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CS 3240 Project: Web Application Assignment and Note Organizer; Analyzing the Actions Companies with Voice Recognition Products Can Take to Protect Users' Personal Information and Privacy

Nafeisha Tuerhong
As the technology becomes more advanced, the requirements of the user become more important. The most debated and critical subject of user experience in technology is privacy and security. The public wants more privacy as they encounter continuous scam calls, leak of personal information, and hidden security cameras that significantly affects one’s personal life and safety. On the other hand, companies want to make technologies as convenient and inclusive as possible which requires a certain...

Fooling Question Answering Deep Learning Models with TextAttack; An Ideological Exploration of Safe Machine Learning

Grant Dong
With the advent of data availability and increasing computing power, Machine Learning (ML) has become a heavily depended-upon asset for everyone in the technological industry. With so much riding on the results of ML models, it is vital that model development is continuously iterated upon to improve the accuracy and robustness of these systems. Bias is the main issue plaguing ML systems that are the best of the best and is still an ongoing research...

HEDGE: Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment; Exorbitant Prices of Air Ambulance Rides: What Possible Solutions Exist to Correct the Market Failure of the Air Ambulance Industry?

Nicholas Lu
Hypersonic flight is a rapidly growing field of research in the aerospace industry for both military and civilian applications; however, experiments to test flight conditions in a hypersonic environment are difficult to replicate in wind tunnels and are expensive to achieve on rockets and aircraft. Hypersonic technology is being used by the US military to develop several state-of-the-art weapons and defense systems, and civilian companies are seeking to design hypersonic aircraft to greatly decrease travel...

How wearable sensing can be used to monitor patient recovery following ACL reconstruction; Investigating the Implementation of Automated Technology into the Healthcare Industry

Kevin Cox
The work completed in this technical project focused on mitigating the widespread risk of reinjury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) following surgery and rehabilitation for a previous injury. In its current state, ACL rehabilitation patients work with physicians to complete supervised activities gradually increasing in rigor until they are deemed ready to resume high-impact sports again. However, this process can be subjective, relying on human judgement to determine the progress made by patients, and...

Golf and Gameforge & Are Rankings Just?

Jerry Lu
Rankings exist everywhere in our lives. The nature of rankings allows for a reduction of detailed measures to a sequence of ranks, enabling the commonwealth to evaluate complex information quickly. My technical research attempts to create a ranking system for golf that compares junior athletes to one another, and a recommender system that ranks and suggests potential recruits to college coaches and recommends colleges of best fit to junior players. However, there are arguments against...

Redesigning and Constructing the Balance Transfer Fulfillments API; Understanding Female Experiences in Undergraduate Studies and the Professional World of Computer Science

Gabrielle Ceresa
As the Computer Science field rapidly expands, there has been a push for diversity and inclusivity in both higher institutions and the workplace. My technical project relayed the summer-long work I was assigned for the Technical Internship Program (TIP) at Capital One – the redesign of a Balance Transfers Fulfillment API. Because I was the only female software engineer on my team, I was inspired to pursue my STS research project. My internship was exclusively...

Evaluating Administered Differences of Brief Jail Mental Health Screener and Impacts of Diagnoses & Treatment of Linked Inmates with Severe Mental Illness; Law Enforcement and Mental Health: How U.S. Policing Responds to Mental Illness

Aatmika Deshpande
Mental illness is an increasingly growing issue within the United States, ranging in severeness from anxiety to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Unfortunately, much of the population can agree to the general consensus that getting access to mental health treatment is far more difficult than physical health treatments, due to multiple social and monetary barriers. Monetary come in the form of lack of funding for resources or costs for the patient themselves. Social stigma is stark...

Production of a Recombinant Spike Protein-Based SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Using the Baculovirus Expression Vector System; An Investigation of Ethical Squalene-Based Vaccine Adjuvant Practices Within the Pharmaceutical Industry

Gordon Lee
The global COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. To date, there have been 6.2 million deaths from COVID worldwide. Only 15% of the population in low-income countries have received at least one vaccine dose. In high- and upper-middle-income countries, this value is 80% of the population having received at least one dose, showcasing the vaccine distribution inequity. The presence of an unvaccinated population increases the chance of variants emerging as seen with the highly transmissible...

