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The H2020 REFLECT project: Deliverable 4.1 - User’s Guide of a Coupled Hydro-Thermal-Chemical Code for Fluids

Saideep Pavuluri, Laurent Andre, Christophe Tournassat, Francis Claret & Cyprien Soulaine
This document presents the developed code, porousMedia4Foam, an open-source hydrogeochemical package that can decipher fluid flow and chemical reactive processes occurring within multi- {scale, dimensional, phase, compositional} environments. This report gives details regarding the installation of porousMedia4Foam, running the first simulations and describing many application cases in single-phase and multiphase systems.

Crust and upper mantle structure of the Ligurian Sea revealed by ambient noise tomography and receiver function analysis

Felix Noah Wolf , Dietrich Lange , Heidrun Kopp , Anke Dannowski , Ingo Grevemeyer , Wayne Crawford , Martin Thorwart , Anne Paul &
GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany (1); Kiel University (2); Institut de physique du globe de Paris, Paris, France (3); ISTerre - Institut des Sciences de la Terre, Grenoble, France (4); AlpArray Working Group: http://www.alparray.ethz.ch (5);

The Liguro-Provencal-basin was formed as a back-arc basin of the retreating Calabrian-Apennines subduction zone during the Oligocene and Miocene. The resulting rotation of the Corsica-Sardinia block is associated with rifting, shaping the Ligurian Sea. It...

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  • 2021

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