical trial

Zhiyao Chen, Xiaonan Yang, Jia Guo, Tao Jin, Ziqi Lin, Ping Zhu, Jing Li, Ling Li, Xin Sun, Dan Du, Kun Jiang, Yanqiu He, Fei Cai, Lan Li, Cheng Hu, Qingyuan Tan, Wei Huang, Lihui Deng & Qing Xia
Additional file 1. SPIRIT 2013 Checklist: Recommended items to address in a clinical trial protocol and related documents.

Additional file 5 of Mutation analysis of SUOX in isolated sulfite oxidase deficiency with ectopia lentis as the presenting feature: insights into genotype–phenotype correlation

Jia-Tong Li, Ze-Xu Chen, Xiang-Jun Chen & Yong-Xiang Jiang
Supplementary Material 5

Additional file 5 of Mutation analysis of SUOX in isolated sulfite oxidase deficiency with ectopia lentis as the presenting feature: insights into genotype–phenotype correlation

Jia-Tong Li, Ze-Xu Chen, Xiang-Jun Chen & Yong-Xiang Jiang
Supplementary Material 5

Additional file 3 of NKD2 is correlated with the occurrence, progression and prognosis of thyroid carcinoma

Yu Gao, Yiwei Wang & Rende Guo
Additional file 3. The original results of western blot.

Additional file 3 of The causal associations of circulating amino acids with blood pressure: a Mendelian randomization study

Chenhao Lin, Zhonghan Sun, Zhendong Mei, Hailuan Zeng, Manying Zhao, Jianying Hu, Mingfeng Xia, Tao Huang, Chaolong Wang, Xin Gao & Yan Zheng
Additional file 3: Figure S1. Heatmap of Pearson correlation coefficients between circulating levels of amino acids in UK Biobank. Figure S2. Distribution of systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) in 286 390 European participants without metabolomic data from UK Biobank. Figure S3. Distribution of circulating levels of amino acids in 98 317 European participants with metabolomic data from UK Biobank. Figure S4. Estimated causal effects of circulating levels of amino acids on...

Suppression of leaf growth and photosynthetic capacity as an acclimation strategy to nitrogen deficiency in a nitrogen-sensitive and shade-tolerant plant Panax notoginseng

Zhu Cun, Sheng-Pu Shuang, Jin-Yan Zhang, Jie Hong, Hong-Min Wu, Jing Yang, Hong-Chao Zhao, Li-Lin Gao & Jun-Wen Chen
Photosynthesis is susceptible in response to nitrogen (N) deficiency. However, the acclimation of shade-tolerant and high-N sensitive species to N deficiency is unclear. Leaf morpho-physiological traits, photosynthetic performance related parameters were examined in a shade-tolerant and high-N sensitive species P. notoginseng grown under different N levels. Lower N content and Chl content were recorded in the N0-grown P. notoginseng. The maximum values of leaf morpho-physiological traits, photosynthetic rate, and photosynthetic N use efficiency (PNUE) were...

Additional file 1 of The relationship between lipoprotein(a) and risk of cardiovascular disease: a Mendelian randomization analysis

Shiyue Wang, Li Zha, Jian Chen, Dongjie Du, Danyang Liu, Ming Zhong, Rongfang Shang, Dongxue Sun, Chang Sun & Enze Jin
Additional file 1: Figure S1. The scatter plots of Lp(a) on CVD.

Additional file 2 of The relationship between lipoprotein(a) and risk of cardiovascular disease: a Mendelian randomization analysis

Shiyue Wang, Li Zha, Jian Chen, Dongjie Du, Danyang Liu, Ming Zhong, Rongfang Shang, Dongxue Sun, Chang Sun & Enze Jin
Additional file 2: Figure S2. The forest plots of Lp(a) on CVD.

