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Study 19: Replication of Delmore et al., 2011 (Cell)

Fraser Aird, Irawati Kandela, Christine Mantis, Elizabeth Iorns, Alexandria Denis, Stephen Williams, Nicole Perfito & Timothy Errington
Replication of "BET bromodomain inhibition as a therapeutic strategy to target c-Myc”. Includes information to prepare the replication experiments. Includes data, code, and digital materials from completed replication experiments.

Gender Differences in Implicit Measures of Personality Traits

Michelangelo Vianello, Brian Nosek, Natarajan Sriram, Konrad Schnabel & Konrad Schnabel
A high-powered study comparing gender differences in implicit and explicit personality traits.

Culture on a chip (UC Berkeley)

Jordan Suchow, Tom Griffiths, Tom Morgan, Robert Boyd, Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Vael Gates & Ian Sullivan
Culture-on-a-chip computing

Tools for Transparency in Ecology and Evolution (TTEE)

Timothy Parker, Sara Bowman, Shinichi Nakagawa, Jessica Gurevitch, David Mellor, Rebecca Rosenblatt & Alexander DeHaven
This site offers tools that can be adopted by institutions to help promote transparency in ecology and evolution. At this point, these tools consist of checklist questions that journals can adopt to help authors comply with TOP (Transparency and Openness Promotion) guidelines and to help reviewers and editors assess that compliance.

Statistical Models and Methods for Analyzing Eyewitness Identification Data

Karen Kafadar, Chad Dodson, Brandon Garrett, Joanne Yaffe, Alice Liu & P. Fiander

Interpretation, Narrativity, and Musical Performance

David James Cosper
Interpretation, Narrativity, and Musical Performance David Cosper (Under the direction of Fred Everett Maus) The foundation of this dissertation is the notion that the variety of ways in which listeners experience the agency of musical performers is analogous to the variety of ways in which readers experience narrators in works of fiction. I find this way of thinking preferable to more common approaches based on perceived similarities between musical performance and the interpretation of literary...

Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest

Amy E. Facca
An architectural study of Thomas Jefferson's rural retreat. The retreat holds a unique and important place in his architectural work. Essentially, Poplar Forest can be seen as Thomas Jefferson's creative solution to lifelong experimentation with octagonal forms, based on his imaginative rethinking of ideas from European treatises. In addition, his puzzling combination of the crude, rustic Tuscan order with a formal octagonal garden offers an interesting insight into Jefferson's ideas about the principle of decor...

Teaching with Digital Primary Sources: Environmental Scan & Literature Review

Eleanor Dickson, Brianna Gormly, Thea Lindquist, Maura Seale, Angie White, Gayle Schechter & Hillary Richardson
Environmental scan created by the Teaching with Digital Primary Sources subgroup of the Digital Library Federation's Digital Library Pedagogy Working Group.

The Impact of Governmental Institutions on the Venezuelan Cacao-Chocolate Agro-Chain of Production

James Howard Small
This dissertation empirically assesses the impact that governmental and legal institutions have on the Venezuelan cacao-chocolate agro chain of production, as well as the strategies that individuals and groups employ to cope with or evade these institutions. The central argument of this dissertation is that despite the presence of weak institutional structures and unstable and unpredictable operating conditions, entrepreneurs and businesses are able to maintain and sustain their businesses. In general, the findings show that...

Callisto's Dynamic Atmosphere

Marcus Smith
This paper presents an analysis of the atmosphere of Callisto and discusses how the Jovian system molded, and continues to mold Callisto's atmosphere over time. Before the analysis the general properties of Callisto and the atmosphere is reviewed and a literature review of pertinent information regarding the Callisto's atmosphere and previous scientific simulations of the atmosphere. These simulations and observation data for the atmosphere provide a basis for all the parameters used in all of...

A Full Polarization Analysis of NGC 3665

Evan Sheldahl
In this thesis, I analyzed Very Large Array (VLA) L-band observations of the Stokes cube coming from the active galactic nucleus (AGN) of the lenticular galaxy NGC 3665. Its data come from the ATLAS 3D Survey, a highly spatially resolved dataset of 260 early type galaxies (ETGs). I present intensity maps of its non-polarized and linearly polarized emission as well as optical R-band and interferometric CO(1-0) molecular gas data. The way in which the molecular...

NASA Public Opinion and the Federal Budget

Layla Bryant
This paper will explore the implications of growing economy in GDP per capita and public opinion about NASA on the budget granted to the agency each year. These trends are interesting and relevant to the Astronomy and Astrophysics community through the funding aspect and the public association of NASA with Astronomy and space. Using data from the General Social Survey, U.S. Gross Domestic Product, Office of Management and Budget, this paper explores relationships between public...

