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Integrating Modularity for Mass Customization of IoT Wireless Sensor Systems; Investigation of the Effects of Smart Farming on Decision-Making in Agriculture

Derek D'alessandro
With the growing investment of different industries in IoT, there is a need for a system that can be quickly modified to meet the sensory needs of any scenario. While the study is centered on designing a wireless hub that meets this need, the focus is on the study of modularity, and how that is being implemented into the design. The technology being created in my capstone project is an integrated IoT system that can...

Analysis of Machine Learning Approaches for Software Development Estimation; Analysis of the Evolution of Privacy Methods to be Compatible in Agile Environments

Thrishna Sonnakul
The shift to Agile methodology in software development has been very rapid the past couple of years. As an iterative way to develop software in which each step (Requirements, Plan, Design, Develop, Test, Release) allows for changes to easily take place compared to alternative method of waterfall development that restricted change mid-process. A novel aspect to this methodology is the development cycle being repeated in formats of sprints, so planning, developing, and testing takes place...

Vagina-on-Chip Model for Elucidating Underlying Mechanisms of Vaginal Cell Interactions; A Sociotechnical Analysis of Gender Bias in Biomedicine

Maria Samaritano
This portfolio contains two projects, an STS research paper, and a technical project. The STS research paper focuses on the impact of gender bias in biomedical research for women in the United States. The technical project aims to create an organ-on-chip model to study the three-dimensional physiology of vaginal tissue. The connection between the two projects is evident, as the technical project seeks to fill the research gap that the STS research paper analyzes. Specifically,...

Supplemental Rear Wheel Power Steering System for a FSAE Vehicle; Effect of the Consumer on Automobile Design

Westin Recktenwald
Automobiles typically struggle to make tight, low speed turns common in parking scenarios and in town driving. At high speeds, the ability to quickly change direction to avoid a collision with another vehicle or animal is critical to vehicle performance. Vehicles with front wheel mechanical steering are typically unable to make tight low speed maneuvers or provide the handling needed for emergency or performance situations at high speeds. The technical aspect of this project is...

A Space-Based Solution to Improve Roadway Safety and Efficiency in Virginia: Real-Time Winter Weather Data for Navigation; An Analysis of SpaceX’s Starlink Megaconstellation Network

Andrianna Daniels
Satellites are a relatively new technology that are being rapidly developed in the aerospace industry. They are progressively decreasing in size while their processing power continues to rise. While this advancement is great for scientific research and allows more people to access this technology at cheaper prices, it is important to also understand the significance of technological reliability and what the increasing number of satellites in orbit around Earth could mean for other areas of...

Design and Commercialization of a Medical Ultrasound Calibration Phantom for Rivanna Medical; Giving Vaccines a Technology Boost: How Can Technological Innovation Improve Vaccination Uptake?

Jennifer Marchibroda
My technical work and STS research emphasize that technology can be used to improve and transform healthcare by reducing human and medical errors, improving clinical outcomes and medical care, lowering health care costs, and thereby, leading to more affordable health care overall. We are moving into an era where healthcare providers can see patients remotely and accurately diagnose health problems in their patients’, even in the most rural areas, through telehealth and telemedicine. Although the...

Integrated Entertainment: Improving Video Streaming; Life in the Hole: How the U.S. Deals with Solitary Confinement

Cameron Woodward
How does the human need for sensory stimulation manifest itself? Means of access to stimulation and the consequences of the involuntary deprivation of stimulation are considered. How can quality of service and efficiency be improved for video streaming? With the continued proliferation of streaming services, watching TV has become scattered across many streaming services competing for your attention. Choosing what to watch, a viewer may wander through multiple streaming platforms and it can be easy...

AIAA Light Attack Aircraft Design Challenge Proposal; Gender Inequality in Aircraft Design

Hope Wheeler
The technical aspect of this Undergraduate Thesis addresses how current military Light Attack Aircraft (LAA) are not built to withstand landing and taking off from austere fields, which is a landing strip that is run down, rocky, or grassy. The technology my capstone team is designing is a state-of-the-art LAA that is capable of landing and taking off on austere fields. Our design will bridge the gap between helicopters and current LAA by creating an...

