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Project management in grey literature: a study based on the development of the Working Papers Project at the University of Warwick

Geoffrey E. Cleave
The Working Papers Project at the University of Warwick has been in continous development for over 25 years. The Project was started with one clear aim, that of providing awareness of and access to working papers in economics and management, a form of 'grey literature' which has always been of outstanding importance for researchers in this one part of the social sciences. Three factors were identified as crucial to the success of the project, the...

Review of Energy Policy 2020

Robert Gross, Keith Bell, Mike Bradshaw, Christian Brand, Jason Chilvers, Paul Dodds, Antony Froggatt, Richard Hanna, Tom Hargreaves, Phil Heptonstall, Caroline Kuzemko, Richard Lowes, Faye Wade & Jan Webb

Review of Energy Policy 2021

Rob Gross, Mike Bradshaw, Gavin Bridge, Gisa Weszkalnys, Imogen Rattle, Peter Taylor, Richard Lowes, Meysam Qadrdan, Jianzhong Wu, Jillian Anable, Nicola Beaumont, Astley Hastings, Rob Holland, Andrew Lovett & Anita Shepherd
2021 has been a landmark year for UK energy and climate policy. Plans and strategies were announced across many sectors, from offshore wind to how we heat our homes. The UK also hosted COP26 and pressed hard for greater ambition. Now that the spotlight has moved, in this Review, we consider whether plans will be adequate to deliver results. With a focus on gas and the UK continental shelf, industrial decarbonisation, heat, mobility and the...

Per un’epistemologia critica. Il contributo del metodo foucaultiano

Raffaele Grandoni
In this paper I will focus on a specific aspect of Foucault’s oeuvre: the epistemological one. My aim is to show that Foucault’s heritage must not be reduced to his contributions to political and ethical theory, but that it must include an epistemological method for a critical inquiry on the nature of science, too. In the first part, I will shed a light on Foucault’s relationship with the French epistemological tradition, especially with Bachelard’s and...

Reshaping Food Practices and Identities: Anglo-Sino Encounters in Canton

Leiyun Ni

Ethnic diversity in UK economics

Arun Advani, Sonkurt Sen & Ross Warwick

Brexit and Decarbonisation, One Year On: Friction, fish and fine-tuning

Antony Froggatt, Caroline Kuzemko & Mathieu Blondeel
One year on from Brexit, this paper outlines the main implications of Brexit for UK energy and climate policy and politics. It focuses on three key areas: markets and interconnectors; UK in a global context; and policy capacity and Brexit opportunity costs.

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