A novel strategy for orthogonal genetic regulation on different RNA targeted loci simultaneously

Yongjian Guo, Liang Wang, Zhen Qi, Yu Liu, Kun Tian, Huanran Qiang, Pei Wang, Guohua Zhou, Xiaobo Zhang & Shu Xu
No current RNA-targeted interference tools have been reported to simultaneously up and down-regulate different gene expressions. Here we characterized an RNA-targeted genetic regulatory strategy composed of a flap endonuclease 1 (FEN1) and specific mis-hairpin DNA probes (mis-hpDNA), to realize the orthogonal genetic regulation. By targeting mRNA, the strategy hindered the translation and silenced genes in human cells with efficiencies of ~60%. By targeting miRNA, the strategy prevented the combination of miRNA to its specific mRNA...

Additional file 1 of Identification of the origin of tumor in vein: comparison between CEUS LI-RADS v2017 and v2016 for patients at high risk

Wen-juan Tong, Mei-qing Cheng, Man-xia Lin, Hang-tong Hu, Jia-min Pan, Hui Huang, Ying Wang, Xiao-yan Xie, Ming-de Lu, Ming Kuang, Yang Huang & Wei Wang
Additional file 1. Section S1: The specific process of Focal liver lesion puncture biopsy procedure. Section S2: Image archiving and scanning parameters of CT and MRI. Table S1: FLLs with TIV images characteristics. Except where indicated, data are numbers of nodules or TIV cases and numbers in parentheses are percentages. * datas are Mean ± SD. / means NA. AP: Arterial phase; APHE: Arterial phase hyperenhancement; CEUS: Contrast-enhanced ultrasound; FLLs: Focal liver lesions; HCC: Hepatocellular...

Additional file 1 of GelMA-MXene hydrogel nerve conduits with microgrooves for spinal cord injury repair

Jiaying Cai, Hui Zhang, Yangnan Hu, Zhichun Huang, Yan Wang, Yu Xia, Xiaoyan Chen, Jiamin Guo, Hong Cheng, Lin Xia, Weicheng Lu, Chen Zhang, Jingdun Xie, Huan Wang & Renjie Chai
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. Biocompatibility and proliferation of NSCs under different concentrations of MXene. Fig. S2. Conductivity of GelMA-MXene hydrogels with different concentrations of MXene. Fig. S3. Characterization of the two conduits. Fig. S4. Biocompatibility and proliferation of NSCs on different substrates. Fig. S5. Apparent morphology NSCs differentiation on the three substrates. Fig. S6. The bladders of different groups on week 8. Fig. S7. Representative images of spinal cord at the lesion rate. Fig....

Additional file 1 of Candidate genes screening based on phenotypic observation and transcriptome analysis for double flower of Prunus mume

Huanhuan Zhu, Yan Shi, Junwei Zhang, Manzhu Bao & Jie Zhang
Additional file 1.

Observation on the effect of platelet-rich plasma combined with drugs in the treatment of herpes zoster neuralgia

Zenghua Zhou, Xin Hu, Fangran Yan, Yanhua Zhou, Ruilin He, Xiaolong Ye & Zongbin Jiang
To observe the effect of ultrasound-guided platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection in the treatment of herpes zoster neuralgia (HZN). Eighty patients with HZN were randomly divided into observation group and control group, with 40 cases in each group. The observation group was treated with ultrasound-guided PRP injection of target nerves combined with drugs. The control group was treated with drugs alone. The pain scores of before treatment (T0), and 1 week (T1), 1 month (T2), 3...

Additional file 1 of Developing a competence framework for gerontological nursing in China: a two-phase research design including a needs analysis and verification study

Bea L. Dijkman, Marina Hirjaba, Wenwen Wang, Marjo Palovaara, Marjolein Annen, Merle Varik, Ying’ai Cui, Jing Li, Cornelia van Slochteren, Wang Jihong, Chen Feiteng, Yu Luo, Yudong Chen & Wolter Paans
Additional file 1.