Algebraic Number Theory and the Kronecker-Weber Theorem

Zachary Baugher
The goal of this work is to prove the Kronecker-Weber theorem, an important first step to classifying abelian extensions of number fields. In chapter 1, we review the crucial concepts of Dedekind rings and ramification. Chapter 2 proceeds to study cyclotomic fields, ultimately developing the tools of ramification groups and the different. In chapter 3 we prove the main theorem, including two different proofs for the key statement to which we reduce the theorem for...

A Systems Approach to Optimizing Patient Flow During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Understanding Historical Redlining’s Effects on Community Health Today in Detroit: A Technological Politics Case Study

Lillian Stiles
In this portfolio there are two projects: a technical analysis of a primary care clinic’s patient admittance process and a technological politics case study exploring the effects of a historical discriminatory socio-technical system on access to healthcare. My technical work can be used to improve medical clinic efficiency, which will expand the access to clinics for more patients. My STS research seeks to develop a new understanding for how the marginalization of African Americans in...

Visualization Interface for XR Optimization with ILLIXR; Virtual Reality to Improve the Lives of People with Dementia

Alanna Zoscak
In my undergraduate application to the University of Virginia, I wrote about how I would develop technology to help my grandmother. She has since passed away from dementia, and I wanted to learn how the technology I was working with during my capstone technical project could help others in the same condition. STS analysis of the ethical dimensions of technology reminds us that as engineers, we have a responsibility to analyze the impact of the...

Design of a Fan-Powered Face Mask with Advanced Filtration Capability; An Actor-Network Theory Analysis of the Causes of the Cutter Incident

Spencer Pergande
My technical and STS research relate to each other because they both deal with infectious diseases. My technical project is centered around the novel coronavirus, a virus that has changed the world drastically over the past year and a half. The product we created for the project is a highly protective, highly wearable mask, designed to physically limit the spread of the novel coronavirus by preventing virus-containing droplets and aerosols from entering or escaping the...

Guiding the Design of Inclusive Playgrounds through Needs Assessment and Materials Selection; Past Park Exclusive Design Methods Towards People with Disabilities

Victoria Jackson
The conversation surrounding the integration for all-abilities inclusive design has grown significantly within the past several decades. Particularly in terms of playground design, this begins with the distinction between accessibility and inclusion in design. In terms of disabilities, accessibility is the practice of designing in a way that permits individuals access to utilize a product to some degree; however, inclusive design is the idea of designing in a way that a product could be used...

An Automated Machine Learning Pipeline for Monitoring and Forecasting Mobile Health Data; An Analysis of Mental Health Systems

Neil Singh
For the technical project, I had the opportunity to create a system that would predict mental health states from cell phones. My STS research paper, “An analysis of mental health systems,” discusses the need for robust systems analysis of mental health systems, much like the one I designed in the technical project. I had the opportunity to begin engaging STS in engineering practice during the early stages of my Capstone team meetings. I would consider...

Survey of Game-Theoretic Approaches to Cloud Computing; The Cost of Cloud Computing to Small Businesses

Ricardo Marin Jr
Introduction For my project, I focus on two topics: a way to approach different elements of the Cloud and how the Cloud impacts small businesses. These topics are closely related as the technical project looks at the research that is trying to improve the current state of the Cloud market. This is important since the Cloud has had a massive change in how everyone interacts with the internet and conducts business. As the market grows,...

University of Virginia Human Powered Vehicle Team 2021 ASME HPVC E-Fest Design Report; Examination of California’s Recent Efforts to Move Toward Clean Vehicles

Lauren Weis
The transportation sector accounts for the greatest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions of any sector in the United States and light-duty vehicles are the biggest contributors. The environmental impact of light-duty vehicles is too significant to not take immediate, substantial action. This is a pressing issue that engineers have the power to solve, whether by producing cheaper electric vehicles, building electric vehicle infrastructure, or researching other forms of clean transportation. The STS paper examines the...

