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Managing Risk Taking with Interest Rate Policy and Macroprudential Regulations

Simona E. Cociuba, Malik Shukayev & Alexander Ueberfeldt
We develop a model in which a financial intermediary’s investment in risky assets—risk taking—is excessive due to limited liability and deposit insurance and characterize the policy tools that implement efficient risk taking. In the calibrated model, coordinating interest rate policy with state-contingent macroprudential regulations, either capital or leverage regulation, and a tax on profits achieves efficiency. Interest rate policy mitigates excessive risk taking by altering both the return and the supply of collateralizable safe assets....

Grey Literature citation and inclusion rates in gambling review articles: Opportunities for improvement

David Baxter
Commercial gambling is expanding in many countries worldwide, and researchers and governments are increasingly approaching gambling as a public health issue. Grey literature is a popular avenue for disseminating findings from gambling studies, accounting for over 20% of gambling research publications. As evidence-based policy decisions increasingly rely on systematic and scoping reviews, it is important that grey literature evidence is included in these reviews. To date, two umbrella review has assessed systematic reviews for gambling-related...

Traditional land use, management and biodiversity of European semi-natural grasslands – Editorial to the 15th EDGG Special Feature

Steffen Boch, Thomas Becker, Balázs Deák, Jürgen Dengler & Viktoria Wagner
Seit 15 Jahren geben Mitglieder der Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (EDGG) und deren Vorgänger-organisationen Grasland-Sonderausgaben (Special Features) in Tuexeniaheraus. Das diesjährige Special Feature mit dem Titel Traditionelle Landnutzung, Management und Biodiversität von halb-natürlichem Grasland in Europa umfasst acht Artikel, die viele Aspekte der Graslandforschung beleuchten und verschiedene Organismengruppen miteinbeziehen: JANIŠOVÁ et al. (2020a) untersuch-ten den Einfluss verschiedener traditioneller Landnutzungsformen auf den Artenreichtum des extensi-ven Graslands im Apuseni-Gebirge in Westrumänien. LABADESSA et al.(2020) verglichen die Arten-zusammensetzung...

Monetary Policy Tradeoffs Between Financial Stability and Price Stability

Malik Shukayev & Alexander Ueberfeldt
We analyze the impact of interest rate policy on financial stability in an environment where banks can experience runs on their short-term liabilities, forcing them to sell assets at fire-sale prices. Price adjustment frictions and a state-dependent risk of financial crisis create the possibility of a policy tradeoff between price stability and financial stability. Focusing on Taylor rules with monetary policy possibly reacting to banks’ short-term liabilities, we find that the optimized policy uses the...

What Peer-review Experiences Can Offer To Early Career Scientists And To The Scientific Community

Gwenaëlle Gremion, Mathieu Casado, Kelsey Aho, Jilda Alicia Caccavo, Nicolas Champollion, Emily Choy, Sarah L. Connors, Rahul Dey, Alfonso Fernandez, Gerlis Fugmann, Juan Höfer, Shridhar Jawak, Martine Lizotte, Sarah Maes, Kyle Mayers, Katja Mintenbeck, Jhon Fredy Mojica Moncada, Prashant H. Pandit, Elvira Poloczanska, Paul Rosenbaum, Elisa Seyboth, Sarah Shakil & Maud van Soest

Data from “Exploring Next Generation Grey” including Questionnaire and Results

Joachim Schopfel, Dominic Farace, David Baxter, Silvia Giannini, ANNA MOLINO, Tomas A. Lipinski, Veronika Potočnik & Dobrica Savic
The GL2021 Conference offered the many and diverse communities of practice in the field of grey literature a unique opportunity to collaborate in addressing and defining the next phase in the digital transformation of grey literature. In preparation for this conference, a panel session on the future of grey literature was planned on the program; and, in advance, an online survey was carried out among GreyNet’s own community of practice in the field of grey...

Écrire un archipel fracturé : Hamouro et les tensions postcoloniales dans les Comores

Srilata Ravi
Constitué de quatre petites îles, Grande Comore, Anjouan, Mohéli, et Mayotte l’archipel des Comores se trouve fracturé par le statut politique de Mayotte, ancienne colonie française rattachée à Madagascar et aujourd’hui, 101e département de la France. En dépit de cette séparation politique, les îles sont intimement liées par leur identité musulmane et elles sont toutes rattachées à l’Afrique centrale, à Madagascar et à Zanzibar par les migrations anciennes. Alors que Mayotte bénéficie de son appartenance...

Grey Literature is a Necessary Facet in a Critical Approach to Gambling Research

David Baxter, Fiona Nicoll & Murat Akçayir
Commercial gambling has seen massive global expansion in the past 25 years. It is a huge industry selling a risky form of entertainment: problem gambling is the only non- substance addiction recognized in the DSM-5, affecting an average of 2.3% of people in jurisdictions where prevalence data are available. Gambling also harms people who gamble below the clinical threshold of "problem gambling", as well as the friends, families and communities of people who gamble. Gambling...

Starting the recycling engine: how far back in time can we fingerprint crust in Earth’s mantle?

Sebastian Tappe , Katie A. Smart & Richard A. Stern
The nature of the tectonic processes that shaped the early Earth remain unresolved, hampered not only by the sparse Early Archaean crustal rock record, but also by the dearth of tangible mantle samples (e.g., xenoliths and diamonds) older than 3 Ga. Investigating the Archaean mantle provides a complementary foil to the knowledge gleaned from the early Earth crust, and can be used to trace the onset of crustal recycling, but also to evaluate the secular...

Implementing Cross-Border Interbank Lending in BoC-GEM-FIN

Malik Shukayev & Argyn Toktamyssov
BIS interbank lending data show that the Great Recession generated large and persistent changes in the international interbank lending positions of various countries. The main objective of this study is to understand the role of changes in international interbank credit flows in transmitting shocks across borders. To accomplish this task, we needed a global structural model with an international interbank market. Our search for a suitable structural model revealed that the Bank of Canada version...

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