Gravitational Wave Emission from Tight White Dwarf Binary Systems Formed Through Common Envelope Evolution

Juan Carlos Velasco Barboza
With the upcoming launch of the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), the next natural candidates for merger observations are White Dwarf binaries. Current stellar mass candidates for gravitational wave sources suggest the existence of a mechanism which turns high period systems into low period ones. That is, if we hope to see mergers of such low-mass objects within the age of the Universe. In this paper we follow Iben.Jr,Tutukov.(1986)[1] to explore the different possible channels...

Description and Cost Benefit Analysis of Proposed Enhancements to ALMA

John Josephs
The Atacama Large Millimeter Array, or ALMA, is a conglomerate of 66 giant antennae located in the Atacama Desert of northern Chili. Through advanced computing, these antennae work together as a single telescope to pick up radio signals from stars, planets, or other galaxies. Since beginning operations in 2011, ALMA has played a major role in scientific discoveries propelling the field of astronomy. With ALMA’s extreme sensitivity and resolution, astronomers have been able to create...

Zn Chemical Stability Modeling - RSC Advances

Matthew McMahon

Semiotic drama: the expansion of meaning in Conrad's fiction

Alison Elizabeth Wheatley
Joseph Conrad focuses in his important early stories and novels on temporal, spatial and social contexts as contribu­tors to meaning, rather than simply on language as the sole direct access to truth. Sounds, silences, and other aurally perceived signs become prominent in this process. Newly significant elements of drama emerge in the search for a semiotics of experience. Drawing on writings of Belsey, Bakhtin, Wittgenstein, and others, this study examines the way characters, narrators, and...

A Comparison Between Effects of Specific and Nonspecific Exercises on Parkinson's Disease Progression

Hamzah Shariff
co-authored by Kyle Manetz Slowing down the progression of Parkinson’s disease will be compared among patients in an investigation in collaboration with Rock Steady Boxing, an organization that aims to maintain a healthy quality of life for Parkinson’s patients through boxing classes. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the progression of Parkinson’s disease is hindered more with patients performing either non-specific exercises or a Rock Steady Boxing regiment over the course of...

Using mobile sensing to examine contextual factors surrounding emotion regulation: An exploratory study in college students

Alexander Daros, Mehdi Boukhechba, Katharine Daniel, Philip Chow, Laura Barnes, Bethany Teachman & Ilana Ladis

Student sense of belonging and the middle school model

Robert Joseph Arnold
The purpose of this study was to determine whether significant relationships existed between organizational elements of the Middle School Model and Sense of Belonging levels. The theoretical framework proposed that there was a relationship between Student Sense of Belonging which has an impact on student achievement and the organizational structures of the Middle School Model. These structures include Interdisciplinary Teaming, Student Advisory programs, and Common Teacher Planning. This quantitative, exploratory study used survey methodology from...

The Migration of Hot Jupiters and our Outer Planets

Jeremy Lawson
Our understanding of planetary migration has greatly increased since the discovery of exoplanets. A few decades ago, we had little to no knowledge of exoplanets, and our understanding of planetary migration came from the eight planets that are in our solar system. In this paper I will discuss various methods planets migrate and how they settle into stable orbits. I will also discuss some interesting examples of planetary migration such as the migration of the...

An Overview of Formamide Based Nucleosynthesis and Exoplanetary Candidates for Associated RNA Auto-Syntheses

Amrita Singh
This paper comes in two parts; first an analysis and overview of the RNA World theory, formamide-based nucleic acid synthesis, and how formamide fits into and even furthers the theory, and second an exploration of the Kepler Exoplanets Catalogue to determine candidates for prebiotic synthesis. The mere term "RNA World" brings up much of controversy within the realm of the origins of life, but it is the strongest abiogenesis theory, if given a few updates....

Credibility of Preprints Survey

Courtney Soderberg, Timothy Errington & Brian Nosek
This survey was funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation as part of a larger grant to investigate signals of trust in preprints

Using EEBO-TCP in Research and Teaching

Heather Froehlich, Gayle Schechter, Hillary Richardson & Mackenzie Brooks

The effect of low-level stimulus properties on temporo-dynamic variability in EEG

Christopher Hall

Social Anxiety Exposures While Physical Distancing

Noah French, Bethany Teachman, Julia Iacoviello, Breiana Sisk & Lillian Pitts
Resources and input on how to conduct virtual social anxiety exposures.

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