Balancing the Socio-technical Preferences of Physician and Patient Stakeholders During Ankle Brace Design and Development

Andrew Quigley
Extensive effort and resources has been allocated towards the production of medical devices with the aims of improving patient outcomes and expedite recovery. In the past, medical device design and development has overemphasized physician opinions on the device specifications without adequately accounting for the quality of patient interactions with the product. The resulting outcome are medical devices that fail to reach its maximum potential of clinical adoption and overall utility. The following technical and STS...

Electromechanical Bioreactor for Volumetric Muscle Loss Treatment; Corporate Social Responsibility in The Hair Care, Beauty, And Medical Industries: A Deontological and Virtue Ethics Analysis of Hair Care Companies

Aparna Kola
Volumetric muscle loss (VML) is the loss of skeletal muscle as a result of trauma or surgery, and can result in significant functional impairment. It affects veterans disproportionately in comparison to civilians, as 92% of warfighters with muscle deformities have VML (Corona et al., 2015). In order for a tissue engineering construct, conditioned using this capstone bioreactor, to be effective in the target clinical population, the social sensitivities surrounding the VML population must be well-researched...

What is the Technical Interview? What You Need to Know about the Gatekeeper to CS Careers; CS curriculum missing substance that benefits students’ Employment

Justin Liu
The relationship between my technical project and my STS research paper can be attributed to my anxiety about getting hired post-graduation. From a student’s perspective, I could not see how higher education would explicitly prepare me for the workforce, despite years of being told that attending college is essential to obtaining a well-paying job. I wanted to explore the realities of higher education to employment. My technical project delves into the technical interview, a sort...

Synthesis of Computer Vision and Website Design Principles for Misinformation-Screening Website; Identifying Major Themes in Anti-vaccination Misinformation Surrounding the COVID Vaccine and Childhood Vaccines

Abigail Morgan
Misinformation has always existed, but the globalizing influence of the Internet allows it to spread further than ever before. Strategies to combat misinformation have been developed, but they often fall short of stopping it completely. Decreasing the effects of misinformation is extremely important; for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic health and vaccine misinformation contributed to decreased COVID-19 vaccine uptake rates in the United States, thereby lengthening the pandemic and causing preventable fatalities. Both projects in...

University of Virginia Net-Zero Residence Initiative 2022 Project Energy Generation Final Design Report; Hypermasculinity and Space Travel: How the US Space Industry Reflects the State of the Patriarchy from the Cold War to Now

Jillian Doyle
The application of sustainability through engineering has been one of the main goals of my education since I first came to UVA. While my technical capstone project and my STS research paper are not directly related, sustainability remained a theme and motivator in my pursuit of both subjects. My technical project was to create a tracking system for a solar panel to move with the sun throughout the day, while my research paper explored the...

Log Kya Kahenge: Examining the Social Stigma Surrounding Mental Health in India

Aparna Ramanan
Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the prevalence of mental health diseases among the young adult population was increasing. More than 50% of individuals will suffer from a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lives (CDC, 2021), but still, more than two-thirds of them will not receive treatment (Ellis, 2019). It is clear that traditional methods of one-on-one clinical therapy no longer suit the needs of today’s individuals, particularly those who face...

Wearable Technology: Developing a Skin-Like Temperature Sensor; Oil Painting Conservation: How Material Choices Reflect the Ethnical Thought in Conservation

Crestienne DeChaine
The development of wearable sensors as well as new conservation techniques rely heavily on material science and understanding the properties of different materials. For the technical project a wearable sensor will be developed for measuring the strain in large muscle groups. The motivation behind the project is to optimize sensor design by altering the design as well as materials. For the STS thesis an examination will be conducted of how codes of ethics influence material...

Maximizing Acetyl-CoA Output by Genetically Engineering E. coli for the Overall Output of the Bioplastic PHB; Sociotechnical Analysis of Bioplastic Implementation and Sustainability Statements of Soda Companies

Thomas Nguyen
The majority of plastics are non-biodegradable, and are derived from natural gas and crude oil. They are produced in an energy-intensive process that emits greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming and the plastic pollution crisis. While bioplastics can serve as a possible alternative with a smaller carbon footprint to traditional plastics, they are costly and do not have enough practical benefit aside from better environmental sustainability to justify the cost of implementation. My team’s Capstone...

