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A Skeleton-Based Study of Gait with Applications in Lidar-Based Gait Recognition and Pathological Gait Identification

Nasrin Sadeghzadehyazdi
The study of human locomotion has been bolstered by automated gait analysis in the computer vision community. For years, gait analysis has been mostly limited to academic labs. The emergence of new modalities and the development of computational hardware that are essential for big data analysis has shifted gait analysis toward more practical methodologies. In recent years, gait analysis has emerged as a leading remote identification method for application in areas such as forensic investigation,...

Patent Licensing and Its Implications for Patent Law and Legal Theory

Taorui Guan
This doctoral dissertation consists of three law review articles. They are all based on my research on patent licensing during my doctoral studies. The first article examines the calculation of patent royalties and patent damages. The core idea of this article is that courts can mimic the method of calculating royalties in patent licensing contracts to calculate damages for patent infringement. The second article examines the property rights acquired by the licensee from the patentee...

Controls on the Distribution of Denitrification in Streambeds on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Emma Cronin
To examine controls on nitrate removal in groundwater discharging to streams on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, organic matter, and nitrate (NO3-) concentrations, were examined in four different streams. Depth profiles of organic matter, chloride, and NO3- concentration were developed from intact sediment cores from the streams. Denitrification was then estimated as NO3- removal (NO3- ) from an additional set of cores in the lab, where in situ flow conditions were simulated. An artificial groundwater solution containing...

Design and Evaluation of a Simulated Engine Materials Testing Facility

Prabha Shelton
Gas turbine engines provide propulsion for aircraft, ships, and some ground vehicles and are also widely used for electric power generation. The materials and coatings used in these engines are undergoing rapid development to increase engine fuel efficiency. As future engine gas temperatures rise towards 1800 °C, new materials are being investigated to enable this rise in temperature and a variety of facilities have been developed to allow experimental investigation of individual or pairs of...

Applying Data Science Techniques to Promote Equity and Mobility in Education and Public Policy

Brian Kim
Data science continues to percolate in high-profile ways across education policy research given: (1) the wide variety of promising methodological tools data science has presented as of late; (2) the rapidly accelerating rise of "big data" across many research domains in education policy where data science methodologies can be applied fruitfully; and (3) how quickly the barriers to entry are diminishing with open-source libraries, educational materials, and low-cost cloud computing. But while the potency and...

Information Technology Internship at Ingalls Shipbuilding; The Effects of Anime and Social Media on Western Consumer Culture

Jennifer Khuu
Anime and social media have grown rapidly over the past few years, and as both continue to grow, there will continue to be an increase in the number of anime-related content on social media as well as the number of anime and social media influencers. The final science, technology, and society (STS) deliverable analyzes the social and political causes that led to the rise of anime in the West as well as the social and...

Comparison of Hydrologic Algorithms for Mapping Valleys Using Digital Elevation Models

Jacob Smith
Valleys are fundamental components of many landscapes. Valley forms integrate diverse geomorphic influences, including fluvial, hillslope, and glacial processes. The geometry of a valley, such as its volume and cross-sectional shape, is commonly used to analyze long-term sediment mass balance across Earth’s surface and to interpret past geologic processes, including changes in climate and regional tectonics. Underlying lithology can also play a significant role in valley form through modification of erosion rates. To automatically map...

The Strongest Seed: Jerome's Fashioning of an Ascetic Masculinity in Late Antiquity

Jeannie Sellick
My dissertation, The Strongest Seed: Jerome’s Fashioning of an Ascetic Masculinity, flips the script on typical discussions about asceticism and sexuality in early Christianity by putting male virginity under the microscope. My lens for this project is the corpus of one particularly prolific, yet infamous, fourth century “Father of the Church,” Jerome of Stridon. Jerome was a Latin theologian, writer, and monastic leader. In both monastic and public life, he championed Christian asceticism, a way...

