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Topografía del culto en las casas romanas de la Baetica y la Tarraconensis

María Pérez Ruiz
Madrider Mitteilungen, 54 (2013)

El testimonio y sus límites. La experiencia en el límite de lo visible en 48 de De Sousa

Elena Arroyo Serrano

Algo más sobre marfiles de Madinat al-Zahra

Fernando Valdés Fernández
Madrider Mitteilungen, 54 (2013)

In memoriam Angela von den Driesch, una pionera de la arqueozoología peninsular (1934-2012)

Corinna Liesau & Lorenz Korn
Madrider Mitteilungen, 57 (2016)

Radicalisation Influence in Social Media

Miriam Fernandez, Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo & Harith Alani
In an increasingly digital world, identifying signs of online extremism sits at the top of the priority list for counter-extremist agencies. Researchers and governments are investing in the creation of advanced information technologies to identify and counter extremism through intelligent large-scale analysis of online data. However, to the best of our knowledge, these technologies are neither based on, nor do they take advantage of, the existing theories and studies of radicalisation. In this paper we...

The impacts of trampling and ground disturbances on Antarctic soils

Pablo Tejedo & Tanya O'Neill
Antarctic soils are particularly vulnerable to disturbance due to their biological and physical properties and naturally slow recovery rates that are suppressed by low temperatures and sometimes low moisture availability. As most human activities are concentrated in relatively small scattered ice-free areas, the potential for adverse human impacts is great. Antarctic soils provide habitat for fauna and flora which are regionally important and, in some cases, include endemic representatives. Thus, protection of this component of...

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