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Gravitational Wave Spin Memory Effect and Detectability with LISA

Yara Yousef
The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) is a space-based gravitational wave observatory currently projected to launch in the 2030s. Its frequency range will be lower and broader than LIGO’s, allowing it the capability to observe mergers and events we have still been unable to detect. Its increased sensitivity also allows for the potential to observe other effects of gravitational waves, such as gravitational wave memory. The memory effect we are focused on in this project...

\"Feminine\" Bestsellers: Gender and the Question of Modernity in the Spanish Short Novel (1907-1936)

Thomas Antorino
This study analyzes the ways in which women writers of early twentieth-century Spain explored the complex relationship between gender and modernity. Between 1907 and 1936, the novela corta became one of the most popular and lucrative ways to publish for writers in Spain, and it is a useful medium through which scholars can track the ways in which women writers engaged with the most pressing questions about women's social, political, and cultural roles in a...

Authoring Otherwise: Ambivalence and Imagination in African American Democratic Thought

Daniel Henry
This dissertation concerns the work of democrats in undemocratic times, tracing an understudied strand of African American democratic thought through the impasse of the Jim Crow era. As political theorists in recent years have sought to move beyond a “liberal consensus” picture of American political development, they have often approached African American political thought through the framework of a politics of recognition, emphasizing the ways thinkers in this broad tradition have imagined, and strove toward,...

Non-invasive Imaging and Single-cell Analysis of Three-dimensional Bacterial Biofilms

Mingxing Zhang
Tissue-like 3-dimensional (3D) microbial communities called biofilms colonize a wide variety of biotic and abiotic surfaces and, in aggregate, constitute a major component of bacterial biomass on earth. As such, biofilms have a tremendous impact on the biogeochemistry of our planet and the biochemistry of higher living organisms. However, how macroscopic biofilm properties, such as its tolerance up to 1000 times higher concentrations of antibiotic drugs, its mechanical adhesion/cohesion and its biochemical metabolism, emerge from...

Consumption of Added Sugars by Rural Residents of Southwest Virginia

Maryam Yuhas, Valisa Hedrick & Jamie Zoellner
Introduction: Nationally, rural residents have high consumption of added sugars, yet the top sources have not been explored. Characterizing added-sugar intake in high sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumers in rural areas is an important step to help inform interventions and policies. Purpose: The objective of this study was to explore the top food and beverage sources of added sugar and to examine variations by sociodemographic characteristics. Methods: This cross-sectional study analyzed data from a randomized-controlled trial...

Genomic and Single-Cell Characterization of Clonal Proliferative Disorders of Large Granular Lymphocytes

Jeffrey Xing
Large granular lymphocyte (LGL) leukemia is a chronic blood cancer with persistent, clonal proliferation of cytotoxic lymphocytes. Patients are managed on lifelong immunosuppressive therapy due to lack of a reliable curative strategy and incomplete understanding of disease pathogenesis. Neither leukemia cells nor their rare normal counterpart cells are well characterized, making direct comparisons difficult to contextualize. Moreover, the well-known mutations of STAT3 are absent in a substantial subset of patients, leaving open other etiologies as...

\"Drinking from Two Seas\": Arab Women Writers of the Twentieth Century American Diaspora

Zaina Ujayli
Within the pages of twentieth century periodicals, the first Arabs to arrive in America debated issues of gender, empire, and assimilation. Many of these periodicals were at first male spaces until Arab women, finding the pages of the male printing presses closed to them, published their own periodicals. Female editors and writers created a press network which connected writers and editors across the world, providing women a platform to debate their issues until male-run printing...

Social Anxiety Exposures While Physical Distancing

Noah French, Bethany Teachman, Julia Iacoviello, Breiana Sisk & Lillian Pitts
Resources and input on how to conduct virtual social anxiety exposures.

What Drives Single Occupant Traveler Decisions in HOT Lanes?

Noah J. Goodall
High-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes are in operation, under construction, and planned for in several major metropolitan areas. The premise behind HOT lanes is to allow single occupant vehicles (SOVs) to access high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes (and theoretically, a higher level of service) if they are willing to pay a toll. To maintain a high level of service in the HOT lanes, the toll rate is set dynamically to restrict the number of SOVs which...

Bessarion's World: Art, Science, and Crusade

Justin Greenlee
Cardinal Basil Bessarion (b. Trebizond ca. 1403, d. Ravenna 1472) is a recognizable figure to many art historians. In painted portraits and woodcuts from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, including those from the studiolo of Federico da Montefeltro and Paolo Giovio’s Elogia virorum literis illustrium, Bessarion is represented as an old man in a red hat, a black tunic, and a gray beard. Regarded as a great man in his own day, he has been...

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