Boyhood in Pindar

Rachel Bruzzone
Pindar's poetry treats adolescent boys in very different ways, sometimes portraying them in an erotic manner and sometimes ignoring this aspect of their youth altogether. The allure of boy athletes is attested both in literature and in visual evidence, so it is striking that they earn only one erotic compliment from Pindar, a comparison of Ganymede to Hagesidamos of Western Lokroi (O9.10.101-105). A closer examination of these odes reveals that Pindar treats the boy victors...

Sizing and quantitation of polymerase chain reaction products by capillary electrophoresis for use in DNA typing

John Marshall Butler
Capillary electrophoresis has many attributes which are desirable in DNA separations, namely, speed, high resolution, direct quantitation, and complete automation. The goal of this work has been to develop a CE system to rapidly evaluate forensic DNA samples, principally those derived from the polymerase chain reaction. Factors affecting resolution, sensitivity, and precision have been studied in order to obtain a CE system which performs in a rapid, reliable, and reproducible manner. Separations were found to...

Development of Zero-Bias Waveguide Photodiodes and O-Band Waveguide Photodiodes on Silicon Using Micro-Transfer-Printing

Fengxin Yu
In recent years, as promising alternatives to all-electrical coaxial cable systems, optical radio-frequency (RF) which can provide benefits in large bandwidth, high-power handling capability, low loss, immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI), and reduced size and weight, have been a widely investigated in tremendous number of microwaves applications in both defense and civilian areas such as radio-over-fiber, antenna remoting, and communications. As the optical-to-electrical converter in optical links, high performance photodiodes (PDs) are a key component...

Essays on Personalism and Civil War Dynamics

Ruixing Cao
Civil wars are complicated processes involving multiple actors. Their outcomes and dynamics are not only determined by states and rebel groups directly engaged in fighting but also by external actors such as foreign governments and international organizations. In the meantime, states experiencing civil wars are not single actors, but rather entities composed of multiple agents such as leaders, military commanders, and rank-and-file soldiers. The relationship between these groups can directly influence states’ combat effectiveness and...

Improving Health Outcomes through Disruption of the Individual, Cultural and Structural Cycle of Racism

Karin Skeen
Background: Over the past two decades, racism and its influence on health outcomes has gained interest as a preventable cause of health inequities. Persistent inequities in health outcomes for members of marginalized racial/ethnic groups coupled with empirical evidence that socioeconomic status alone does not account for health differences, supports naming racism as a driver of disparate health outcomes. Systemic racism is born from a vicious cycle of individual level prejudices, cultural racism, and structural racism....

The Effect of Time Pressure on Children's Fairness Behavior and the Role of Executive Function

Johanna Chajes, Hailey Costello, Tobias Grossmann & Amrisha Vaish
The purpose of the proposed study is to examine whether children's fairness behavior is intuitive or deliberate and if executive function is an impacting factor.

Modeling Pedestrian Dynamics in Crowds

Jasmine Sekhon
Autonomous agents are increasingly being adopted for applications where they are required to safely navigate through human crowds. Humans have the ability to anticipate the future trajectories of their neighbors while navigating through a crowd. Safe navigation of autonomous agents in human centric environments similarly requires the ability to anticipate the future motion of neighboring pedestrians. Therefore, accurate pedestrian intent prediction is crucial towards developing safe autonomous systems. However, predicting pedestrian intent is a complex...

Evil, Contingency, and Morality

Evan Sandsmark
I argue that there is contingency in the universe. Events do not occur necessarily, and the cosmos does not follow a predetermined path. The world could have been otherwise. Theologically, this means that at least some events fall outside of God’s causal purview. This view challenges what I call “strong views of divine sovereignty,” the focus of Chapter One. These views, dominant in departments of theology and religion, either do not cede any dimension of...

Relationships and Identity in Mentoring: A Mixed Methods Approach Examining Relationship Quality, Mentors' Report of Identity, and Identity Training

Elana Jablon
The purpose of the dissertation is to examine mentoring relationship quality both generally and specifically with respect to identity, by increasing understanding of mentors’ perception of how identity impacts the relationship and of how programs implement identity-specific trainings. This dissertation uses a mixed methods approach to capture the complexities of relationship quality and identity in mentoring. First, a quantitative study lays the groundwork by examining relationship quality more broadly, analyzing how both mentor- and mentee-report...

