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Chemical Abundance Verifiction of Candidate Omega Centauri Tidal Debris Stars

Joy Skipper
The Omega Centauri star system has several peculiar features that set it apart from other Milky Way globular clusters, such as its large mass, extended size, oblate shape, internal rotation, large age and metallicity spreads, and retrograde orbit. Because of these properties it is thought that Omega Cen may instead be a heavily stripped remnant of a Milky Way-captured dwarf spheroidal galaxy , now currently orbiting (backwards) near the Galactic plane (e.g., Lee et al....

Portraits and Visions in Renaissance Veneto: Titian, Moroni, Veronese

Elizabeth Dwyer
At the turn of the sixteenth century, a series of striking portraits emerged in Northern Italy. Patrons, once confined to the independent likeness or sacra conversazione, began to commemorate themselves anew in scenes from the life of Christ. From the Nativity to Calvary, individuals appear in variable landscapes without intercessory saint or any mode of physical demarcation. Although these portraits came to characterize the work of celebrated Veneto artists, scholars have yet to establish their...

Rehabilitation with Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation for Individuals with Patellofemoral Pain

Neal Glaviano
Patellofemoral pain (PFP) is one of the most common knee pathologies seen in clinical practice. It is challenging chronic condition due to its heterogeneous presentation of impairments, ranging from decreased flexibility, muscle weakness, altered muscle activation, and altered movement patterns during a variety of functional tasks. While traditional rehabilitation programs have produced improvement in strength and decrease pain, changes in muscle activity and movement patterns have not been found to improve. The long-term outcomes in...

AudioTextual: Modernism, Sound Recordings, and Networks of Reception

Brandon Walsh
Recent studies of the relationship between literary modernism and mass culture have focused on print and periodical forms as evidence of modernism’s deep and complex engagement with both its narrow circle of initiates and a wider audience. But print was not the only mode in which its audience received and reacted to these difficult works of literature: authors often recorded readings in their own voices years or even decades later, and these recordings offered new...

The Round Church Movement in Twelfth-Century England: Crusaders, Pilgrims, and the Holy Sepulchre

Catherine Hundley
Between the western capture of Jerusalem in 1099 and its return to local control in 1187, English builders constructed fifteen copies of the Anastasis Rotunda of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the site traditionally associated with Jesus's resurrection and empty tomb; a sixteenth round-naved church was built when western Christians held Jerusalem by treaty. The timing of these Holy Sepulchre copies is remarkable within a broader European context. While continental Christians built...

Investigation of the influence of heating sources on dust temperatures for use in complex molecule formation models

Jacob Promisel
In the growing field of astrochemistry, a main goal is to better understand the abundances and formation processes of atoms and molecules in outer space. A particular focus is on the formation of complex molecules which may eventually provide more information on the evolution of life in the universe. The interstellar medium (ISM) is an outer-space lab for chemistry to occur. Many computational models have been developed to simulate the chemistry that occurs in ISM...

Computational Modeling of High Temperature Gas-Grain Chemistry in Interstellar Medium (ISM)

Sean Schulte
Abstract: We present a modified version of the Nautilus three-phase model in which high temperature gas-grain processes have been considered. 316 reactions have been added and 18 new species for a total of 11,800 reactions and 734 species. The modifications were necessary to account for the new gas-grain processes added where chemistry is dominated by species bound in chemisorption sites. A new thermal dissociation process was added which is believed to be the dominant dissociation...

Piero de' Crescenzi's Liber ruralium commodorum : unearthing the origins of the pleasure garden

Johanna Elizabeth Bauman
Piero de' Crescenzi's Liber ruralium commodorum, which was completed around 1306 and consists of twelve books, was the first major treatise on agriculture written in the middle ages. Although it is often mentioned in histories of medieval and Renaissance gardens, because it contains descriptions of pleasure gardens, there has never been a consideration of the pleasure garden descriptions in the context of the treatise as a whole. The main purpose of this dissertation is to...

Raphael's Stanza della Segnatura and the Rhetoric of Julian Justice

Tracy Cosgriff
Raphael’s School of Athens (1508-1509), an icon of antiquity’s rebirth, has become synonymous with the Renaissance. The image commonly appears on the covers of textbooks, where Plato and Aristotle command an assembly of philosophers populating one of the greatest illusionistic vistas in the history of Western art. Yet even though numerous volumes on this famous masterpiece crowd library shelves, scholars still struggle to untangle the complexities of the painting’s design, and the fresco is too...

Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP)

Jon Grahe, Mark Brandt, Jordan Wagge, Nicole Legate, Bradford Wiggins, Cody Christopherson, Yanna Weisberg, Katherine Corker, Christopher Chartier, Marianne Fallon, Lea Hildebrandt, Michelle Hurst, Ljiljana Lazarevic, Carmel Levitan, Joseph McFall, Heidi McLaughlin, Adam Pazda, Hans IJzerman, Brian Nosek, Cong Peng, Hale Gervais, Kaylis Hase, Tayler Peck, Megan Raddatz, Tiana Wamba … & Holly France
CREP’s mission is to provide training, support, and professional growth opportunities for students and instructors completing replication projects, while also addressing the need for direct and direct+ replications of highly-cited studies in the field.

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