Design of a Light Attack Aircraft; Light Attack Aircraft: A Modern Example of Military Technological Development Through SCOT

Blake Mager
Military aircraft of today have become too sophisticated and expensive for practical application in the roles that they are most needed currently. In the Middle East, where most U.S. military engagements occur currently, societal support of direct military intervention has dropped. With modern fighter jets being impractical for the types of aircraft missions in the Middle East, a new light attack class of aircraft could be the solution to the geopolitical and technological problem in...

Demystifying Data Collection on Facebook; Toward Broader Knowledge of the Dangers of Facebook: An Analysis of User Awareness and Behaviors

Stephen Shamaiengar
Facebook and its subsidiary platforms, including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, are the most populous social networking platforms, with over 3 billion monthly active users across them as of 2021. They serve as free hubs of communication and information for users while providing valuable advertising services for organizations, a lucrative business model that has turned the Facebook company into one of the most valuable in the world. But the manner by which Facebook has reached this...

A Space-Based Solution to Improve Roadway Safety and Efficiency in Virginia: Real-Time Winter Weather Data for Navigation; Technological Momentum in the Asteroid Mining Industry

Jimmy Smith
The main topics of this thesis involve the activities of humans and their technology in space. The technical portion involves developing a novel method for obtaining weather data in order to reduce roadway incidents. By researching the different areas of satellite development and the space mission engineering (SME) process, the team was able to plan for a new constellation of satellites that can better detect climate conditions. Several functional teams were constructed in order to...

Design and Optimization of an Interoperable Hospital Database System; An Investigation into the Disparities in Hospital Database System Designs: Issues of Usability and Interoperability

Ahnaf Khan
My technical project and my STS research both are relevant to electronic database systems that aim to improve and support healthcare. While such database systems are an ingenious solution to the age-long problem of accurately and safely recording healthcare information, there are a number of issues rampant amongst such systems, particularly in regards to their usability and interoperability. While my STS research explores these issues in depth within the context of medical professionals and hospital...

A Space-Based Solution to Improve Roadway Safety and Efficiency in Virginia: Real-Time Winter Weather Data for Navigation; Public Understanding of Space: Differences between the Apollo and Contemporary Eras through a Co-Production Framework

Kevin Fletcher
The STS research paper pertains to a comparison of political and economic actors influencing American society and the public perception of space between the Apollo era and the present Artemis era. Through the use of a co-production framework, which examines the relative impact of economic and political actors on society and of society on space, an understanding of the relationship between space and society will be described. This paper will offer historical context on the...

E2-Chat: A Web-Based End-to-End Encrypted Messaging Service; Framing Public Policy for Internet Data Privacy

Saiteja Bevara
The popularity of the internet and the development of new technologies and communication tools has allowed for the rapid growth of internet data. Along with the growth in the amount of data has come concerns over protecting this data, particularly following revelations of its misuse such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This thesis explores the issue of protecting internet data from both a technical perspective and a social one. The technical project involves the creation...

Differences in cellular responses using microporous annealed particle (MAP) hydrogels with varied chemical compositions; Analysis of how self-image is generated through the use of cosmetic surgery

Christian Jenkins
The destigmatization of plastic surgery mixed with stable economic growth over the past decade has led to an increase in the number of racial minority patients in America seeking cosmetic surgery (Wimalawansa et al., 2009). This diversifying patient population is redefining what it means to achieve beauty through plastic surgery. Within the field of plastics, there are medically defined proportions that dictate the structure and appearance of an ideal physique, especially when considering facial procedures....

Technology’s Impact on Online Learning and Academic Performance

Daniel Mizrahi
In light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, universities across the United States have made the shift to online learning in order to continue to deliver an education to students despite the omnipresent health and safety risks. With this in mind, the question begs to be asked; is it even possible to replicate a traditional style of a college education in online learning format with respect to learning and academic performance? This question encompasses countless factors...

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Economy and Environment in the Asia-Pacific Region; A Comparative Study of the Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine in China and the US

Shivani Das
The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented event that has completely altered the course of many lives. In late December 2019, health authorities in the Wuhan province of China detected several pneumonia cases from an unknown source with links to the Huanan Seafood Market. Before the start of the travel ban on January 23, around five million people had left Wuhan. By the end of January, the number of infections had surged to over then...

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