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Modeling Dynamic Ideological Behavior in Political Networks

Carlos Henrique Gomes Ferreira, Fabricio Murai Ferreira, Breno de Souza Matos & Jussara Marques de Almeida
In this article, we model and analyze the dynamic behavior of political networks, both at the individual (party member) and ideological community levels. Our study relies on public data covering 15 years of voting sessions of the House of Representatives of two diverse party system, namely, Brazil and the United States. Whereas the former is an example of a highly fragmented party system, the latter illustrates the case of a highly polarized and non-fragmented system....

Social Solidarity and the Ontological Foundations of Exclusionary Nationalism

C. J. Eland & Nicole L. M. T. de Pontes
This paper seeks to explore the dynamics of contemporary authoritarian populism from a historical perspective, relying on the approaches of Durkheim’s experimental sociology and Levinas’s ethical phenomenology. By reading the works of these two thinkers in concert, a pathology is exposed within this particular form of politics in that the State must necessarily close itself off to the critique of exteriority. Our reading of Durkheim explores the social pathology of nationalism while our reading of...

The challenges to plan and develop pedagogical practices involving digital written culture in childhood education

Mônica Daisy Vieira Araújo, Isabel Cristina Alves da Silva FRADE & Julianna Silva Glória
Nowadays children are part of the digital culture (Cassany, 2002), using its supports and involving themselves in different uses of digital written culture (Chartier, 2011, 2016). Are teachers considering these uses in preschools? How can we create teaching proposals that attend the learning conditions of young children? How do children deal with the devices, languages, and the particular uses of digital written culture? This text aims to reflect on the processes to incorporate digital technologies...

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