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Archives and Special Collections Linked Data: Navigating between Notes and Nodes

Erin Blake, Itza A. Carbajal, Regine Heberlein, Sarah Horowitz, Jason Kovari, VANESSA LACEY, Cory Lampert, Holly Mengel, Cory Nimer, Maria Oldal, Merrilee Proffitt, Nathan Putnam, Arielle Rambo, Elizabeth Roke, Eric de Ruijter, Dan Santamaria, Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Weatherly Stephan, Bruce Washburn & Chela Weber

Acquisition of Inflectional Morphology in Artificial Neural Networks With Prior Knowledge

Katharina Kann

Modeling Morphological Processing in Human Magnetoencephalography

Yohei Oseki & Alec Marantz

BLiMP: A Benchmark of Linguistic Minimal Pairs for English

Alex Warstadt, Alicia Parrish, Haokun Liu, Anhad Mohananey, Wei Peng, Sheng-Fu Wang & Samuel R. Bowman

Awareness and empowerment in document production and distribution as a “must” for open access: experiences from the “Nancy style” to guarantee quality

Paola De Castro, Sandra Salinetti & Marcus Banks
Co-authored together with Sandra Salinetti and Marcus Banks. - The debate on Grey Literature (GL) has now a very long tradition going from uncertainty and confusion, in the last century, to new certainties and appraisal in the open access era. This implies the general acquisition of the awareness of the importance of GL as a fundamental primary source of information, hence the necessity to empower authors and issuing organization to guarantee quality in both production...

Implications of copyright evolution for the future of scholarly communication and grey literature

Marcus Banks & Cees De Blaaij
Traditional practices regarding copyright are undergoing transformation. Although it is still common for scholars to give up their rights to their articles so that they will be published, this happens less frequently than it once did. Our analysis of the RoMEO database [1] shows that 75% of publishers allow authors to post their work in an online repository, whether that repository is hosted by their institution or on a personal web page. Whatever becomes of...

SARS-CoV-2 Hotspots in NYC: Risk of City-Wide Resurgence and Impact of Policies

Hae-Young Kim, Anna Bershteyn, Jessica McGillen & Ronald Scott Braithwaite

Could a Mass Testing Campaign or a Brief Shutdown Avoid a Second SARS-CoV-2 Wave in NYC?

Anna Bershteyn, Hae-Young Kim, Jessica McGillen & Ronald Scott Braithwaite

The aesthetic preference for nature sounds depends on sound object recognition

Stephen Van Hedger, Yena Kim, Shutian Xue & Nancy Schoen
People across the world seek out beautiful sounds in nature, such as a babbling brook or a nightingale song, for positive human experiences. However, it is unclear whether this positive aesthetic response is driven by a preference for the perceptual features typical of nature sounds versus a higher-order association of nature with beauty. To test these hypotheses, participants provided aesthetic judgments for nature and urban soundscapes that varied on ease of recognition. Results demonstrated that...

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