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Characterization of hierarchical structures in remelted Ni-Mn-Ga substrates for directed energy deposition manufacturing of single crystals

Paplham Tyler, Jakub Toman & Markus Chmielus

Recidivism in context: A meta-analysis of neighborhood concentrated disadvantage and repeat offending

leah jacobs, Laura Ellen Ashcraft, Craig Sewall, Danielle Wallace & Barbara Folb

Studying glacial/interglacial cycles from downhole logging data: an application to the ICDP drilling project Lake Junín, Peru

Simona Pierdominici, Christian Zeeden , Jochem Kück , Donald Rodbell & Marc Abbott
Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum - GFZ, Germany (1); Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics, Hannover, Germany (2); Union College, Schenectady, NY 12308, USA (3); Dep. Of Geology and Planetary Science, University of Pittsburg, USA (4)

Can the history of the lake records covering the glacial-interglacial cycles be reconstructed from downhole logging data without the high-resolution data derived from core analysis? To answer this question, we present a study reconstructing glacial-interglacial sediment variability and an estimate...

Drivers of Topography in Fold-thrust Belts: A Perspective from Central Nepal

Paul R Eizenhöfer, Nadine McQuarrie & Suryodoy Ghoshal(
Topography in fold-thrust belts over geologic time reflects the development of an orogenic Coulomb wedge that represents a balance of tectonic and erosional forcings. The establishment of critically tapered topography is generally viewed under two contrasting mechanical frameworks: (i) shortening and rock uplift are occurring everywhere suggesting an orogenic wedge under mechanical failure everywhere; and (ii) rock displacement takes place along discrete fault planes, including the translation of uplifted topography laterally. Here we investigate whether...

What Code-Switching Strategies are Effective in Dialogue Systems?

Emily Ahn, Cecilia Jimenez, Yulia Tsvetkov & Alan Black

Development of a post-processing method for estimating solidification parameters from finite-element modeling of laser remelting in directed energy deposition of Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape-memory alloy single crystals

Tylere Paplham, Jakub Toman & Markus Chmielus
Directed energy deposition is a subset of laser additive manufacturing which has been suggested as a feasible method for producing single crystals of metal alloys such as Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape-memory alloys. However, relating the thermal parameters, specifically the solidification front growth velocity V and thermal gradient G to the operational parameters, specifically the nominal laser power and travel velocity, is challenging. Therefore, this work aimed to use finite-element analysis (FEA) to create thermal models which...

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