Supplementary document for Silicon Bowtie Structure Based Adjustable Non-rigid All Nonmetal Metamaterials Terahertz Filter - 6122688.pdf

Danni Hao, Yi Zhang, Dongxun Yang, Rui Li, Zhao Dan, Zhenzhen Zhang, Shuai Wang, Wei Jin, Hao Tian & Jiaying Duan
supporting information

Additional file 1 of Mechanisms of action of Zishen Yutai pills in treating premature ovarian failure determined by integrating UHPLC-Q-TOF-MS and network pharmacology analysis

Lei Dang, Chunbo Zhang, Biru Su, Na Ning, Qiuling Huang, Su Zhou, Meng Wu, Wenqing Ma, Man Wang, Pengfei Cui, Yan Li & Shixuan Wang
Additional file 1: Table S1. The edge count of the compound-target-pathway network for the absorbed compounds of Zishen Yutai pills by orally administered in a POF mouse model. Table S2. The tabular form of PPI result. Table S3. The target degree for PPI network results. Table S4. KEGG Pathway analysis of proteins regulated by the absorbed compounds from Zishen Yutai pills in the POF treatment.

Additional file 1 of Biomechanical analysis of stress around the tilted implants with different cantilever lengths in all-on-4 concept

Qi Wang, Zhen-zhen Zhang, Shi-zhu Bai & Shao-feng Zhang
Additional file 1.

Overexpression of ATGL impairs lipid droplet accumulation by accelerating lipolysis in goat mammary epithelial cells

Jun Li, Yaling Wang, Pengkun Yang, Haoyuan Han, Guizhi Zhang, Huifen Xu & Kai Quan
Adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) is the key enzyme for the degradation of triacylglycerols (TAGs). It functions in concert with other enzymes to mobilize TAG and supply fatty acids (FAs) for energy production. Dysregulated lipolysis leads to excess concentrations of circulating FAs, which may lead to destructive and lipotoxic effects to the organism. To understand the role of ATGL in mammary lipid metabolism, ATGL was overexpressed in goat mammary epithelial cells (GMECs) by using a recombinant...

Additional file 4 of Development of a novel immune-related lncRNA prognostic signature for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Rui Li, Chen Jin, Weiheng Zhao, Rui Liang & Huihua Xiong
Additional file 4: Supplementary Table 3. All the primer sequences.

Additional file 2 of Exogenous ABA and IAA modulate physiological and hormonal adaptation strategies in Cleistocalyx operculatus and Syzygium jambos under long-term waterlogging conditions

El-Hadji Malick Cisse, Juan Zhang, Da-Dong Li, Ling-Feng Miao, Li-Yan Yin & Fan Yang
Additional file 2.

Additional file 1 of Psychometric validation of a chinese version of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy scale: a cross-sectional study

Yiman Huang, Yijin Wu, Zhenwei Dai, Weijun Xiao, Hao Wang, Mingyu Si, Wenjun Wang, Xiaofen Gu, Li Ma, Li Li, Shaokai Zhang, Chunxia Yang, Yanqin Yu, Youlin Qiao & Xiaoyou Su
Additional file 1: COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Scale Item Description.

Supplementary material.docx from Transcriptome analysis and mining of genes related to shade tolerance in foxtail millet (Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv.)

Dan Liu, Yanjiao Cui, Zilong Zhao, Jing Zhang, Suying Li & Zhengli Liu
A stereo interplanting system with foxtail millet beneath chestnut trees is an effective planting method to raise the utilization of land in chestnut orchards, increase yields and improve quality of chestnut nuts. Consequently, exploration of genes involved in shade tolerance response in foxtail millet and breeding shade-tolerant varieties have become urgent issues. In this study, RNA-seq of leaf samples from two shade-tolerant varieties and three shade-intolerant varieties of foxtail millet at the booting stage was...

Additional file 1 of Risk factors and outcomes of postoperative stroke in surgical treatment for giant intracranial aneurysms

Hao Wang, Junlin Lu, Xin Chen & Qiang Hao
Additional file 1: Table Supplementary. Logistic regression analysis for postoperative strokes in clipping sub-group.

Additional file 1 of Apolipoprotein-A is a potential prognostic biomarker for severe aplastic anemia patients treated with ATG-based immunosuppressive therapy: a single-center retrospective study

Qi Liu, Huijie Dong, Yuzhu Li, Yingying Shen, Yilei Hong, Ying Chen, Shan Liu, Xiaolian Wu, Wenbin Liu, Huijin Hu, Yuechao Zhao, Shenyun Lin, Yiping Shen, Yuhong Zhou, Baodong Ye & Dijiong Wu
Additional file 1: Supplement Table 1. Baseline comparison of patients and healthy donors.

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