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Desacralización, transfiguración y juegos intertextuales en el teatro argentino y chileno recientes

Brigitte Natanson

Crystallisation sequence of a REE-rich carbonate melt: an experimental approach

Valentin Mollé , Fabrice Gaillard, Zineb Nabyl , Johann Tuduri , Ida Di Carlo & Saskia Erdmann
Carbonatites host the main REE deposits in the world, with bastnaesite being the main REE-bearing mineral of interest. However, the nature of the enrichment process, magmatic vs hydrothermal, is still debated. This study aims to experimentally determine the behaviour of REE elements during carbonatite crystallisation, and if bastnaesite can be directly crystallised from a carbonate melt. Crystallisation experiments have been done from 900 to 600°C at 1 kbar on a REE-rich calciocarbonatitic composition. Calcite (Ca,REE)CO3...

Targeting acetylcholine receptors to enhance immunity to infection

William Horsnell, Luke B. Roberts, Corinna Corinna Schnoeller, Matthew Darby, Claire Mackowiak, Delphine Sedda, Valerie Quesniaux, Bernhard Ryffel, Rachel Vaux, Rita Berkachy, Kleoniki Gounaris & Murray E. Selkirk

Numerical simulation of singular conservation laws and related applications

Guoxian Chen & Magali Ribot

Role of microorganisms in the carbon cycling of peatlands

Juanita Mora-Gómez, Qian Li, Fabien Leroy, Sébastien Gogo & Fatima Laggoun

Mechanisms of glass crystallization analyzed by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)

Wolfgang Wisniewski & Mathieu Allix

Element partitioning during hydrothermal alteration at ultramafic-hosted mineralized systems: insights from the fossil Marmorera-Cotschen hydrothermal system (Platta nappe, SE Switzerland)

Rémi Coltat , Philippe Boulvais , Thomas Riegler , Ewan Pelleter & Yannick Branquet
Ultramafic-hosted mineralized systems commonly form massive sulphides at the seafloor which are enriched in base (Cu, Zn, Ni), critical (Co) and precious (Au, Ag) metals. In present-day settings, the limited conditions of observation at the seafloor prevents a complete understanding of these hydrothermal systems, especially concerning deep hydrothermal processes. A way to unravel deep hydrothermal processes that occur in these systems is to focus on fossil analogues preserved on-land which noticeably well crop out in...

Unités grammaticales et particule discursive quoi

François Delafontaine

Bitcoin Awareness, Ownership and Use: 2016–20

Daniela Balutel, Marie-Helene Felt, Gradon Nicholls & Marcel C. Voia
As technology evolves, so does the way Canadians make payments. The Bank of Canada is therefore interested in researching the potential need for a digital alternative to cash. In a 2020 speech, Deputy Governor Tim Lane highlighted two scenarios that could warrant the launch of a central bank digital currency: - a decline in the use of cash - a rise in the use of cryptocurrencies. The Bank conducts regular surveys to monitor trends in...

The permeability of granite deformed in the brittle regime to large strains: Implications for the permeability of fractured geothermal reservoirs

Michael Heap , Hugo Duwiquet , Luke Griffiths , Laurent Guillou-Frottier , Patrick Baud & Marie Violay
Efficient fluid flow and circulation are important for an economically viable geothermal reservoir. One type of underexplored reservoir for high-temperature geothermal exploitation is a crustal fault zone, where hot fluids from depths corresponding to the brittle-ductile transition are brought to the surface via crustal-scale, permeable fault zones. To better understand the evolving permeability of reservoir rock during deformation in the brittle regime—fault formation and sliding on the fault—we performed triaxial experiments on samples of well-characterised...

Trace element partitioning between apatite and carbonatite melt at 800 °C and 200 MPa

Haihao Guo , Fabrice Gaillard & Zineb Nabyl
Apatite is a pivotal mineral in carbonate rocks, because it can incorporate all of the major magmatic volatile species (H, P, F, S, Cl), as well as REE and HFSE into its structure. To quantify the effects of fractional crystallization of apatite crystals on the (H, P, F, S, Cl) volatiles and metal budget in the residue melt, the partition coefficients of a broad range of elements (F, Cl, S, REE, HFSE, Co, Ni, Sr,...

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