AIAA 2021-2022 Undergraduate Responsive Aerial Firefighting Aircraft; The Social and Political Powers in Aerial Firefighting

Jason Le
This Undergraduate Thesis Portfolio explores the design of a firefighting aircraft and the aerial firefighting industry. Firefighting aircraft are essential tools for fighting wildfires, but they are facing engineering challenges that are making it difficult for them to operate. These challenges stem from the accumulation of sociotechnical issues that have built up in the industry over the last several decades. As such, the capstone portion of the portfolio focuses on the conceptual design of a...

Amazon Web Services: Active/Active Server Configuration to Streamline System Failover; Exploration of The Socio-Technical Relationship Between Voters and Social-media

Rohith Jampani
My motivation for the STS research I have provided originated when the public intensely gravitated towards social media during the COVID-19 pandemic to learn new information about global events. After further research into the influx of social media users during the pandemic, it was clear that politicians extensively use free services like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote their political ads since they know that the user considers the platforms free. Eventually this type of...

HEDGE: Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment; A Political Technologies and Kantian Analysis of the Naval Bombardment of Vieques

Jashianette Fournier Jaiman
A nation’s geopolitical standing is often defined by the power of its’ military. In 2022, the most powerful nations in the world have set their sights on developing hypersonic weapons systems to bolster their military power. The research in this portfolio documents the feasibility to conduct hypersonic experiments and the consequences of testing military weapons in proximity of civilian populations. The aim of the technical project is for a group of 15 university students to...

Safe and Sustainable Fleet Management with Data Analytics and Reinforcement Training; The Social Construction of Electric Vehicles in Work Fleets

Benjamin Weisel
The projects included in this Thesis Portfolio both contain research regarding fleet vehicles. The Technical Report describes how data analytics were used in order to create relevant training resources for the University of Virginia Facilities Management fleet, in order to improve both safety and sustainability. Proactive and reactive training methodologies were tested, with the former occurring before any violations of safety or sustainability occurred, and the latter addressing specific violations the week after they occurred....

Production of Adalimumab: A Humira Biosimilar; The Attractions of Homeopathy: Understanding the Factors Contributing to Medical Misinformation

Brandon Hudson
The presence of a system to care for the sick and vulnerable members of a society is a mark of any civilization. In the United States, this system takes many forms, but all are concentrated around reducing the prevalence of disease. This portfolio details a technical project and a research paper that are mutually centered around meeting the needs of a patient, both in medical effectiveness and in the trust associated with the therapy. In...

Improving Computer Science Curricula to Better Prepare Students to Develop Secure Applications; Order versus Justice: The Struggle over Predictive Policing in the U.S.

Azwad Khan
My STS technical report entailed the option of proposing a new course for the computer science department at UVA. My proposal was a course called “Cybersecurity in the Modern Workplace” where students can learn how to use and implement cyber security techniques that closely mimic situations they are likely to encounter in real life scenarios. My STS research paper examined the difficulty associated with implementation of predictive policing in the United States. This required my...

Active Stabilization of a Floating Wind Turbine Platform; The Fukushima Offshore Wind Turbine Farm from the Perspective of Care Ethics

Conner Steenrod
The focus of my works for the year were floating wind turbines. Floating wind turbines are energy generating devices that are placed offshore on platforms that float on top of water, primarily the ocean. My two works seek to explore two aspects of these turbines. My technical work focuses on designing an active stabilization system for the turbines in order to keep them upright in varying conditions. My research focuses on the impacts of a...

A Financial Literacy AI-Enabled Voice Assistant System for Educational Use; Risk of Financial Illiteracy

Vineeth Thota
Educating the youth on the topic of financial literacy remains a key priority for our rapidly changing society. It is the responsibility of schools, teachers, and adults to constantly engage and educate the following generations on how to spend, save, and invest their money wisely. Especially with the emergence of crypto currency and NFTs, the necessity to know what to do with large sums of money is crucial in maintaining financial stability. The technical thesis...

Manufacture and Validation of Advanced Cell Culture Inserts; Organ Transplantation During COVID-19: How the Pandemic Altered the Transplant System’s Operation

Sarah Grasmeder
The organ transplant system performs operations that are essential to the survival of many patients, though this system is constantly under pressure due to the high demand for transplants which outweighs the system’s supply of organs. The potential for tissue engineered organs to help relieve these supply shortage pressures on the organ transplant system is a topic that is discussed often, yet synthetic organs are currently only in the development stage. In the meantime, it...

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