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Modeling Morphological Processing in Human Magnetoencephalography

Yohei Oseki & Alec Marantz

BLiMP: A Benchmark of Linguistic Minimal Pairs for English

Alex Warstadt, Alicia Parrish, Haokun Liu, Anhad Mohananey, Wei Peng, Sheng-Fu Wang & Samuel R. Bowman

Awareness and empowerment in document production and distribution as a “must” for open access: experiences from the “Nancy style” to guarantee quality

Paola De Castro, Sandra Salinetti & Marcus Banks
Co-authored together with Sandra Salinetti and Marcus Banks. - The debate on Grey Literature (GL) has now a very long tradition going from uncertainty and confusion, in the last century, to new certainties and appraisal in the open access era. This implies the general acquisition of the awareness of the importance of GL as a fundamental primary source of information, hence the necessity to empower authors and issuing organization to guarantee quality in both production...

Implications of copyright evolution for the future of scholarly communication and grey literature

Marcus Banks & Cees De Blaaij
Traditional practices regarding copyright are undergoing transformation. Although it is still common for scholars to give up their rights to their articles so that they will be published, this happens less frequently than it once did. Our analysis of the RoMEO database [1] shows that 75% of publishers allow authors to post their work in an online repository, whether that repository is hosted by their institution or on a personal web page. Whatever becomes of...

Group Identities Can Undermine Social Tipping

Charles Efferson, Sönke Ehret & Sara Constantino
Data and code to replicate the analyses in "Group Identities Can Undermine Social Tipping after Intervention"

Effects of color on perceived diagnosticity of left vs. right digits

Dengfeng Yan
The objective of this study is to test whether using a red color would influence the perceived diagnosticity of left vs. right digits.


Ying Zhou

The Effect of National Identification Salience on Interpretations of the Civil Rights Movement

Lina Saud, Rezarta Bilali, Samuel Freel & Micaela Varela
This research seeks to examine the effect of national identification on perceptions of the Civil Rights Movement with potential implications on support for modern-day collective action. We will manipulate national identification salience to examine its effect on interpretations of the Civil Rights Movement, as well as support for social change and collective action.


Dengfeng Yan
This study is designed to evaluate the assumption that presenting the focal digits in red will increase the perceived diagnosticity of these digits.


Dengfeng Yan
This study is to test the effects of psychological distance on perceived diagnosticity of left vs. right digits.

Predicting Election Outcome by a Human Face

Davit Jintcharadze & Olivia Cheung
This study is about perceived competence in facial features of real-world politicians and the effect of perceived competence on election judgments made by observers who do not know these politicians. We are investigating whether changing facial features result in changing perception of competence and election judgments.

Political Cynicism

Gwyneth McClendon & Alexis Palmer
The level of distrust in leaders and institutions in the contemporary United States is palpable. There is scholarly and pundit concern about the impending demise of U.S. democracy if citizens refrain from participating in politics or participate but condition their political behavior and decisions on high levels of distrust. In two surveys (yet to be conducted), we propose to analyze and explore several possible patterns in reported cynicism and distrust among U.S.-based online respondents. Many...

Planning ability across tasks

Daisy Lin & Wei Ji Ma
This study investigates whether planning mechanisms differ with planning task complexity and how basic cognitive abilities can explain individual variability in planning abilities

Precarious Manhood and the 2016 Congressional Elections

Eric Knowles & Sarah DiMuccio
Does precarious manhood increase men's affinity for Republican politicians and conservative political policies?

Modeling visual performance differences 'around' the visual field: A computational observer approach

Eline Kupers, Jonathan Winawer & Marisa Carrasco

Variables Associated With Academic Achievement

Bonnie Green, John Darsinos, Teresa Jones-Wilson, Destany LaBar, Molly Brunkard & Molly Brunkard
This page contains a listing of of six domains associated with student success. Three of those domains exist at hte organizational level. Three of those domains exist at the idividual student level. Each domain has between 5 and 20 variables associated with academic achievement. Remember, this is a work in progress, so you will see updated files labeled by date. Each file has a listig of domains and their variables and the operational definitions of...

Scission and Lightness Illusions

Jonathan Winawer & Barton Anderson
Images and files associated with two papers on scission and lightness illusions, by Barton L Anderson and Jonathan Winawer

De-Polarization Project

John Kane
This project aims to identify frames that can reduce negative affect toward members in the opposing party.

Saving Data Journalism: Using ReproZip-Web to Capture Dynamic Websites for Future Reuse

Katherine Boss, Vicky Rampin, Remi Rampin, Fernando Chirigati, Brian Hoffman & Katherine Boss
Short paper

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction: Measuring Success in Digital Stewardship Programs

Peggy Griesinger, Julia Kim, Shira Peltzman & Vicky Rampin

Ancient Cuneiform Brick

Matt Cook, John Grime, Zack Lischer-Katz, Zenobie Garrett & Kristi Wyatt
3D Photogrammetric Scan of Cuneiform Tablet (History of Science Collection, University of Oklahoma Libraries)

Reducing food waste with behavioral interventions: A multiple treatment reversal design

Claudia Nisa & Jocelyn Belanger

A Masked Engagement? The Influence of Mask-wearing on Students’ Learning Engagement

Yan Wu
Welcome to my research! This research focus on students engagement under masking-wearing and the presence of noise (SNR less than 15 dB).

OSF Toolkit for Digital Scholarship Support

Megan Potterbusch, Natalie Meyers, Reid Boehm, Judy Ruttenberg, Anna Newman, Vicky Rampin, Daina Bouquin & Amanda Gooch
Space for documentation, slides, and other resources for librarians, archivists and other information professionals interested in offering OSF based services. This toolkit began as a result of the Washington, DC, 2016-2017, National Digital Stewardship Residency

Impacts of Masking, Class and Race on Perceptions of COVID Risk

Karyn Vilbig & Shannon Rieger
This study employs a survey experiment to understand how race and class impact perceptions of risk in a pandemic and if those patterns differ when alters are wearing masks.

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