\"Black School, White State\"

Margaret Harden
Since their founding Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have and continue to face recurrent crises of legitimacy, episodes or periods in which the merits of their very existence are questioned or undermined. These challenges have been well documented and undertheorized. The broader scholarship in higher education on HBCUs has tended to focus on individuals, while few researchers have covered the larger systemic or structural issues. This study uses process tracing to situate the history...

School Leaders' Actions and Detracking for Student Achievement: A Concurrent Mixed-Methods Approach

Margaret Thornton
Marginalized students continue to be placed in lower-level classes at disproportionate rates. Some schools have turned to detracking as a way to counter this problem. Using a concurrent mixed methods research design, this study identified several meaningful factors of school leadership at work in the context of detracking. Analyses of interviews with school leaders and student outcome data suggests that providing open-access pre-IB or pre-AP courses can help increase student participation in advanced course. Leaders...

Analysis of C2H4O2 Isomers in NGC 6334 I

Samer El-Abd
We have analyzed the abundances of the three isomers methyl formate (CH3OCHO), glycolaldehyde (cis-CH2OHCHO), and acetic acid (CH3COOH) in the NGC 6334 I-MM1 and -MM2 massive star-forming regions using Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) data. In the MM1 star-forming region, we derived column densities of 9.93 (0.94) e17 cm-2 for methyl formate, 1.24 (0.16) e17 cm-2 for acetic acid, and 9.31 (0.68) e15 cm-2 for glycolaldehyde. In the MM2 star-forming region we derived column densities...

Uncertainties and Cosmological Constraints from the Megamaser Cosmology Project

Martine Lokken
This paper investigates sources of uncertainty within the Megamaser Cosmology Project (MCP) as well as cosmological implications of the results as of 2018. The contribution of uncertainty in the value of the matter energy density parameter, Omega_m, towards total uncertainty on the MCP H_0 calculation is found to be negligible (<2%) for galaxies at the redshifts currently used by the project. However, if future projects use angular-diameter distances at further redshifts to calculate H_0, the...

A Monte-Carlo Implementation of a Geodesic Integrator for Relativistic Radiative Transfer in Accreting Black Hole Systems

Eli Golub
We describe the implementation of a relativistic geodesic integrator into a Monte-Carlo radia- tive transfer code intended for computing the spectra produced from thermal emission in optically thick accretion disks around a black hole. We first implemented the integrator and tested it by computing geodesics in the Schwarzschild metric and demonstrated agreement with geodesics computed by the relativistic radiative transfer code geokerr (Dexter & Agol 2009). We then im- plemented the integrator as a module...

SED Fitting of WISE-Selected Luminous, Obscured Quasars at Redshift ~ 2

Patrick Edwards
This project was designed to characterize the nature of a sample of high-redshift galaxies selected from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer catalog (WISE), believed to be hosts to active galactic nuclei (AGN). We believe that these objects are highly dust obscured AGN in the center of their host galaxies, at a very interesting and not well understood point in galaxy evolution. After determining the magnitudes of each object in eight different wavelength bands - ranging...

Investigating the Edge of High Mass Star Formation in the Milky Way Galaxy

Nicholas Ferraro
The Outer Scutum-Centaurus arm (OSC) is the most distant molecular spiral arm known in the Milky Way. The OSC was first revealed in 2011 by Dame and Thaddeus using HI and CO data as a possible extension of the Scutum-Centaurus arm. Here we use the Arizona Radio Observatory (ARO) 12m telescope to observe the 12CO (J = 1-0) and 13CO (J = 1-0) transitions towards 78 HII region and HII region candidates in the First...

Investigation of the influence of heating sources on dust temperatures for use in complex molecule formation models

Jacob Promisel
In the growing field of astrochemistry, a main goal is to better understand the abundances and formation processes of atoms and molecules in outer space. A particular focus is on the formation of complex molecules which may eventually provide more information on the evolution of life in the universe. The interstellar medium (ISM) is an outer-space lab for chemistry to occur. Many computational models have been developed to simulate the chemistry that occurs in ISM...

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